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Truly classic games never die. The original Jumpman game still has fans, and now, we're updating it while sticking to it's core!
Truly classic games never die. The original Jumpman game still has fans, and now, we're updating it while sticking to it's core!
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Jumpman Forever PC & Mac Betas Have Just Shipped (And the Crucible Kickstarter! :-)

Posted by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr (Creator)
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Whew! Life throws you some fun curveballs - I won't bore you with all the details, but I will say it's delayed Jumpman Forever's PC & Mac Betas a couple of times. Fortunately, all that is over - we just hit Send on the message that contains the download links for all backers who are supposed to have Beta access! (If you're wondering - where's my beta? Check your messages, it's in there :-)

(If you're wondering: I only backed it for the early access, not the beta, but I really want a beta copy - or you didn't back the project at all and want in on the beta - keep reading this whole thing. We're going to be offering early access purchases for Jumpman Forever. :-)

The beta is from the same code branch as the OUYA version, so in theory, this should be a short beta period before the full release.

What's in the beta? 32 levels, four difficulty levels, two characters, and a whole lotta fun!

What's not in the beta? We didn't want to give out EVERYTHING we've got, so, we haven't included the Work In Progress levels we have (since they're not fully tested anyways) that include Red's trip back to her home on Mars! We promised lots of interesting settings, well this one takes place on a space ship that's... well, we wouldn't want to spoil the surprises ;-)

Also not in the beta is the next two game modes: Casual (which reduces the number of enemies, increases the number of lives, but decreases your score!), and Hardcore mode (You start with one life, and there's extra enemies - but, extra lives come faster, and the score multiplier is higher!)

Due to some of the stuff we're doing with the next Kickstarter, Jumpman Forever is going to end up with a PC, Mac, and OUYA exclusive mode that iOS & Android won't have: local multiplayer. These are some specially designed levels where Jumpman and Red play together at the same time! It's going to be a while, though - those will be some of the hardest levels to design and balance. Probably in about 6 months we'll see it appear.

We're also doing something we hadn't planned on - we're offering an Early Access purchase. I've had people contact me who haven't gotten in on the beta asking if they could buy in. Well, you're wish is our command: we now offer an early access purchase for PC & Mac users that includes both the beta and the full version when it ships. It wouldn't be nice to offer it for less - or the same price - as what our loyal backers spent getting in on the beta, so we're offering it for slightly more: $12.99 USD. Still pretty cheap! Be sure to head over and check it out!

Another Kickstarter: Crucible for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and OUYA!

We hinted that it was coming, and we're now in the middle of the Kickstarter for Crucible!  So, what it is?  It's another retro-styled title, though this one with a life of it's own.  It's often described as "Gauntlet meets Terminator", merging two great things from the 80's into one great taste! ;-)  Multiple characters, time travel (that the user somewhat controls), and a ton of cool stuff - head over, check it out, and please help us make it a reality!  Also, check out the website frequently for more cool stuff that we're doing with Crucible, including the written back-story of Crucible: 

Jumpman Forever 1.0 for OUYA NOW SHIPPING!

Posted by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr (Creator)

Woohoo!  Jumpman Forever 1.0 is now live on the OUYA!

So, here's the thing: I need to know who all needs an OUYA full version - drop me a message if you need it! website finally launched

Posted by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr (Creator)

Along with all the big things that have to happen with a software release, there's also the little things like, oh, the marketing website / support site.  Well, now that's taken care of - is finally launched :-)  

For those looking to keep up on all things Jumpman Forever related, there's an RSS feed and an email updates system to keep you up to date (along with the Facebook and Twitter account links) - which, of course, will happen much more frequently as we move into the PC / Mac betas :-)

OUYA release pending! The new trailer stands ready :-)

Posted by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr (Creator)
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 Unless something happens, OUYA should be approving and posting the FULL Jumpman Forever for OUYA in the next couple of days (and I'm sure I'll be posting about it again when it happens ;-)

Meanwhile, here's the new game trailer for the release, and quick teaser of the screenshots that accompany it in the OUYA Marketplace :-)

Now, I'm sure someone is going to ask where the PC / Mac / iOS / Android betas are at :-)  PC / Mac betas are coming shortly - probably next week!  In fact, the video and screenshots are from the Mac version - that should give you an idea how close we are to a Mac and PC version ;-)   iOS and Android are restricted by agreement from being released for at least two months - so, it's going to be at least that long (and, we haven't written controller support for iOS & Android devices that are using external controllers.  I have the controllers here, and I have stubs for the API's to be connected in, but it's not been the priority yet.)

And, of course, where's the Level Editor?  As with the original plan, that's about six months out: it's not that we've moved it back, it's that we were able to move all the rest of the stuff forward on the timeline a bit :-) (The basic timeline all hinged on the OUYA release first, then everything was keyed off of that - since we're slightly behind our plan on the OUYA, it does shift our dates a bit, but sticks with the plan.)

I'll be sending out a mass message as soon as the OUYA full release is out to find which people want the OUYA release, and which people are waiting on the later releases.

Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr

Midnight Ryder Technologies

A Kickstarter In need of help! And, preping for OUYA Final Version (and PC / Mac Beta) (OH, and rumors)

Posted by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr (Creator)
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A Kickstarter In Need Of Help!

First off - there's a Kickstarter in need of help!  Right now, some good friends of mine, Black Raven Comics, is down to the last three days on their Kickstarter, and they're less than $300 from their goal!  They're trying to raise finds to finish and publish Issue #2 of Space Pirate Takeo, a highly stylish Anime based comic book produced here in Wichita, Kansas (they also have another series, Stormhammer Saga, that has some flat out amazing artwork, too.)  They're at $740 of $1000 - so close!

If you like comics, please take a moment and check out their Kickstarter - it's worthwhile! :-)  (Full disclosure: I do worth with the Black Raven Comics guys on other projects from time to time, but not on Space Pirate Takeo.)

Preping for the OUYA Final Version!

After doing the Ouya beta, we got lots of amazing feedback!  In fact, more than we planned on - the time between beta and final has taken a bit longer than I had hoped, but I'd rather ship late and be solid than ship early and be ultra buggy.  

When it comes to schedule, though, there's also some good news - it's only going to affect the Ouya side of things.  With the Free The Games Fund, originally we were going to be restricted to six months of Ouya exclusivity - they changed the rules.  We don't have to wait on that period to end to ship the PC & Mac versions, and we only have to wait two months to ship the iOS / Android stuff (by agreement - we won't be shipping Android & iOS betas until after the PC & Mac full releases happen.)

We're giving serious consideration to going ahead and shipping the PC & Mac betas before we complete work on the user side level editor, and releasing the editor as a stand alone package (for free)  The advantage is getting it in your hands sooner, and getting feedback on controls on the PC / Mac side more quickly.  The stand alone editor has some advantages and disadvantages, so we're still mulling if we're going to keep it in the core like it is now (it's removed for releases at the moment), or go through the extra steps with every update of having to deal with keeping both products in sync.

So, what changed between the Beta and the current final version we'll be releasing next week?

Ladders.  Ladders have been the bane of everyone's existence.  Everyone hates them.  So, we completely redid them (and some physics associated with them.)  You can still step off a ladder early - as long as you're below the maximum non-fatal fall distance (which is about 1/2 a Jumpman high)  It does a quick raycast when you try to step off early, just to make sure you're within that height.  This makes getting on and off ladders easy, but, keeps down the number of random step-off-a-ladder-and-die-heniously deaths.

Tons of little graphical tweaks

Engine performance increase

Tutorial levels for new players

One set of "easy" levels

Diemos Station - Jumpman travels to Mars's moon to take on the Alienators.  7 levels.

Tethys Base (one of Saturn's moons, a set of levels for Red with a brand new way to drive players nuts).  7 levels

New enemies, like the Wrecking Ball Alienator 

Better Control Scheme for menus

Jumpman font tweaked

...And much more! This is only a quick highlight of some of the changes. :-)

Looks like we'll end up shipping the Ouya final with 32 "real" levels, plus the tutorial levels, just slightly larger than the original plan for the 30 levels Ouya first full release, and we'll probably top 44 levels for the PC / Mac final.  Not too shabby - pretty close to our original plan.  Plus, of course, level updates every 3 - 4 months. :-)

I'll release a couple screenshots of the new levels this weekend as a teaser ;-)


There's a rumor that we're doing another game related Kickstarter soon.  Yes, it's a true rumor.  We'll release more information about the project soon, but we can tell you that no, it's not as large as the Kickstarter for Jumpman Forever - it's about half the size this was.  Yes, the project name is Crucible.  No, it's not a retro remake of some sort.  Yes, it's going to be awesome.  And, yes, we'll be releasing information on it after the Ouya version of Jumpman Forever ships. (Including why we're doing another video game Kickstarter after the last one nearly kicked our butts. :-)