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A smart water bottle to help you stay hydrated that tracks your water intake & gives glowing reminders when it's time to drink.
A smart water bottle to help you stay hydrated that tracks your water intake & gives glowing reminders when it's time to drink.
A smart water bottle to help you stay hydrated that tracks your water intake & gives glowing reminders when it's time to drink.
696 backers pledged $78,971 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. AquaGenie Creator on October 27

      The surveys haven't been sent out yet; your shipping addresses will be requested (and can be changed) when you receive those, not to worry. We're working to ensure there are clear images of the (optional) bottle accessories you'll be able to order using special links in the survey you receive, that's what's been holding them up. These add-ons will also reflect the discounted Kickstarter pricing for the extra wireless charging pad (think one for home / one for work) and accessories pack with removable carrying hooks and more.

    2. Missing avatar

      Nicola on October 24

      Hi guys! 20 days have passed since the announcement of the survey... how long until the survey comes out?

    3. Genevieve Faith on October 24

      Hi! What’s the update on things and survey? Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Nicola on October 22

      @Victoria - they say they haven't sent out the surveys yet... where do you need to change your address, if the survey hasn't been compiled?

    5. Bryan Mure
      on October 21

      can we get an update its been almost a month

    6. Missing avatar

      Victoria Bennett on October 13

      I need to change my shipping address, how can I do that?

    7. AquaGenie Creator on October 8

      @Nicola - not yet!

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicola on October 4

      Hi! Did you guys already sent the survey?
      I've read about it in the last update, but I haven't received it yet... hope I've not missed it!

    9. AquaGenie Creator on September 26

      @Meghan and @Bryan - great timing on your questions! A project update is on its way to everyone right now, all the way from Seattle, WA. Look for that in your inboxes in just a bit.

    10. Bryan Mure
      on September 25

      Any update on how things are going?

    11. Meghan Wlodarczyk on September 20

      If the bottle is not in production yet is an on time delivery still expected?

    12. AquaGenie Creator on September 7

      @nir Production has not yet begun on the bottles. We are currently working with the factory to translate the prototypes from the campaign into advanced prototypes that they will make next with the actual components of the final product (called the "design for manufacturing" process) at an acceptable cost. This is an essential step to ensure everything works/looks/functions correctly and can be built as designed.

    13. Missing avatar

      Nir on September 6

      Is the bottle in production?

    14. AquaGenie Creator on August 24

      We have just posted a campaign update about what we've been focused on lately for our backers. Go check it out in the Updates section above.

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott Evans on August 23

      Any new update last on was in July

    16. Bryan Mure
      on August 20

      We'd all love an update please!

    17. Missing avatar

      Nir on August 19

      Any update about this project??

    18. Missing avatar

      Linh Trinh on August 19

      I guess we're all awaiting another monthly update for August.

    19. Tim Sullivan
      on August 5

      I have so many visions backed, forgot about this. Anything new? - ITC TJS

    20. AquaGenie Creator on July 18

      Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm! We have just posted a campaign update about what we've been up to for our backers. Go check it out in the Updates section above. We hope you're all enjoying your summer and staying hydrated out there!

    21. Missing avatar

      Linh Trinh on July 18

      Only a month into the production and the creators don't seem to care about us anymore. I can't help but to compare this and how they were so much more active during the campaign. Not a good sign.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nir on July 17

      Is this project is dead??

    23. Missing avatar

      on July 13

      What makes the indegogo campaign different than the Kickstarter? Just looking to sell more??

    24. Missing avatar

      Chad Wilson on July 6

      Anything new going on with the project? I haven't heard anything in a while and just wanted to see if things are still on track and going smoothly! Pretty excited for November to get here!

    25. Missing avatar

      Linh Trinh on June 16

      Your update on the successful funding seems a bit overdue. I hope during the production your communication with us backers will be more active and timely.

    26. Bryan Mure
      on June 13

      Hey any update?

    27. AquaGenie Creator on May 30

      @Sara We don't have any plans to make a Kindle specific app for AquaGenie.

    28. AquaGenie Creator on May 30

      @Tim, @Amy, @Bill, @Dante, @Santa - thank you!! We're all pretty excited here at "AquaGenie HQ" about our campaign funding too so that we can continue the journey of building and bringing you all the world's smartest water bottle!

    29. Santa Monica on May 29

      Congrats on the funding. Some water bottles only hit $20k or so, but this one did very well.

    30. Sara Bear on May 26

      I pledged even though I suspect pretty strongly, no, I'm pretty sure, there won't be a Kindle app for the thing. I don't have a cellphone, let alone a smartphone.

      I just bartered recently for a Fit it Charge 2.

      I might finally be getting a smartphone in the next year, and if not, am moving to a different device than Kindle Fire despite loving the features because Amacustomer service sucks and they've lied to me twice.

      But, until I do, or if I have to stick with the Kindle longer than planned because of an upcoming bump in my husband's job situation . . .just thought I d check on what is usually the case. No Kindle support. Fitbit is on it now, buggy, but on it.

    31. Dante Vergara on May 26

      Congratulations!! I really love your project!
      Nevertheless I feel a bit disappointed because I got the Early Bird Aquagenie and now I realized that you opened a pledge for $45 with free shipping which is cheaper than the Early Bird :(
      Beside that, I'm looking forward to get my Aquagenie.

    32. Missing avatar

      William Berliner on May 25

      Great news. Look forward to AquaGenie on hikes in Tucson. Katie/Bill

    33. Missing avatar

      Amy Joseph on May 25

      Congrats!! You ran a wonderful campaign for an amazing product!!
      Best wishes!!

    34. Tim Sullivan
      on May 25

      Awesomeness. Over 685. Congrats! -ITC TJS

    35. Sarah Panizza on May 24

      I really want to keep my pledge, but $107 to ship to Australia?! I know shipping costs can be expensive but if that is the only price you're getting you're being ripped off... It does not cost that much to ship to Australia.

    36. AquaGenie Creator on May 24

      @Valerie - We are too!! Good question. Once the campaign ends, Kickstarter will charge for whatever level you've pledged. Then, in the coming weeks after the campaign, we at AquaGenie will send out a survey via Kickstarter to collect up shipping address & bottle color preferences. As part of that, all backers will have the option to add any of our add-on/accessory items for an additional payment - that will be clearly laid out in there. We anticipate the hook add on will be inexpensive - but optional - since not everyone wants one.

    37. Valerie Sizemore on May 24

      I'm so pleased you met your goal!! I was a bit worried there for a few days. This will be the first campaign that I've pledged on before entering InDemand. So, I'm curious, once the campaign ends, will we be charged? Or does it now wait to take the funds until InDemand is complete/closed? I will be adding on a hook as well (depending on price).

    38. AquaGenie Creator on May 23

      @Twaniuk - the AquaGenie wireless charging pad IS compatible with Qi standard and your charger may work. However, we recommend using our charger if only so you don't have to balance the bottle on whatever charger size/shape you may have already and possibly make a mess. Our wireless charging pad is custom designed to fit around the bottle base so there's a good, solid fit and you're confident it's charging every time.

    39. AquaGenie Creator on May 23

      @Jasmin - that's correct. However, we will also ensure that you and every backer has the option to add on an extra charger at checkout, selected via the backers survey you will receive after the campaign, so, not to worry.

    40. Missing avatar

      on May 23

      Is the wireless charging compatible with the Qi standard? Can I use an existing Qi charger to charge the bottle?

    41. Jasmin Escandor
      on May 23

      Hi I just wanted to make sure. If I already am a backer of the $45+ free shipping. If I changed my pledge to $60. I would get the extra wireless charger?

    42. AquaGenie Creator on May 23

      @nicola @chad @christina @amy @bryan - Thanks for your support in making this KS successful! This is the one we want to succeed the most too!

    43. AquaGenie Creator on May 23

      @bryan The add-on (& removable) carrying hook will be something you'll be able to purchase post-campaign at survey time. We don't have a final price yet, but it will be an inexpensive add-on that's custom manufactured to fit on the AquaGenie bottles our backers will be receiving.

    44. Bryan Mure
      on May 23

      I was curious about the add on carrying hook, how much will that be?

    45. Missing avatar

      Daniel on May 22

      Are there any plans to add a nozzle to the drink slot for easier consumption? My current water bottle has one, which makes it super convenient to drink from while doing cardio exercises. The shape of the AquaGenie's hole looks like it might be prone to spillage in such circumstances....

    46. Missing avatar

      Christina Mace on May 22

      Soooo excited! This is the ks I wanted to succeed the most!

    47. Missing avatar

      Nicola on May 22

      Yeah!!! I was beginning to lose hope when I saw the end of the funding period approaching... but now you guys have reached the goal!!! Great work!!!

    48. Bryan Mure
      on May 22

      Yay we got this funded!!!!

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