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An all-tube desktop/rackmount guitar amplifier and direct box, specifically designed for direct recording.
An all-tube desktop/rackmount guitar amplifier and direct box, specifically designed for direct recording.
144 backers pledged $72,949 to help bring this project to life.

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Manual And Settings Chart Complete



The filenames are a little clunky but it's all there:

Once the filenames are revised, the Manual and Settings charts will be available here:

If you have any deep detail questions not specifically addressed in the manual please contact

As always, thank you all for helping make this a reality.

Special thanks to those who went above and beyond for the benefit of the group. You know who you are!

Team Fryette

We haven’t forgotten about you!


Does this thing come with an Owner’s Manual?


The Owner’s Manual has been created and it will include sample settings and application examples. We are just finalizing the graphics and making sure that all the IN’s and OUT’s are going to the correct IN’s and OUT’s.

In the meantime, here is a preview / draft of David Torn’s set up, which runs direct to a mixer and also runs through the Power Station into a mic’d 2-12” cabinet.

As always, we thank you for making this project a reality.


Team Fryette


We control all that you see and hear...



We're shipping! We're really shipping! Of course, you knew that because some of you are receiving, but we're still shipping.






We're doing standard panels with no add-ons first, colored panels with no add-ons next and the rest last. This is simply because of logistics and paperwork. Everything should be shipped by the end of the week.

We're getting great feedback already. We expected that since we did a lot of heavy-duty field testing first, but it's still very gratifying to see your reactions.

This is not the last update as we'll be posting an interim manual, hopefully tomorrow, and probably some follow-up news.

Still lots of work to do...and very excited to be 


Team Fryette

Making sure your papers are in order…


The following is an overview of final fulfillment of the Kickstarter Backer Awards. This will answer any remaining questions you may have about the process.

SURVEY: The Survey that is administered through Kickstarter will be asking you to alert us of an address change and/or telephone number change, your preferred T-shirt size, and special serial number requested. We expect this survey to go out on May 10th, 2016. 

SERIAL NUMBERS: You can choose a special serial number. The special serial number should fit a 6 digit format consisting of numbers and/or letters (no dots, dashes or other characters please). For example; your initials and birthday would be SF1168. If you don't specify a special number you will be assigned the serial number based on your place in line. For example; if you are backer # 7, your serial number will be 0007. We reserve the right to decline requests we deem un-acceptable.

VOLTAGE: Your unit will be configured for the operating voltage of the country you live in. The survey will confirm where you live, so we will know what voltage to send to you. 

COLORED FACEPLATES: Based on your responses to our recent email inquiry, we know the color you requested, so we know what to send you. This is only an option for those backers who selected this option. 

Here are actual finished units including the colored panels,which came out beautifully.

Front Panels Of Destiny
Front Panels Of Destiny

This is Norm. Norm is a longtime Fryette family member and one of our first employees. He's also an early adopter on the Kickstarter campaign!

Norm is a happy guy!
Norm is a happy guy!

Purple and Black panel GP/DIs in final assembly. This is the last step before final QC.

Assembling the Black and Purple GP/DIs!
Assembling the Black and Purple GP/DIs!

R112 CABINET: The R112 cabinets have been built and will be shipped around the same time as your GP/DI units. The cabinets will ship from Kentucky and the GP/DI units will ship from Los Angeles. On international orders, the R112 will be shipped along with the GP/DI. 

EARLY VS. LATE ADOPTERS: It makes little difference whether you were an early adopter or not. All items will be shipped in May. 

TOTE/CARRY BAG: The Tote for the GP/DI will be available for sale for $59.00 in June or July 2016, on the website. Price includes freight worldwide.

That should just about cover it. Any other details or new information will be posted as the need arises.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


A little purple in all of us...


We'd like to say something poignant about Prince and his passing, but we will leave that to the media outlets and Facebook friends. To us, he was a groundbreaking artist and above all, an innovative musician, not to mention a passionate guitarist - something we guitarists should all aspire to be. On a side note, Prince was once a Pittbull Classic player, so there's a little known fact for you all. Love him or hate him, Prince is now truly a legend and deserves his hard earned place in history. RIP

Speaking of inspiration, it’s time for the next update for the Fryette Valvulator® GP/DI.

We are very literally in the final days before the first units of the GP/DI ship out. During the GP/DI testing procedure, Steve said: “I keep playing it with different guitars, different headphones, different set-ups, and waiting to hear something I don’t like, but it just doesn’t happen. This is beyond what I was expecting and potentially everything I was hoping it would turn out to be . . . one of the most useful and essential tools in any amp arsenal.”

QC and final assembly are proceeding smoothly. We’ve received the last of the miscellaneous bits and pieces (carefully selected finishing screws, hardware, etc.) and packaging is on order from a local supplier. Mostly boring but critical parts of the process are being completed now.

By the way, here's a sneak preview of the GP/DI tote bag...

Valvulator GP/DI Gig Bag.
Valvulator GP/DI Gig Bag.

What does this mean for our loyal backers? We expect that we will start shipping units in 7-10 days, with all items being shipped by the end of May.

Thanks as always for being part of the Family!

Team Fryette