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The Documentory is a year (2014) of a CS host and his visitors.I do not even know who or where they will come from. It will be filmed

Couch surfing is a great way to see the world cheaper.

in short CSing means you stay on someone's sofa or in a spare room or even a tent in the back garden.

The film will be shot in Blackpool and simply put it, will be the CSers that stay and their stories. nothing will be scripted and the only people who will appear on screen will be CSers that wish to join in.

They will be asked about their travels and experiences and a bit of film about their time in Blackpool.

The film will introduce couch surfing to a wider audience. Hopefully entertain and also strengthen peoples belief in the fact that there are good people in this world who do nice things just to be nice.

The funds will go into producing the film and hopefully get it televised or released on DVD

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risks and challenges.
As this is a real life documentary the main risk is no one wants to stay.
having hosted for 4 years the worst year I had 3 requests. If this happens I will either change the year or make a short film as a posed to a documentary.

no interesting CSer stay. This will be very unlikely as anyone who CSs does so for varying reasons. I did it to stop me travelling to work every day to Carlisle others are arranging accommodation for studies and some are just seeing the world but each has a story and that is what the film is about.
The worst situation will be that it is not taken up by a TV or DVD company in which case I will upload it to Youtube but that is a very last resort.


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