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A fine-art book featuring non-models photographed in their homes sharing their personal spaces and unique beauty.

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Our Stretch Goal is to get to $50,000 by the time this campaign ends tomorrow at 1pm. We're meeting today with the printers to discuss adding 50 pages per book and using upgraded paper. 

We will make the books available on our website after tomorrow for $59 each--this is the last chance to pre-order at the $50 level.

Please encourage your family and friends to support this book today. We've got 24 hours!

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We have met our $30,000 goal! If you'd like to pre-order this 10"x12", 100 page book, you can reserve your signed copy by pledging at the $50 level before March 9. (Free shipping for domestic orders. Please add $15 for international shipping.)

In The News

 "Female nudity isn't hard to come by in the media, but the bodies we see usually represent a fairly limited scope of sizes and shapes. The Nu Project, a collection of nude photographs shot by Minneapolis photographer Matt Blum, seeks to add some variety to the mix." - Emma Gray, The Huffington Post (Read the full article)

Our Story

Six years ago, Matt started The Nu Project ( with the idea that women of all shapes and sizes deserve to be photographed beautifully as fine art nudes. His subjects, called un-models, were volunteers through word-of-mouth or Craigslist--they came with their stories, their successes and failures, their scars, their survival of abusive relationships, their tales of triumph over body image--and he photographed them. These days the collection continues to grow; over 150 women (some with their partners) have participated as un-models, most in their own homes. 

The Nu Project attempts to redefine beauty.

We want to celebrate the women who have opened their doors and shared their stories in skin and scars and hair. We are making a printed book collection because we believe that art lives in homes and not on hard drives.  

To make a pledge to The Nu Project book, click the green “Back This Project” button. You will be asked to enter your pledge amount and select a reward. Then, you will go through and must complete the Amazon checkout process. The book is expected to be published this fall and will ship shortly afterwards.

Please consider sharing this project with your social media network and/or send it to a friend. If you have any creative idea on how to promote this project, feel free to do so or send us a message. ALSO! If you're interested in being a participant, please head over to The Nu Project page to sign up there.

The song in the video is "Goldmine" by the extremely talented Chris Koza.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have funded this project ourselves for the last six years, because we're committed to it and the difference that it makes in the lives of the participants and the people who see the images. We have seen the project evolve and we're energized to meet any challenges that arise.


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  • This is the most common question we get. We would love the project to be more diverse! There is a lack of women of color, no transgender women, few women of Asian or Middle Eastern heritage and many other shortfalls that need to be addressed. The hardest part for us is that the project is 100% volunteer, so I do not see the women until I show up at their door. We’re doing our best to encourage all types of women, but we need volunteers of all backgrounds and walks of life to make the project more complete. If you know someone who might be interested, please encourage them to visit our participation page.

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  • This is the second most common question we get. While I understand there is a lot of pressure on men to look a certain way, I believe that women are judged more harshly by appearance, and that’s why I’ve focused this project on women (and occasionally couples). I hope that there are other photographers out there who want to take on documenting men and address the body image pressure they feel.

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