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Truly classic games never die. The original Jumpman game still has fans, and now, we're updating it while sticking to it's core!
Truly classic games never die. The original Jumpman game still has fans, and now, we're updating it while sticking to it's core!
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Prepping for PC & Mac FULL Release

Posted by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr (Creator)
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Sure, sure - all the updates lately have been for PC & Mac beta users.  This one is for EVERYONE who's been waiting (patently) to play Jumpman Forever on PC & Mac :-)  

So, it's been out for a bit now, and a couple of great things have happened:

1)  No one has emailed me, messaged me, DM'ed me, etc. to say it's not working

2)  No new bugs have been added to the bug board

This is FANTASTIC news for a PC & Mac release!  There's cleanup items to do (the Pause menu, for instance, is poorly aligned, and ends up overwriting the level info display if you pause at the beginning of the level, the Jumpman Forever logo on the Copyright screen & info screen is miss-aligned, "Wit" instead of "With" on one of the level announcements, mouse needs to be turned off during gameplay, things like that), but we'll be winding up to create the first full distribution over the weekend!

This is also a last-call for all Beta testers - if you saw something that needs fixed (or even just a feature request) now is the time to file it on the bug board at

And don't forget to drop by and say "Hi" in the new Jumpman Forever forums at MidnightRyder.Com :-)

I'll admit it - I'm excited as hell about this, I've been waiting a long time to finally be able to introduce to Jumpman Forever to the world at large!

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      Ivan Kodjabashev on

      I don't really want to join forums etc, so I'll write here. Yes, there are a few things here and there that needs fixing, but I thought you'll fix them. When will you add sounds? But for me, this game is much harder than jumpman lives, even on the easiest mode. For example, those shots that run to you are too often and annoying for me. In terms of gameplay mechanics, I don't know what's different between this and Jumpman Lives, but there are a few things that are not exactly the same. One thing that needs fixing is when you walk on a horizontal platform that has a vine/pole top. Jumpman automatically tries to drop/climb it. Also, in terms of graphics, there isn't much differentiation between the different episodes. Change at least the background between them for some diversity.