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DUNGEON ATTACK! is a fast-paced, easy to learn cooperative dice game that fits in your pocket!
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Three More Ways To Play Dungeon Attack!

Posted by Attack Dice, LLC (Creator)

   Just to give you a little insight on Dungeon Attack! and the Attack Dice Game System, we present to you three modes of play. These came about through play testing, of course, as we tried to break the game to find anything unbalanced or crazy loopholes.

Cutthroat Mode: In this version all players are evil and do their best to back stab each other to take all the treasure. This mode is a good example why DA! is a cooperative game. Most of the time all the adventurers get knocked out on the first level and a few times we made it to the second level. This came about due to that one player in the group that tends to always play dirty and turn adventurers into evil versions, mainly my son. So to give him a taste of his own medicine, we all decided to play the same way, and poof, cutthroat mode. Fun and challenging until everyone is knocked out.

Peasant Mode: Just play tested this one. Basically everyone plays a peasant (no Adventurer Cards necessary, just x16 dice and some tokens) with an Attack Rating of 1 (Max number of kills per roll) and no special abilities. Very challenging game where cooperation is the key to success.

Solo Mode: The Attack Dice System is very conducive to solitaire play. No rule additions or changes on this one. Just pick an adventurer and start rolling. The Mighty Warrior and the Sneaky Thief are the best for this mode. The challenge is how much gold you survive with compared to other players or previous solo games.

Well, there you go, three more ways to play Dungeon Attack!


(Some of the terms and rules mechanics used in this update may be confusing  to the reader. We apologize if this is the case. The full rules are not available yet as we are still working on the final touches.)


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