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Funding a double-disc re-release of "Kontiki" the 1998 lost classic by legendary Austin,Texas band Cotton Mather.
301 backers pledged $17,107 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Brian Seretsky on

      Howzbout #3 and #7?

    2. Edward O'Connell on

      I hope this is still under the wire, but I'm going with 3 and 6.

    3. Jen Avery on

      I'm going to guess 5 & 6 as those are the two I'd most like to be true. ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Kathryn on

      I have spent way too much time thinking about this.
      3 and 5, final answer.

    5. alfred ercolani on

      Its gotta be; one, six, and seven.........Ha ha, and Happy More Guessing....."Long May Kontiki Sail"!

    6. Steve Rovner on

      I was going to go with 3 and 6, but since that is taken, I'll go with 2 and 6.

    7. Missing avatar

      Joe Woolley on

      I'm going with 2 and 4 as well... a reunion is too much to hope for. Though I'd probably come over for it if it happened...

    8. Jennifer Leduc on

      My guesses are 3 and 6.

    9. Wayne Hanson on

      I was hoping one of the options would be "Cotton Is King" gets the deluxe treatment. In lieu of that, um ... 5 and 7?

    10. Missing avatar

      Don Manderfeld on

      The Kontiki delays are killing me! I bet on 2 and 4.


    11. Missing avatar

      Tonio Vidal on

      MMmmmm... 2 and 4

    12. Jeff Coates on

      I'm going with #3 and #5...a Tuesday in March would be pretty excellent, with plenty of time to whip up some serious interest with some live shows. Whatever it is, I'm excited to see Kontiki out again!

    13. Craig Bright on

      All seem plausible. No doubt foolishly, I am going to allow my heart to rule my head given that I am flying over to SWSW from the UK in March. So my finger points to 3 and 6. Please be true.

    14. West Anthony on

      I'll say 3 and 6. However, since you can't hear me from wherever you are, I'll also write it here.

    15. Cecilia Garcia on

      Hey Robert! Hopefully # 2 and # 5 are correct? Noel Gallagher on stage with you guys would be mega! :)

    16. Jim Roehm on

      Without a doubt # 1 is the correct answer. Please send my lovely bonus gift along with the Kontiki reissue. Thanks.

    17. Missing avatar

      Amy Ramm on

      3 and 7.
      All the Valentine's Day mentions red herrings, right?
      But is my guess offensive to any publicists I know?
      Maybe Robert did just run off with the dough.
      Or should have.

    18. Missing avatar

      Grant Creegan on

      2 and 4 from me too

    19. Anna Borg on

      2 & 5 for me as well. (I know I won't be first!)

    20. Missing avatar

      Amy Nyman on

      I'm gonna go with #2 and #5.

    21. Benjamin Spears on

      2 and 4 (although I'm hoping that the right one is #7).

    22. john kimbrough on

      Probably 3 & 6.
      Good luck with finding that suitable publicist.

    23. John Keel

      I'm going for 2 & 5. Did I win? Did I win?

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert Davancens on

      Hi Robert. I vote for statements 2 and 6.

    25. Dave Gau on

      I think 3 & 6 - your new distributor must have something to do with the publicist... Or am I overthinking this?

    26. Frederick Robertson on

      I'm with Mr. Adams - 2 & 4 would have been my first choice.

    27. Steve Newton on

      3 and 6 looky most likely.

    28. Missing avatar

      Eric Wayne Norlander

      I vote 2 & 4 also.

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Adams on

      Yeah, now that I've had my cuppa coffee, I'd venture 3 & 6 as well.

    30. Bradley on

      2 & 4. I was looking for the option that said "Future Clouds & Radar will go on tour with The Bye Bye Blackbirds in 2012", but I couldn't find it....

    31. Missing avatar

      David Brown on

      I'm goin' with 2 & 5....!

    32. Robert Harrison Creator on

      Let me sweeten the deal
      EVERYONE who guesses right will get some bonus prize... so take your best guess
      The first correct answer still receives the "lovely"bonus gift.

    33. Frederick Robertson on

      I'm going with 3 and 4 - since no one else has guessed this yet.