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DUNGEON ATTACK! is a fast-paced, easy to learn cooperative dice game that fits in your pocket!
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Adventurer Actions in Dungeon Attack!

Posted by Attack Dice, LLC (Creator)

We mentioned in the Kickstarter description about Adventurers having various actions to choose from during game play, but did not go into specifics. Here is a list of all the actions an adventurer may choose from when free from Monster Dice.

  • Pass
  • Assist (Grab another adventurer's Monster Dice and roll them as normal, but all Moving Monster must go back to the adventurer you assisted)
  • Use Special Ability (Unless otherwise stated Adventurers may only use their special abilities when free from Monster Dice)
  • Bust The Door (If there are any monsters in the dungeon room you may Bust the Door again)
  • Recover from a Stun Hit
  • Use Magical Item to Heal a Hit (Self or other adventurers)
  • Recharge Magical Item (Magical Items are spent after using it to re-roll a die or heal a hit, and must be recharged by taking an action before it can be used again)


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