$1,315 pledged of $22,000 goal
By Patrick Kelley
$1,315 pledged of $22,000 goal


We are hoping to bring back a game that had nearly gone extinct. Less than 5,000 complete copies are believed to be in existence today. And those trade on the Internet for no less than $300. It was seen as a modern interpretation of Chess when it was invented; and it has stood the test of time well: game play is still fresh, exciting, and unpredictable.

The most unusual aspect of play is that, unlike as in Chess, in order to capture, an opposing piece must be outnumbered by at least two to one - there are no one for one captures. Additionally, there are numerous means to win: destruction of all of the opposing Infantry; destruction of a great portion of his pieces; invasion of the enemy homeland; and capture of the Prime piece, to name a few. Movement of the pieces, obviously differs from Chess, and the Artillery piece captures by 'firing'!

This modern recreation will feature 22 new optional rules, variants, and problem themes, with much, much  more to follow!

Risks and challenges

Careful cost analysis for manufacturing, distribution, and order fulfillment has been calculated. A major manufacturer has been selected; and Legal, product safety, and other technical aspects considered. The finished product will be 'Earth Friendly', and made in the USA. This is our first project; but we have over a dozen more we also plan on releasing.

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