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The world's fastest quick response electric mountain bikes - enough to fulfill your wildest cycling dreams.
The world's fastest quick response electric mountain bikes - enough to fulfill your wildest cycling dreams.
The world's fastest quick response electric mountain bikes - enough to fulfill your wildest cycling dreams.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Marti 25 minutes ago

      Hello, my problem is the shippment by sea!! From China to EU we have again 3-4 weeks and then is not delivered!! So we must from shipping to delivery again 4-5 weeks calculat. I think we wait now a long time for this great bike.Sorry for my English

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthias L. about 11 hours ago

      If you want we could connect on facebook.. Search for "Pesu Ridersclub"

      @Pesu: so when do you think you will ship the bikes?

    3. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Breuer about 11 hours ago

      How and where can we form a group so that we can exchange ideas in the future......Facebook???

    4. Missing avatar

      André Hüttmann about 17 hours ago

      Come on Guys. We see every week pictures from the current status. And the bikes are READY now, YEAHHH. The Problem with the battery is annoying yes thats correct (I am annoyed too) but i also think pesu (or any other supplier) can determine the size and weight of the package only when everything is packed. I think we all get an Perfect ebike (the process takes a long time yes) but it does not get any faster if here everyone loses his frustration. In Love ;-) André from Germany/ Hamburg :-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Jean Roberge about 21 hours ago

      Wait a minute Pesu, are you trying to tell us that you got into that "adventure" of creating an electric bike to be produced in China and shipped all over the planet, without even knowing the exact cost of the shipping process for every continent ? Because if that's the case, you should have take a few business classes before getting involved into this. This is RIDICULOUS...or is it another way for you to try to gain time because you know that you won't be able to deliver as promised by the end of March ???

    6. Aurelien Rosée 1 day ago

      Herve tu me ramène mes vélos ? 😂😁😁

    7. Missing avatar

      Lapierre 1 day ago

      @ Pesu, Are you serious? When you propose your project in august 2017 on Kickstarter you propose a price for the delivery, and now we said you studie the cost for the delivery!! Many company every day import from chinese product with battery! so all the serious shipping company knows the requests for transport battery. I don't understand why my bike is not delivery Nine month after the order. In few weeks i have a meeting in Shenzen Huawei Labs, I would like visit you, could you arrange a meeting with PESU manager.

      Best regards

    8. PESU Creator 2 days ago

      @All Dear backers, We are busy on the delivery case in the past days, We had serval meetings with different forwarders. Some forwarders/ship-owning company rejected our shipping request as the battery belongs to dangerous articles. For dangerous articles, the shipping is very difficult and the process is complicated. Many paper work are to be done, and the packing also need to be improved even repacked.
      About the limited speed, we understand you guys' feeling, please kindly understand we can not broke the laws.
      MONSTER 350W has some advantages comparing with MONSTER 250W:
      1. Max Torque: 90 NM for MONSTER 350W, 75 NM for MONSTER 250W. So MONSTER 350W is stronger uphill, and shorter time when increasing speed.
      2. Support Level: 280% for MONSTER 350W, 260% for MONSTER 250W. So MONSTER 350W is more powerful.
      3. Efficiency: 85% for MONSTER 350W, 83% for MONSTER 250W. So MONSTER 350W is more energy-saving.
      Thanks for your long time support!
      Best regards,
      PESU Team

    9. Missing avatar

      Kenneth N Cullum 2 days ago

      Pesu,Pesu,Pesu, When does the slow boat leave are we going to get any tracking info so we can make sure we are there when the bike arives ?

    10. Hernán Iglesias 2 days ago

      The communication always been awful because the late of each one notice about the progress.

      All here wants the bike !

      I'm in Spain, do you know when I receive my 2 bicycles??

      Ps: sorry for my English writing

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthias L. 6 days ago

      Hey Pesu-Team,

      how is it going? Could you please give us an update?
      Can you please give us the delivery-dates for each country? Would be great if you could also estimate the date of arrival though.
      Further on I am worried about three things..
      1.: I´m a bit unhappy about the frame color.. It really looked black in your description in the beginning. Now with the black battery and the blueish frame in my opinion it doesn´t look that good.. Anyways, that´s just a small issue.
      2.: I payed about 250 dollar more, because I hoped to receife a bike witch goes up to 45 km/h. Now it will be limited to 25.. I hope I receife at least the 350w version. And I hope I can unlock the speedlimit later..
      3.: I´m not so happy about your time and communication management. I mean It really took a while longer than expected in the first place. As a Kickstarter-Project I may foregive you. But I think you should have told us earlier and more often when you realized that you couldn´t hold the diliverydate.
      Well I´m not mad at you or something but I just wanted to let you know what I thoght about the project over the last couple of month. And maybe you can improve for the nex time.

      Allright, so please keep us uptdated ;-)

    12. Aurelien Rosée on March 12

      Hello Pesu,

      I’m French.
      With speed limitation ; can you confirmed me my bike will have 350w motor has my order ?

      If yes, with bridle at 25km/h, did you think we have same autonomy as 250w motor ?


    13. Missing avatar

      Hans v Zellem on March 12

      The bikes looks great!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jean Roberge on March 11

      @Aurelien and @Wolfgang, I think that "legally" Pesu can't tell you that. I think that one of us should start a blog and try to get in contact with a"crack" of informatic that could help us to reprogram our bikes to 'unlock' them ( for those who want to)and be able to use them up to their maximum possibilities. Pesu could be pursued if they aren't respecting the local laws of differents countries. So, if one of the backers have good computer skills, he could start a blog about the Pesu ebikes, and that we could all register to it.

    15. Aurelien Rosée on March 10

      I think Pesu will send us 350w models, software brider at 25km / h.

      It will be possible later to unleash the bike to reach 45km / h ...
      PESU: Do you confirm that?

      This is what would seem the most normal because we have paid for a 350w and 45km / h.

      To read you

    16. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Breuer on March 10

      Hello Pesu team. Can you tell me why I paid $ 250 more? I remember (5 month ago) for 350 watts and 45 km / h. And now you will deliver me 250 watts and 25 km / h. That's cheating. We can drive both here in Germany. Tell me what I have misunderstood. Please deliver me what I ordered and paid for.

    17. PESU Creator on March 10

      @Rudolf von Ank @Wolfgang Breuer Sorry for the late reply. PESU EBIKE is not S-pedelec, the limited speed is 25 km/h in EU. Please kindly note your ebike will be shipped with limited speed 25km/h.

    18. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Breuer on March 6

      Payed not played :-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Breuer on March 6

      Hello PESU, same here in Germany. Please I want the Bike what I had ordered and played.

    20. Missing avatar

      Rudolf von Ank on March 6

      Hello PESU. I have a question. In Austria you can ride 25km/h and 45km/h bike. Of course I want to get the 45km/h bike if possible (you have to insurance the bike that you can drive) May you need some documents from our government or something similar to get the 45km/h version? kind regards!

    21. PESU Creator on March 6

      @Lapierre Thanks for your suggestion. Sorry for the late reply as we are all busy on the shipments. It will be great if some one of you guys can create the PESU ebike club, we will support the club in the future.

      @Tom Deurloo Sorry for the late reply. Please kindly check the update. The shipments will be restarted in the middle of this month and all ebikes will be ready in this month.

    22. Missing avatar

      Tom Deurloo on March 3

      Spring has started but my new Pesu bike still missing! What a shame and frustration. When to expect?

    23. Missing avatar

      Lapierre on March 3

      @ Pesu team . Now it seems the baker's bikes are on the right way, how you see your futur? How can we help you to develop Pesu expansion?
      @Bakers. Who will be ok to create an "user Pesu bike club" to follow the Pesu bike life?
      Many thanks Hervé

    24. PESU Creator on March 3

      @Rudolf von Ank Thanks very much for your support!

      @All Dear all, according to the updated schedule of material and production line, there will be shipments in the middle of Mar and all ebikes will be ready by the end of this month. Our team is now in the factory to push up the productio line and ensure all the material could be shipped out ASAP. Thanks very much for your long time support!

    25. Missing avatar

      Rudolf von Ank on March 2

      Im so excited to get this great bike. Guys I'm sure the waiting will it be worth. :D Keep it up doing great work PESU. We surely don't get disappointed

    26. PESU Creator on February 26

      @Lee Ashcroft As your order is PESU MONSTER 350W, the size of your ebike is 9mm front and 142mm x 12mm Rear, so both wheelsets you mentioned can not be assembled to your PESU ebike.

    27. PESU Creator on February 26

      @Hans v Zellem Please kindly note that we are contacing the forwarders to confirm the shipping way/schedule.
      @Lee Ashcroft Already passed your question to our technical department, will let you know soon.
      @Hernán Iglesias Update will be posted when the assembly line reopen. Thanks for your patience.
      @BAE JEUNG HAN We are contacting the forwarder and will send out the ebike soon.
      @All Dear all, the factories and companies are ending the CNY holidays and coming back to work successively at this time. There might be some delay on the case at the begining of the work after holidays. We will push up and keep you posted. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

    28. Missing avatar

      BAE JEUNG HAN on February 25

      Late, late, too late...
      I need my bike.
      Please send me my bike ㅠㅠ

    29. Hernán Iglesias on February 24


      Upgrades guys please!


    30. Lee Ashcroft
      on February 23

      Hi guys hope everything is going well I'm looking to upgrade my wheelset and have some good deals online
      can you please confirm whether I need

      20mm front and 135mm x 12mm Rear

      20mm front and 150mm x 12mm Rear

      Regards LEE

    31. Missing avatar

      Hans v Zellem on February 18

      Tnx PESU for your reaction,
      Here in Rdam (NL) they celebrate CNY also!
      I have just 1 small question that i had is still in my mind, that nobody asked so far...
      You wrote: The ebikes will be shipped out in partial shipments depend on the countries.
      Could you tell us which country is first... second... and so on?
      At what place is the Netherlands on the list?
      Greetings, Hans

    32. PESU Creator on February 9

      @BAE YOUNGSUN The ebikes will be sent out in partial shipments soon. Thanks for your long time support!

      @Hans v Zellem @Aurelien Rosée Thanks very much for your understanding and support! We are trying our best to send the PESU ebikes to all of you.

      @John Beagle Yes, there are 4 bosses for adding the rear rack. Detailed pictures were sent to your email just now, please kindly check. Thanks!

    33. Aurelien Rosée on February 8


      and another 8 months of delay is not that much. I saw projects with a lot more delay! I'm on an electric scooter project since 18 months and I can tell you that it starts to be very very long ...

      The price of pedi monster is very attractive , this is the game of KS. You paid a good price but you must wait!

      Thanks Pesu tu do your better

    34. Missing avatar

      John Beagle on February 8

      I have a question. I have been looking very closely to the pictures posted on this site and Facebook trying to determine if there are the necessary "bosses" to add a rear rack. There needs to be a boss on each side of the rear hub plus a boss on each side of the fork post near the seat. That would be a total of 4 bosses, two on each side of the bike. I can't tell from the pictures but I am hoping that they are there so that I can add a rear touring rack. Please let me know.

    35. Missing avatar

      Hans v Zellem on February 7

      Tnx PESU!
      We are also looking forward for the great mountainbike!
      And’s a kickstarter so somethimes it’ll take some more time than expacted at first. Otherwise people should by it in the store! (€/$ Price will be even more then)
      I totally agree with André, just be patience and you will get what you invested in :)
      Greetings from NL

    36. PESU Creator on February 6

      @All Hi guys, sorry for keep you waiting. We are preparing the first shipment, will let you know the schedule soon. Thanks for both your support!
      A few questions need to be clarified:
      1. The CNY holidays. 7 days official holidays are enforced by the government, but acctually, most factories and companies will have a long time holidays for CNY, even over one month. The main reason is that CNY is the most important festival in China, and for most people it's long distance between hometown and the working city. By now, most of our partners are on holidays.
      2. Updates. We post the situation about manufacture on Kickstarter and instesting things on Facebook/Instagram. New update will be posted in this week.
      Again thanks for your long time support!

      @Lapierre Please kindly note that some of the bikes will be sent out in Feb.

      @Jean Roberge @Paul H Sorry for the delay and inconvenience caused, please kindly send your requests to

      @André Hüttmann Thanks so much for your undertanding and support! We are trying our best to send out the bikes as soon as possible.

      @Hernán Iglesias We are preparing the first shipment, will let you know soon.

    37. BAE YOUNGSUN on February 6

      I hope you can send it quickly.
      I waited and bought a Specialized Men's Turbo Levo Hardtail Comp 6Fattie.
      I wonder how it will be compared.
      I'm nervous about running out of information about everything.
      It's just my opinion.

    38. Hernán Iglesias on February 5

      Pesu we need some seriously approach time for delivery.

      Guys, relax and try to be more patients

      I want the great ebike !!

    39. Missing avatar

      André Hüttmann on February 5

      Why people don’t understand the word
      ,,expected delivery‘‘ ? This is Kickstarter not Amazon. Where is the problem by a delivery from 3 to 5 month when you get a great product?

      I think when there are people who want to get a refund, because they can’t wait, please write a personal message to Pesu. Here are People who are looking forward to the bike:-)

    40. Missing avatar

      Paul H on February 5

      With this note I am using your warranty policy for a Pesu bicycle. This policy is written on your Kickstarter Campaign site.

      Your warranty states:

      "Every PESU customer enjoys a 7 days-no-questions-asked return and 30 days free exchange.."

      Although you state that your return policy is a "no-questions-asked return" policy you may ask me, "Why? Why would I return an item that I have not received yet?" If you ask me this, then you have begun to answer your own question.

      I have no bicycle to return to Pesu because I have not received one from Pesu.

      Six months ago in August I was advised of an estimated delivery date of November. This was changed until December. December became January. Now in February Pesu can tell me nothing specific. I paid $1848.00 six months ago for a Pesu bike I have not received and I am dissatisfied with the product.

      I am exercising my right under the warranty to have you return the payment I made to Pesu through Kickstarter in August, 2017. This amount included shipping and taxes which I can safely presume have not yet been used. A 5% fee to Kickstarter will not ne returned.

      $1848 - 5%= $1755.60

      Please return $1755.60 to the adress that you have on file for my home address.

      A copy of this note will be sent to Kickstarter

    41. Missing avatar

      André Hüttmann on February 5

      @Jean: I really don’t want a discussion but I can’t share your opinion.

      1. Pesu has always kept us up to date with the production. In the last Update we see a finished e-bike. We have different sizes by the bikes (17/19/21) so i can understand the different completions.

      2. Pesu has communicated that the bicycles will be sent together to the different Areas (America, Asia, Europe etc.) when all bikes are finished. I find it comprehensibly.

      3. It makes no sense to put pesu under pressure. This is Kickstarter and we all know that there can be a time delay.
      I personally would like to have a great product without getting a faulty product on the finish line.

      Ps: Sorry for my bad english;-)

    42. Missing avatar

      Jean Roberge on February 5

      The only things that the PESU team was able to came out with is posting old sketches of the early stage of the bike products on their FACEBOOK page.…

      What we want isn't sketches of the past, we want is REAL actual facts about what's going on with the assembly of the bikes, and the delivery process !
      About your remark ( read excuse) for the CNY Holiday in China.
      I know that the Lunar New Year will start on Feb. 16 and last until early March. In China, people get a week off, though celebrations can last much longer than that.


      If by the end of THIS WEEK ( February 10 ), I don't have an official confirmation of my delivery date for my bike, I will file an official complaint to KICKSTARTER.
      And I hope that I won't be the only to do so.

    43. Missing avatar

      Lapierre on February 5

      @Pesu, Is the shipment will be in februar for all the bikes?

    44. PESU Creator on February 4

      @All Sorry for the late reply.

      @Jean Roberge About the shipping way, it needs to consider the destinations in different coutries. Thanks for your understanding.

      @Kenneth N Cullum Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your long time support! You will find it's worth your waiting. It's really a nice ebike, your family will love it.

      @Paul Hathaway
      1. As materials will arrive in partial shipments, not all bikes are ready to ship, but each shipments will include all sizes of that were ordered.
      1a)Firstly, Some ebikes(not all) will be ready as not all materials are ready. Secondly, Shipments might be delayed because of CNY holidays. Recently, most factories and forwarders have been on holidays.
      2. We are contacting the forwarders, comparing the shipping cost and transportation time of different companies.
      2a) Yes, normally they will have an estimated transportation time.
      2b) Transportation time is different to different destinations.
      3. Yes, emails will be sent to the backers when their ebiks are shipped.

      @Hernán Iglesias Sorry for the late reply as the past 2 days were weekend here.

    45. Hernán Iglesias on February 4

      Never ending “the wait”… :(

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul H on February 2

      regarding the shipping time/date I have the following questions:
      1)Are the bikes in all sizes ready to ship?
      1a)Have you had any other reason to not ship the bikes now that they are ready?
      2)What companies are handling the shipping?
      2a)Do the companies that you ship with have a typical amount of time to get them to their particular destinations?
      2b)What is that amount of time?
      3)Will you notify each customer when her/his bike ships?

    47. Missing avatar

      Kenneth N Cullum on February 2

      Basically I think you have had my money long enough my patients is at its end how about a bike or my money back in my acount

    48. Missing avatar

      Kenneth N Cullum on February 2


    49. Missing avatar

      Jean Roberge on February 2

      Now you change your mind about the order in which deliveries will be made?
      On September 14th you were telling us:
      PESU Creator on September 14
      @Hernán Iglesias Hi generally we'll send PESU e-bikes according to the order number. ;) Thanks for your support!

    50. PESU Creator on February 2

      @ Kenneth N Cullum @ Hernán Iglesias @Paul Hathaway Dear all, transportation time will be different from the factory to your place since all backers are in different counties. So the earliest backer may not first receive the ebike. The ebikes will be shipped out in partial shipments depend on the countries.

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