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A smart water bottle to help you stay hydrated that tracks your water intake & gives glowing reminders when it's time to drink.
A smart water bottle to help you stay hydrated that tracks your water intake & gives glowing reminders when it's time to drink.
A smart water bottle to help you stay hydrated that tracks your water intake & gives glowing reminders when it's time to drink.
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    1. Sean Williams about 8 hours ago

      Where is the latest Kickstarter update ? - apparently one posted today on Indiegogo for this product

    2. Missing avatar

      Ali Strongwater on May 11

      How can we change our shipping address?

    3. Missing avatar

      Chad Wilson on May 10

      My bad, I was looking at comments 🤔

    4. Meghan Wlodarczyk on May 5

      @chad the last posted update I see is March 6. So 2 months now. I would love to see the April update you got though.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chad Wilson on May 3

      Last update was April 3rd, I think that’s only 1 month... Agreed though, it would be awesome to hear any updates!

    6. Missing avatar

      Nir on May 2

      2 months since the last update and almost 1 year since the project has been started. There’s no real progress. I have requested a refund but they refused to do it.

    7. Meghan Wlodarczyk on May 1

      Disappointed to request a refund and be told no even when you are drastically behind schedule and are not able to provide a timeline of when we will actually get the product.

    8. Bryan Mure
      on April 25

      It's been quite awhile can we get an update please

    9. Missing avatar

      Russell Sorapuru on April 16

      Hello I was wondering would the bottles be ready by August? I was hoping when I backed I would have it for Christmas for gift for my wife. Now i am hoping i can get it to her for her birthday at least. What is the chance for August? Thank you

    10. Courtney Hancock
      on April 4

      Thanks @AquaGenie! Sometimes that reassuring voice of 'we're still here with you' is all we need :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Chad Wilson on April 3

      Awesome to hear we’re still up and running! 👍🏻

    12. AquaGenie Creator on April 3

      Just to clarify for those reading, we are very much still working on getting this product made and are working our way through the repeated and long delays we are encountering. Those issues which were laid out in our last update continue to affect things. We'll post another update when there is something new to share.

    13. Courtney Hancock
      on April 2

      I haven't given up hope yet. Their last update was just short of a month ago (hopefully we'll have another one in a few days) and they last logged in just a few days ago. Hopefully the next update will give a more clear picture of what we can expect. Even if there are more delays I'd like some sort of idea of a timeline.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chad Wilson on April 1

      I hope not, I was really looking forward to this 😔

    15. Missing avatar

      Nir on March 29

      I think the project is dead

    16. Missing avatar

      scyleung on March 29

      I am trying to contact the aqua genie team, can they please reply to my messages?

    17. Valentin on March 8

      @AquaGenie, can you guys provide any estimates?

    18. James Duke
      on March 7

      Thanks for the update guys, kind of disappointed at the news of more delays. Hopefully the final product outshines similar products flooding the market right now. Keep at it! 👍🏻

    19. AquaGenie Creator on March 6

      We recently posted a campaign update, take a look.

    20. Presley Ann Photo on March 6

      It’s nearly been a year, what’s the update? Are refunds available?

    21. Meghan Wlodarczyk on March 5

      The last update was over 2 months ago. Can you please take the time to update your backers?

    22. Laura Maly
      on February 28

      I can't believe it's basically March and I haven't received my bottle yet.

    23. Missing avatar

      Nir on February 24

      2 months since the last update and still there’s no real progress. This project is going to a failure. I WANT A REFUND

    24. Missing avatar

      Nir on February 20

      I want my money back

    25. AquaGenie Creator on February 15

      We just received a new set of test bottles from our manufacturer and will be posting an update soon with information related to that, next steps in the process, & some engineering redesign that is needed based on what we're seeing with these latest units. Stay tuned!

    26. Missing avatar

      Nir on February 15

      Still waiting.......

    27. Missing avatar

      Chad Wilson on February 14

      Hello all! Just seeing how things were coming along, haven’t heard about how the bottles are looking for a bit. Going good? Have a happy Valentine’s Day and hope to hear back soon!

    28. Missing avatar

      Nir on February 7

      I’m still waiting.... I want a refund !!!!!!!!!!

    29. Valentin on February 7

      @AquaGenie, can we get any estimates, at least a month or a range?
      Originally, it was a Christmas presents for my family. Can I expect it before Easter?

    30. Missing avatar

      Nir on February 5

      I’m waiting for your answer on my messages.

    31. Sharafin on January 22

      For this fee cents worth stress ball I had to pay 15$ as my address is a FPO. This is ridiculous even though it meant for showing your presence (hopefully). I would have liked the same ball or a gift along with the actual product.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nir on January 17

      I want a refund

    33. AquaGenie Creator on January 16

      All U.S. backers who provided us a U.S. mailing address in response to the survey (as of 12/31/2017) have recently been sent a little gift to let you know we're still working on the bottles and to say THANKS FOR STICKING WITH US THROUGH THE DELAYS. If you recently received a little package from AquaGenie, that's what it was all about!

    34. AquaGenie Creator on January 16

      @Christina, @Chad, @Valerie, @Courtney - Thanks! We just wanted to send you all a little something while you wait.

      @Geoff - We're sorry for the misunderstanding. We thought the most recent posted updates were clear that our production and manufacturing of this product is still delayed - and that we're still working on it.

    35. Geoff Jones
      on January 15

      I drove my three year old son 90 minutes each way to my US mail box and paid $3 (+gas) to pick up a stress ball! Although I know you meant well, I am not impressed. Not a good start to the year. Please notify us if you are sending items.

    36. Courtney Hancock
      on January 13

      First Kickstarter I’ve ever had that has sent me an extra little bonus before the project was done. I’m super impressed. (And excited, that little water drop is adorable)

    37. Valerie Sizemore
      on January 13

      Received a package yesterday, was so curious on what/who it was from, opened it and a water drop rolled out! Thanks!

    38. Missing avatar

      Chad Wilson on January 12

      😃 Thank you for the water drop! That’s awesome!

    39. Missing avatar

      Christina Mace on January 12

      Thanks for my stress ball! Can’t wait for the water bottle to become a reality!

    40. AquaGenie Creator on January 6

      @Chad Happy New Year to you too! We don't have any new information or updates to share since our last posted update about 2 weeks ago, here:

    41. Missing avatar

      Chad Wilson on January 6

      Hey all, hope you had a happy holiday and happy New Year! It’s been a while since the last comments or update and just wanted to check in and see how things were going? Hope it’s all going well and there haven’t been any major hiccups!

    42. Bryan Mure
      on December 19

      Update please

    43. AquaGenie Creator on December 12

      @Heidi We are doing our best and working hard with our new factory to get the bottles made. Unfortunately, as noted in both update #15 and #16, we will not have these ready and shipped in time for Christmas.

    44. Heidi Dugan
      on December 12

      How long will the turnaround be between production and shipping? I was hoping to have these in time for Christmas.

    45. AquaGenie Creator on December 11

      @Yamille, @Nir, @Nadia - there is not yet an estimated new delivery date. When we have a better idea where all the work with the new factory is tracking towards, this will be shared in a campaign update. Thanks for your understanding.

    46. Missing avatar

      Yamille Ceralde on December 11

      Is there any update on an expected delivery date?

    47. AquaGenie Creator on December 11

      @Christina and @Alma - we will reach out to each of you directly to address your questions.

    48. Alma on December 10

      I need to change my address as soon as possible!

    49. Missing avatar

      Christina Mace on December 10

      I can’t remember if I completed my survey. How do I have that checked?

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