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Exciting expansion to the stunning tabletop world of Dystopian Wars for new and existing players based on what gamers have requested.
858 backers pledged £135,946 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Scott

      Another. I am not really interesting in a refund, but would rather have the missing pieces of my pledge to make for a complete game.

    2. cadium on

      So according to your blog you can't get to the goods to ship them to the people who have already paid for them, but if we go on a mailing list you will sell them to us and ship them out.

    3. thebigandyt on

      Wishing you all the best for the future, you're a talented lot who deserve another crack of the whip.

      also willing to help out with P&P if there is stock of the kickstarter stuff

    4. Missing avatar

      Donald MacLeodd on

      If you have gone into liquidation, please can you post who your liquidators are, so that we can contact them. As creditors to the company we have certain rights to the assets of the company and we will need to make them aware of this

    5. Kle Miller on

      This is indeed sad news. I was really looking forward to more people picking up DW with the new release. I am in the same boat as everyone that my charge back options have expired. I would love the rule book and core stuff if there is stock.
      I have no idea how creditors work but hope they don't just auction all this stuff off to people who only see $$ and leave real fans in the lurch. :(

    6. Missing avatar

      Tim Chant on

      Just to second what's already been said about how rubbish this must be for the staff - hope everyone is coping. I'm also willing to pay P&P for outstanding items from my pledge.

    7. cadium on

      I, too, am wlling to pay shipping if it means I will get my pledge items. If no personalised book is available I'm happy to take a plain one. I have no chance at a chargeback from my credit card company since they place a 60 day limit on these.
      I don't need fancy packaging or retail boxes but the models and books I already paid for would be nice and, hey, shouldn't they have been sent out before you shuttered the company?

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Spencer on

      Genuinely sorry to hear all of this guys. I could not believe it when I read your statement but I can't imagine how hard it is for you all. Good luck to you all and I'm waiting for the day that somehow DW and FSA are magically resurrected.

    9. josh gallup on

      +1 to be willing to pay S&H to get my stuff.

    10. Keith Polott on

      Also willing to pay shipping for my pledge goods if possible. Frustrating as I had an email from despatch on the 23rd saying my things were about to ship.
      For those looking to possibly do a chargeback, while I can't speak for every case (or even myself, yet) some of my research has indicated that certain credit card issuers measure/extend the deadline from "when you could expect to receive the goods or service" rather than necessarily the date of purchase- it seems tailored to account if not for Kickstarter, then preorders in general. Again, I don't know if that will help anyone, but worth looking into.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sean Cravens

      As with others, I am willing to kick in for what you feel you can send me of my Fleet Admiral pledge. Things like the dice tower, and the customized rulebook, and the DL rulebook, even the two Dystopian Decamerons (ordered a second by mistake) would be nice, but I think the priority for most of us are the basic rules and the models. My condolences, and wish you luck in the future, with wherever you go.

    12. Missing avatar

      Stephan Dahl on

      Sorry to hear of the demise of the company; I'm a long-time Dystopian fan, and I'm saddened that you will no longer be able to work on what is clearly a labour of love.

      As other posters indicate, I'll be happy to pay P&P to get the already-produced parts of the expansion shipped.

    13. Missing avatar

      Le Vern Xavier on

      Hi SG !
      My first though goes for the staff : lots of courage for them !
      I really hope you will be able to send some part of our pledge, and I agree to pay for mailling cost if it can allow this to happen !

    14. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Spartan, +1 for paying myself for shipping to get me some stuff

    15. John Baldwin

      Just to add my condolences and frustration to the pile. My group has been playing FA and DW since the beginning so this hits hard. If there's anything that can be done to get even a partial shipment, that would be great. Are PDFs an option for some of the new content? Regardless, thanks for the years of fun and my sincerest best wishes for the future.

    16. Akesh

      i can live without the customised rulebook!

    17. Jason Rush on

      Yes I can go without the custom rule book. Any rulebook will do. And I will pay shipping. Please just get A rulebook and my ships, especially my Crimson ships to me. I really wanted that awesome flyer!

    18. Missing avatar

      Adrian Andrew dela Paz on

      Thank you for the update. I wish the best for you all in your future endeavors. On a personal note, I hope you can send us what you can from the pledges, even if the rule books get downgraded to soft copies rather than personalized ones. As others stated, I would be willing to pay extra shipping for the models to be sent to us. Furthermore, it would be nice to receive personal updates if our pledges were already shipped or not.

    19. Lex Strikwerda on

      thanks for the update. I wish you folks all the best in the future; good health, a job and no more worries. Would be nice to receive part of the pledge of course. And I too am willing to pay extra for P&P

    20. Raymund Tesoro

      Willing to pay a little extra to get whatever I have shipped to me

    21. roscar on

      Thanks for the note, i was really worried that i might not see anithing of my pledge after reading the company is closing down.., and about the credit card thing, it expired the time window for a refound; so i hope at least to get the rulebook and Core Expansion box from my Captain Pledge (i care less now for the Stretch Goals, i want at least the basics i paid for..) >_>;

    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    23. Missing avatar

      Thomas Benson on

      thank you for this note, it has been like a death in the family, when u announced it. you are a honourable bunch of souls. good luck in the future.....

    24. Alexander Pocklington on

      As long as I can get my Brittanian expansion box I'm happy. However, I take it for Admiral of the Fleet backers we will not see our custom designs now?

    25. SoylentRobot on

      sorry to hear this happened. i hope you all land on your feet, good luck in the future

    26. Christopher Wallace on

      My son and I would be thrilled to receive even a small piece of the order I made. The custom rulebook was probably one of the least important items in my pledge. Thank you for the small glimmer of hope. So sad to see Spartan closing,

    27. Missing avatar

      Brad Kane

      Too bad this happened. Gamers are such bad money managers.

    28. Jason Rush on

      Friends, I will take whatever you can send me of my order. I don't need the custom book, but would like a book and my models. My order is small. Please do what you can. I have been with the company from the get go and still play with my original US models from aeons ago! Thanks!

    29. Redmick

      Many thanks for this frank message - it is a very sad day when a favourite company like Spartan has to shut up shop - and I feel for those who have lost their jobs because of this. It is also a pity for this product - Dystopian Wars is a great system, and you have produced quality and cost effective models for years. I hope someone picks up the IP in the near future.

      I am pleased that I may still get some or even all of my product, and that you may be able to see out this Kickstarter. Can I wish you the very best for everything over the last five or six years (or more!) and I hope everything with your health works out for the best.

    30. Echo on

      You should be aware that those policies all have time limits.... which for the majority of us have expired