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Orbs CCG is a digital, asynchronous collectible card game that can be played one turn at a time over the course of days.
Orbs CCG is a digital, asynchronous collectible card game that can be played one turn at a time over the course of days.
56 backers pledged $2,043 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jerpix, Inc. 2-time creator on

      24 hours to go! Thanks for everyone who's backed it!

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      Narayan Khalsa on

      Based on what I've seen so far (although in beta I don't have the cards to actually test it), here is one deck that I would try experimenting with if Orbs went live today:

      4x Decoy
      4x Bountiful Tuna
      4x Gifts from Above
      3x Hidden Treasure
      4x Orb of Fluidity
      4x School of Fish
      3x Killer Wave
      4x Fire Arrow
      4x Murderous Imp
      4x Shoot a Fireball
      4x Fire Turret
      3x Fire Rain
      1x Apocalypse
      4x Erupt Volcano

      This is a Blue/Red control deck; its primary focus is on card advantage and creature... *ahem* I mean, "ally"... removal. It has a lot of redundancy and card-draw, and also limits card costs and colored energy requirements, making it very consistent.

      The basic phases of play for this deck consist of stalling and drawing a few cards in the early game, gaining card advantage and killing lots of stuff in the mid game, and finally gaining massive card advantage while slowly killing the opponent in the late game. The primary win condition is re-use of Fire Turret and Murderous Imp, with a heap of burn used to make the final push.

      The deck achieves card advantage by 1) trading one card for multiple opposing cards; 2) drawing multiple cards with one card; and 3) exploiting card interactions to replay useful cards multiple times.

      A few interactions:

      1) Orb of Fluidity + Bountiful Tuna: Draw extra cards for 2 energy per Tuna cast.
      2) Orb + Fire Turret: Shoot for 2 damage twice, then replay the Turret and repeat. Also, shoot the Turret twice in one turn via the Orb's other ability.
      3) Orb + Murderous Imp: Ping stuff for 1 damage repeatedly.
      4) Orb + School of Fish: Chump block indefinitely.
      5) Orb + sweeper spells: Bounce your utility critter back to your hand, then sweep the board.
      6) Killer Wave/Erupt Volcano + no important allies: Maximize the effectiveness and timing of board sweepers.

      Individual cards:

      *) Hidden Treasure: All by itself Treasure can pile up long-term card advantage, and in the late game can potentially combine with Orb of Fluidity to draw twice in a single turn.

      *) Decoy: Thins deck, activates Gifts from Above, and makes a good turn 1 play.

      *) Gifts from Above: Instant 2-for-1 card advantage.

      *) Bountiful Tuna: Stall without losing any cards, and/or work with the Orb to produce card advantage and block small allies indefinitely.

      *) School of Fish: Chump block twice, or potentially more via the Orb. Decent turn 1 play; can be used as energy fodder as needed.

      *) Fire Turret: Kill lots of allies, and/or slowly kill your opponent.

      *) Killer Wave, Erupt Volcano, Fire Rain: Kill multiple small allies (or sometimes just one large ally).

      *) Fire Arrow, Shoot a Fireball, Murderous Imp: Kill allies, stall for time, then finish off your opponent once their life total is low enough.

      I am sure that if I actually played with this deck, the card choices would change-- perhaps drastically. For now, though, I have enjoyed a nice little theory-crafting session! :)

      Other deck ideas I would try: 1) Red/Green Aggro with Grow Big, Fresh Force, some green allies, and Tunnel. 2) Red/Blue Aggro-Tempo.

      Yellow feels like a bit of a weak link to me at the moment. 1) In most cases life gain is just not that good when compared to focused aggression, card advantage, and/or board control. 2) Small units with armor and utility abilities are clever but quickly overpowered. 3) It seems difficult to justify accelerating energy production, when it is at the cost of spending a whole turn playing a card that could have itself been instead discarded for energy. It's worth noting that because every card can become energy, there is no long-term net gain of energy when playing an Orb of Potency-- so whatever you're accelerating into had better be extremely important, and had better have an extremely important reason for doing it one turn earlier.

      Yellow also seems to miss a little bit of focus. Some of its cards suggest a controlling role, but Yellow currently lacks sufficient card advantage and ally removal to really be effective in a control deck. Meanwhile, I'm not sure what kind of deck the life gain and mana acceleration cards would fit into. Some of the allies suggest a resilient weenie army theme, but there aren't enough of them to actually build a deck around it. It's hard to "splash" Yellow, because some of the most splashable cards (Transmute to Butterfly, Cryptic Pillars, etc.) require at least 2 yellow energy to play... but adding enough other Yellow cards to a basic Aggro or Control deck to be able to play the "good" yellow cards winds up diluting the deck to the point where it becomes undeniably weaker than other available color options.

      Lastly, one thing I would love to see in the game: at least one multi-color card for each 2-color combination! In my opinion, multi-color cards are fun, exciting, and encourage creative deckbuilding. Plus, the energy/resource system creates a lot of dynamic possibilities once multi-color cards enter the picture.

      Cheers, and good luck with the game!

    3. Jerpix, Inc. 2-time creator on

      Hi Evan! Don't worry about sending me another email, I have the earlier one. Also, a marketplace would be really cool too. Trading and a marketplace are further out on the development list so won't be at launch however. Just to be clear, trading would come first. And since there's a forum, once there is trading, you can have an ad hoc marketplace with WTB (want to buy) and WTS (want to sell) posts. But you are correct that those features would be cool to have.

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      Evan McElheny on

      instead of using the sell back feature maybe you could implement a open market where players would bid on cards and to stop players from trying to get free cards with other accounts have a minimum time limit, a day or so. While I think that this would be a lot of work (I have no coding knowledge so it might be really easy but I doubt it) I think that it would be a nice improvement. Also Do I have to re-send a Email saying I have backed this if I already have for the other one?

    5. Ralph Miller

      Thanks! Could you speak to your plans regarding future expansion of the game? I know you were thinking pretty big previously, and I'm sure you want to see things like tournaments. But I don't see that happening with this Kickstarter. Perhaps in your next update, you could discuss how you see the game growing from 55 backers to a larger community and your expectations for future feature releases.

    6. Jerpix, Inc. 2-time creator on

      Hi Ralph. That won't be done by launch, no, however to solve the problem of "I have excess cards" we have implemented a sell back feature. You can sell back cards you don't want, and then use that to buy new cards.

    7. Ralph Miller

      Will the initial launch of the game include a trading feature so you can trade for cards you don't get in boosters?

    8. Jerpix, Inc. 2-time creator on

      It won't be available immediately at closing, because the art isn't all done yet, but it'll be available soon thereafter, closer to September than December.

    9. James Turner on

      Just curious about the beta access. Will this come at the conclusion of the campaign or in December per the estimation on the individual pledges? Either way I look forward to playing, thanks!

    10. Jerpix, Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Ashenor -- Unfortunately, they sold out of booths many months ago (trust me I tried). Still looking around to see if anyone is interested in subletting a booth. (If you know someone who might be, let me know!)

    11. Ashenor on

      Going to have anything at Gen Con this year?

    12. Jerpix, Inc. 2-time creator on

      Serge, great, thanks! Michael, sorry you feel that way but it's still going to be a great game even if it doesn't substantially over the goal.

      For those wondering, the game will get better depending on how much its funded. Between $2k-$10k more funding will improve the art and design, and after $10k the stretch goals include more cards, colors, and features!

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      2K instead of 7 in first campaign: (meh. .. i dont wont same Warriorbs as before. To my mind to kill the first campaign was a HUGE mistake. Would like to hope for the best, but if the game does not collect 10K towards the end, I will have to cancel your pledge because Orbs CCG without new colors and no tournaments I personally do not need: ((

    14. Serge Steger on

      This is the first projected I've ever backed on kickstarter and It's really cool to see this game getting its feet back under it. I enjoyed playing it for the short time I could on kongregate, it was a fun little MTG-a-like. Can't wait to see what the new format/art will be like once beta is released. :D

    15. Ashenor on

      Backed at Mage level, looking forward to it. And yes checking out

    16. Luke Cross on

      A little bit more information for those deciding to jump on board or not!