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Truly classic games never die. The original Jumpman game still has fans, and now, we're updating it while sticking to it's core!
Truly classic games never die. The original Jumpman game still has fans, and now, we're updating it while sticking to it's core!
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Back to the updates...

Posted by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr (Creator)

Well, we've been horribly quiet for a while now - sorry about that.  But, now it's time to start teasing the next release :-)

New Level Select Menu - forgive the really bad .gif compression, along with some spacing issues on the various text bits.
New Level Select Menu - forgive the really bad .gif compression, along with some spacing issues on the various text bits.

 I mentioned in a previous update that we were having to redo the entire menu system.  Problem was, it was too keyboard / mouse centric, which if funny considering the first platform it shipped on was Ouya, a Joystick centric platform.  

The biggest problems:

  • It didn't expand well.  Adding more and more level packs over time was going to make for an ugly mess.
  • It didn't do mobile well.  And, well, that's part of the additional targets for the next release.
  • Information density was bad.  I wanted just a bit more room for information about the level packs.  
  • The font.  The font that was being used was nice, but it never felt quit right, and it didn't pack enough info into a small enough space and still remain clear.  

This is the first of a dribble of updates on the stuff we're doing for the next update - we'll be releasing more on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Some things don't translate well to updates, of course - for instance, the code base for both Red and Jumpman is now unified, allowing us to pull of something I mentioned as a Kickstarter stretch goal (I'll not reveal what it is until we release an update to utilize it ;-).  That doesn't make for much of an update.

There's quite a bit going on with the next build, and hopefully it's all stuff everyone finds to be positive changes!  It also set up for even better levels down the road, cooler tricks, all sorts of fun stuff to be revealed over the course of the updates.  (We've got an internal roadmap that covers updates up to 2.0, and some "plot" ideas beyond that.)

Oh, and for those who notice:  Yes, "Lunar Surface" and "The Amira Prime" are the next two level sets, for Jumpman and Red respectively.  Both of them let us cover new territory, with new hazards in the environment for players to deal with :-)

So, where the hell have we been?

For the most part, "we" as the moment is actually "I" - most of the work is being done by me at the moment.  So, there's that slowdown.

But, something worse happened - with the budget on the project blown a bit, I went out and quoted some projects.  I was working half-days on Jumpman Forever for a bit, then three of them landed.  No problem, they all have separate timelines that don't overlap.  Until they got moved around, and suddenly everything was on top of each other.

I'll post an update with the first of those projects (something rather simple in most respects), just for the heck of it.

Meanwhile, now that things have calmed down considerably, it's back to building up the next Jumpman Forever version - hopefully, the last "long update period" for the next two years (since I don't plan on completely re-doing the UI again, for instance! :-)

Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr

Lead Developer

Jumpman Forever


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    1. Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr 3-time creator on

      Ivan, glad to know you (and other people) are still thinking of us ;-)

      Peter: We'll be doing the Achievements as a staged thing (along with some unlockables), rather than all at once. That way, every major update, we've got room to add new achievements. :-)

    2. Boulderdash on

      Awesome, Davis - I would really like to see proper SteamWorks-support with achievements! ^_^ Oh, and by the way - you may want to check out Sprite Castle's podcast about the Jumpman-series for the Commodore 64:…

      Happy halloween!

    3. Missing avatar

      Ivan Kodjabashev on

      Interesting. Today I thought about your game and after work I even wanted to ask what is happening with this project. I was surprised to find out that you've made an update. What a coincidence.

    4. Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr 3-time creator on

      For Jumpman Junior, I don't have a whole lot of opinions :-) I only got the rights for Jumpman, and I believe the rights for Jumpman Junior were a totally different deal - which is why it's attempted to be included in a couple of other packages over the years. If you end up seeing Jumpman Junior levels on Jumpman Forever, it will only be because someone in the community created the levels with the editor (after the editor ships, of course, which is a while off - 2.0 territory.)

      We haven't done Steam yet: I didn't feel the project was solid enough to go through the Greenlight process to get on Steam. Additionally, I didn't feel it was ready for SteamOS (and it's controller), and I don't have any SteamOS hardware yet to test it against. But, I'm all for Jumpman Forever on SteamOS, AndroidTV stuff, and AppleTV. I want it on as many platforms as I can get away with before we're done (I'm limited - major consoles are out. No XBox / Wii / PS versions. Unless I can find Randy again...)

      Once Jumpman Forever is on Steam, everyone who wants 'em gets Steam keys - most likely, it will be the central place to pick up PC & Mac versions (particularly after we start supporting Achievements, etc.)

    5. Boulderdash on

      Thanks for the update - at least you _are_ showing your project support, and I think I speak on behalf of most Jumpman and Jumpman Junior fans when I say I appreciate that.

      That being said, do you plan to bring Jumpman Forever onboard the Steam-train anytime soon? If you do, can the Kickstarter backers expect to get Steam keys? Also - what is your position regarding Jumpman Junior on SteamOS and AndroidTV?