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A smart water bottle to help you stay hydrated that tracks your water intake & gives glowing reminders when it's time to drink.
A smart water bottle to help you stay hydrated that tracks your water intake & gives glowing reminders when it's time to drink.
A smart water bottle to help you stay hydrated that tracks your water intake & gives glowing reminders when it's time to drink.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Nir about 15 hours ago

      I want a refund

    2. AquaGenie Creator 1 day ago

      All U.S. backers who provided us a U.S. mailing address in response to the survey (as of 12/31/2017) have recently been sent a little gift to let you know we're still working on the bottles and to say THANKS FOR STICKING WITH US THROUGH THE DELAYS. If you recently received a little package from AquaGenie, that's what it was all about!

    3. AquaGenie Creator 1 day ago

      @Christina, @Chad, @Valerie, @Courtney - Thanks! We just wanted to send you all a little something while you wait.

      @Geoff - We're sorry for the misunderstanding. We thought the most recent posted updates were clear that our production and manufacturing of this product is still delayed - and that we're still working on it.

    4. Geoff Jones
      2 days ago

      I drove my three year old son 90 minutes each way to my US mail box and paid $3 (+gas) to pick up a stress ball! Although I know you meant well, I am not impressed. Not a good start to the year. Please notify us if you are sending items.

    5. Courtney Hancock
      4 days ago

      First Kickstarter I’ve ever had that has sent me an extra little bonus before the project was done. I’m super impressed. (And excited, that little water drop is adorable)

    6. Valerie Sizemore 4 days ago

      Received a package yesterday, was so curious on what/who it was from, opened it and a water drop rolled out! Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Chad Wilson 5 days ago

      😃 Thank you for the water drop! That’s awesome!

    8. Missing avatar

      Christina Mace 5 days ago

      Thanks for my stress ball! Can’t wait for the water bottle to become a reality!

    9. AquaGenie Creator on January 6

      @Chad Happy New Year to you too! We don't have any new information or updates to share since our last posted update about 2 weeks ago, here:

    10. Missing avatar

      Chad Wilson on January 6

      Hey all, hope you had a happy holiday and happy New Year! It’s been a while since the last comments or update and just wanted to check in and see how things were going? Hope it’s all going well and there haven’t been any major hiccups!

    11. Bryan Mure
      on December 19

      Update please

    12. AquaGenie Creator on December 12

      @Heidi We are doing our best and working hard with our new factory to get the bottles made. Unfortunately, as noted in both update #15 and #16, we will not have these ready and shipped in time for Christmas.

    13. Heidi Dugan
      on December 12

      How long will the turnaround be between production and shipping? I was hoping to have these in time for Christmas.

    14. AquaGenie Creator on December 11

      @Yamille, @Nir, @Nadia - there is not yet an estimated new delivery date. When we have a better idea where all the work with the new factory is tracking towards, this will be shared in a campaign update. Thanks for your understanding.

    15. Missing avatar

      Yamille Ceralde on December 11

      Is there any update on an expected delivery date?

    16. AquaGenie Creator on December 11

      @Christina and @Alma - we will reach out to each of you directly to address your questions.

    17. Alma McGhee on December 10

      I need to change my address as soon as possible!

    18. Missing avatar

      Christina Mace on December 10

      I can’t remember if I completed my survey. How do I have that checked?

    19. Missing avatar

      Nir on December 6

      Is the battle in production yet?

    20. AquaGenie Creator on November 27

      @Larisa - we will reach out to you to get this figured out.

    21. Missing avatar

      on November 27

      I have not received a survey

    22. AquaGenie Creator on November 23

      @Tim Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the accessories ordering, that first link in the survey should do the trick. We'll reach out to you to help.

    23. Tim Sullivan
      on November 23

      Hi. I got the survey, was able to select black/blue lid but the dual option ($25) never selected nor the chance to pay for the additional clip/charger. Can you look into it please? Thank you -ITC TJS

    24. AquaGenie Creator on November 23

      @Bryan We'll message you to make sure we got your order correct.

    25. Bryan Mure
      on November 23

      I'm not really understand the survey about multiple bottles and wheat utt says about number preference. I would like one aqua and one black.

    26. AquaGenie Creator on November 22

      @Nadia - the surveys are rolling out now. Expect to see it in your inbox soon.

    27. Erik Hjerpe Lindahl on November 22

      I need a refund. Looked for 30-40 mins. Please advise. Thanks.

    28. Nadia on November 22

      Hi, Any update on the survey or delivery ?

    29. AquaGenie Creator on October 27

      The surveys haven't been sent out yet; your shipping addresses will be requested (and can be changed) when you receive those, not to worry. We're working to ensure there are clear images of the (optional) bottle accessories you'll be able to order using special links in the survey you receive, that's what's been holding them up. These add-ons will also reflect the discounted Kickstarter pricing for the extra wireless charging pad (think one for home / one for work) and accessories pack with removable carrying hooks and more.

    30. Missing avatar

      Nicola on October 24

      Hi guys! 20 days have passed since the announcement of the survey... how long until the survey comes out?

    31. Genevieve Faith on October 24

      Hi! What’s the update on things and survey? Thanks!

    32. Missing avatar

      Nicola on October 22

      @Victoria - they say they haven't sent out the surveys yet... where do you need to change your address, if the survey hasn't been compiled?

    33. Bryan Mure
      on October 21

      can we get an update its been almost a month

    34. Missing avatar

      Victoria Bennett on October 13

      I need to change my shipping address, how can I do that?

    35. AquaGenie Creator on October 8

      @Nicola - not yet!

    36. Missing avatar

      Nicola on October 4

      Hi! Did you guys already sent the survey?
      I've read about it in the last update, but I haven't received it yet... hope I've not missed it!

    37. AquaGenie Creator on September 26

      @Meghan and @Bryan - great timing on your questions! A project update is on its way to everyone right now, all the way from Seattle, WA. Look for that in your inboxes in just a bit.

    38. Bryan Mure
      on September 25

      Any update on how things are going?

    39. Meghan Wlodarczyk on September 20

      If the bottle is not in production yet is an on time delivery still expected?

    40. AquaGenie Creator on September 7

      @nir Production has not yet begun on the bottles. We are currently working with the factory to translate the prototypes from the campaign into advanced prototypes that they will make next with the actual components of the final product (called the "design for manufacturing" process) at an acceptable cost. This is an essential step to ensure everything works/looks/functions correctly and can be built as designed.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nir on September 6

      Is the bottle in production?

    42. AquaGenie Creator on August 24

      We have just posted a campaign update about what we've been focused on lately for our backers. Go check it out in the Updates section above.

    43. Missing avatar

      Scott Evans on August 23

      Any new update last on was in July

    44. Bryan Mure
      on August 20

      We'd all love an update please!

    45. Missing avatar

      Nir on August 19

      Any update about this project??

    46. Missing avatar

      Linh Trinh on August 19

      I guess we're all awaiting another monthly update for August.

    47. Tim Sullivan
      on August 5

      I have so many visions backed, forgot about this. Anything new? - ITC TJS

    48. AquaGenie Creator on July 18, 2017

      Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm! We have just posted a campaign update about what we've been up to for our backers. Go check it out in the Updates section above. We hope you're all enjoying your summer and staying hydrated out there!

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