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DUNGEON ATTACK! is a fast-paced, easy to learn cooperative dice game that fits in your pocket!
235 backers pledged $14,336 to help bring this project to life.

Design An Adventurer Pledge Level

Posted by Attack Dice, LLC (Creator)

Day 2 is almost over and we are still taken back at the level of commitment from the Kickstarter community. Your comments and suggestions has inspired us to explore Dungeon Attack! even further.

We are surprised at how quickly the $250 Pledge levels are filling up. Our prediction was that the Crazed Savage and the Heroic Paladin would be taken first. Instead, the Deadly Archer and the Shadowy Sorceress have already been claimed, no interest so far on the Crazed Savage and the Heroic Paladin has flip-flopped a couple of times.

We do have plans to create more Adventurers but we are limited by the simplicity of the game. In other words, we can only affect the rules so much through Adventurer's special abilities without unbalancing the game or making the game too complicated.

In the meantime, keep your comments and suggestions coming, and let everyone you know about Dungeon Attack!


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