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A game of passing off and burying dice (with more to come as we gain more backers!) Support and learn to play for as low as $2!
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Red Bones: Be the first to bury yours!

Some things are best left buried! Similar to various card games, each player is given a set of "bones" and rolls them to determine their hand.

Be the first player to successfully rid themselves of their "bones" but watch out! If you're stuck on your turn and unable to play you receive some of the remaining "bones" of your opponents and reroll your hand.


Red Bones was originally designed to resemble Uno or similar card games, but using a dice rolling mechanic instead. Each player begins the game with the same amount of dice (their hand), and the object is to be the first player to eventually pass off or play all of your dice.

Gameplay basics:

  1. The game begins with a die being rolled to determine the starting number for the game. The currently active number determines what dice the current player can play from their hand.

  2. Should the current player be unable to play any of their dice, they receive a die from each of their opponents and reroll their hand (the dice equivalent of drawing a new hand of cards).

  3. A player cannot give away their last die in order to win the game. They must be able to successfully play it to claim the win!


Pledge Levels, and how it works:

The beauty of this game is that any number of players may participate, provided that there are enough d6 dice to go around! As such, this campaign offers the following options to it’s backers (UPDATE: the physical copy tiers have currently been removed due to price and I believe they were sending a more negative message for this campaign.)

$2: “I Want To Play!”-This level is intended for those who wish to learn how to play the game, and/or have enough dice floating around to reasonably play it (while the rules include guidelines for setting how many dice to start with, the rules can be applied to almost any number per player successfully). This option is also intended for international backers. (NOTE: The instructions will be sent in .pdf format.)

Risks and challenges

Following experience from a couple of my previous projects, I am more interested in sharing my ideas and having people try/enjoy them, so even if only a handful show interest this project can and will be fulfilled. The largest obstacle for this kind of campaign, however, is to spark up interest in it to begin with. Once that hurdle is broken (and there are a number of ideas for how to combat this), I believe it can take off and be widely successful (one of the main positives is that due to the nature of this campaign, it is a minor issue concerning opening it worldwide compared to other campaigns.)

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