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£1,553 pledged of £75,000 goal
By Sergey Ogorodnov
£1,553 pledged of £75,000 goal


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Data At Your Fingertips 

Analytics straight to your device Comprising of a sensor and an App for your mobile phone, Volt@ allows you to access information about your electricity usage at any time whether you’re at home or on-the-go. Simply download the Volt@ App to your smartphone or tablet. It’s so easy to use and even figures out if you can make savings by making small changes to your daily routine and check whether your home consumes more than the expected average for comparable households. 

The Volt@ Sensor

The Volt@ Sensor is an electricity current and voltage monitor for your home. It works on both standards 50 Hz/220V and 60 Hz/110V.

Slotting neatly into your electricity breaker box it silently and accurately captures details about all the electricity flowing in the house. The nifty engineering uses energy disaggregation algorithms to measure appliance by appliance level detail and it continuously transmits the data to your Volt@ App via Wi-Fi. The technology allows Volt@ to sample in the KHz range and thereby detecting the front wave of any switch on event in the house.

Your Clever Energy Coach Volt@

has been designed to be clever and keep you informed of its observations. Over time the continuous monitoring builds up a pattern and understanding of your domestic energy routines that can be used to help you reduce your consumption and bills. Volt@ will inform you if any unexpected electricity activity is detected at home, potentially spotting that an appliance is faulty. Also you’ll never have to trawl around for the cheapest electricity tariff again. With access to all electricity pricing tariffs on the market and a knowledge of your usage patterns, Volt@ will SMS you if there is a cheaper tariff available in your area. Now that’s a clever energy coach! 

Volt@ is able to differentiate which of your appliances is currently being used. If your iron and oven is on when you have left the house the Volt@ App can notify you that both appliances are currently being used and are consuming electricity in your home. Also while looking at your bill, Volt@ apportions the usage of the main appliances and thereby highlights the main drivers of your electricity bill. Volt@ provides some insights about you appliances and may compare your actual refrigerator consumption with Energy Star rated ones, showing you how much electricity can be saved and how quickly replacing the refrigerator could be a profitable decision.

 Philippe Berard (my partner in Volt@) at our production partner's facility in Italy

 Showing how Volt@ mock PCB looks like

Risks and challenges

The main risk of the project is to leave the consumption data to the utilities, Volt@ is aimed at putting us, regular people, in the middle of the equation.

As the project go-to-market mostly is B2C, an important risk is to miss out on the opportunity to sell to the end consumer by not being able to promote our technology to a wide enough audience.

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