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A story about a weekend retreat gone awry when a group of friends make a decision to isolate themselves miles away from civilization.

A story about a weekend retreat gone awry when a group of friends make a decision to isolate themselves miles away from civilization. Read More
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First off...


This project once had a name... But we believe the name just doesn't fit anymore. The film industry has changed in so many ways that it seems title is everything. One of the factors that sells the film. It needs to be catchy, memorable. So we decided... We wanted to give you guys, at all reward levels, the opportunity to vote for the final name of the film. They say all great titles come to you at the end or the completion of a film - a solid title, so to speak - that gives the audience something to remember it by. What better way to show our love than to let YOU chose the final title of the film. YOU will have the final say by popular vote on what the film will be called on all title cards, theatrical posters, and advertising. We want more than anything for you to become part of this project and that's why the choice is yours. We will come up with four main titles. You chose the winner!


"A group of friends descend upon a remote wilderness area in celebration of high school graduation. Their decision to isolate themselves miles away from civilization turns into a horrific struggle for survival... "

It's the end of senior year.  A group of friends stay in a remote wilderness area determined to make it the best party weekend ever. But their decision to isolate themselves miles away from civilization turns dire. Their perfect retreat soon becomes a nightmare as the friends begin to disappear one by one. With a turn of horrific events, the wilderness turns into grounds for massacre and the seniors find themselves in a terrifying struggle to survive the weekend.

What makes this movie so appealing is that it takes a very realistic yet shocking look into the lives of a group of teenagers that most people will be able to relate to. Promotional video version two can be seen here: IMDb

Untitled Wilderness Project is special because it fits into its own unique niche or brand of a movie. It is not a hardcore bloody horror film. It’s a suspenseful “edge of your seats” thriller and guessing game until the very end. It is the perfect mixture of “good and evil” rather than “good versus evil”. It’s an ideal twist of I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Cabin in the Woods with a surprising revelation in the style of Scream. Untitled Wildness Project will appeal to all genres of moviegoers, from young adults to mature audience members. The moviegoers will have a great time learning about the characters portrayed throughout the entire movie and solving the mystery within the film while clinging to the edge of their seats. The characters within the story are people the audience will gladly go on a journey with, learn their stories, and unravel all the secrets hidden by each. A movie that is successful must portray a message that people will easily understand and relate to, and people will come out of Untitled Wilderness Project feeling good about the film and the lives of others they were able to immerse themselves in, lives very similar to their own, for that two hour time period; a story inspired by true events that helps the audience to understand the mentality of a small town, intertwined with a small group of friends, and the devastating events it may cause.


The producers' objective is to create a quality, marketable independent film to be shot within the United States and to maintain a responsible balance between the artistic vision of the authors (the art of filmmaking) and responsible use of the funds to produce the film (the business of filmmaking).

In addition, we will keep the production within a scheduled time frame and within the projected budget of $625,000 and employ proven marketing strategies to help the film reach its intended audiences. Though we would like to remain independent of a studio connection and find distribution for both domestic and foreign markets through individual alliances, we may join forces with a studio to obtain distribution in order to make this film a reality. We currently have a Letter of Distribution from Lightning Entertainment and interest for foreign distribution from Scanbox Entertainment in which our producer, Jade Moser, is currently production executive of one of their projects entitled The Dread.


In preparation for production, the producers have already begun to assemble “known” talent and qualified motion picture professionals as part of our team. The aim is to create a technically and esthetically marketable product; attractive to distributors on a worldwide scale. The producers have already received commitment and interests from many of today’s young celebrities who have extended fan bases in film and music including:

Toby Hemingway in "The Covenant". Copyright Lakeshore Entertainment
Toby Hemingway in "The Covenant". Copyright Lakeshore Entertainment

Toby Hemingway (The Covenant), Anna Enger (Vampire Diaries) to even veteran Hollywood elite such as John Schneider (Smallville). They are currently in talks with additional star talent of equal caliber to fill out the cast. Furthermore, the producers intend on holding auditions in Los Angeles and New York City to find the best cast possible to portray the characters within the story. The cast in the promotional trailer were hired separately and used for the trailer only. They are subject to change.


Anyone with experience making motion pictures knows that the most important aspect of a successful creative team is the alchemy that takes place only after the participants have had a substantial history together. 

An interwoven network of friendship and professional association between team members creates a truly synergistic bond, yet each individual brings an arm-load of professional qualifications to the project: 

Louis Mandylor in "One in the Chamber". Copyright Anchor Bay
Louis Mandylor in "One in the Chamber". Copyright Anchor Bay

LOUIS MANDYLOR, director. His resume is astounding and has over 25 years in the film industry. His resume can be seen here: IMDb.

JADE MOSER is an executive of No Limit Entertainment and a writer of the screenplay Untitled Wilderness Project. She has worked both in front of the camera and behind the scenes in both independent and major studio feature films including various projects through Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. Working behind the films on projects, she has created working relationships with some of the best crew members in both Nashville and Los Angeles. She has worked on over 8 feature films. Her passion is writing. She is currently working on several screenplays and is close to completion on two mythology based novels. 

HARRIS E. TULCHIN is an entertainment lawyer, producer, author, and producer’s representative. He graduated from Cornell University and Hastings Law School, and has practiced entertainment, communications, and multimedia law since 1978. He has served as Senior Vice President of Business Affairs and General Counsel for Cinema Group; General Counsel and Head of Business Affairs for KCET Television; Senior Counsel for United Artists; Director of Business Affairs at MGM Television; Counsel for American International Pictures; Counsel for Filmways Pictures; and Counsel for Orion Pictures

Mr. Tulchin co-authored the seminal book considered one of the bibles of the motion picture industry,entitled: The Independent Film Producer’s Survival Guide: A Legal and Business Sourcebook, published by Schirmer Press, New York (2002, 2005, 2010), now in its third edition. 

Additionally, Mr. Tulchin has produced or executive produced fourteen motion pictures, with films premiering in numerous major international film festivals among scores of other including Sundance, Berlin, Cannes, Venice, and Toronto. His films include the critically acclaimed “To Sleep With Anger,” starring Danny Glover and directed by Charles Burnett, which was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the 1990 Sundance/U.S. Film Festival, had its international premiere at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival as one of the official selections for the Directors' Fortnight, and won four Independent Spirit Awards in Spring of 1991; “Guy,” a film directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg and starring Vincent D’Onofrio and Hope Davis that premiered at the Venice Film Festival; and “The Devil’s Double,” based on the best-selling book of the same title directed by Lee Tamahori and starring Dominic Cooper, which was an official selection of the Sundance, Berlin, Los Angeles, and St. Petersburg, Russia (where it won Best Gala Premier) Film Festivals. 

EDUARDO BARRAZA is a brilliant up and coming cinematographer. Born in Los Angeles and raised in central México as well as the San Diego/ Tijuana border, Eduardo draws inspiration from the different places he has experienced. His recent credits –narrative and documentary- include features such as “Let Clay Be Clay” shot on RED. Eduardo has shot a long list of narrative short films of all budgets as well as commercials. He was recently commissioned to take part in a publicity campaign for the upcoming videogame “Dishonored” where he photographed interviews with actors Susan Sarandon, Chloe Grace Moretz (Hugo), and John Slattery (Mad Men) among others. 

Eduardo has also shot music videos for the Billboard Hit Band “Far East Movement”. He earned a B.A. in Film Production from the University of Southern California in 2003. After graduating, Eduardo continued shooting, while also earning his living in the lighting department of such award winning TV shows as "WEEDS", HBO's "True Blood", the FX hit series "An American Horror Story", and Kevin Smith's "Red State". Eduardo’s thesis film “Silencio Fuerte”, which played at several film festivals around the world, earned him an M.F.A. in Cinematography from the American Film Institute in 2010. Eduardo has experience shooting in all formats including 35mm, 16mm, HD, RED, and DSLR cameras. Eduardo is 100 percent fluent in spoken and written Spanish and English and holds a dual nationality in the United States and México. 

ROBERT GRAVES (aka Rob Graves), the film's amazing composer, originally hails from Maine, and currently resides in Franklin, TN, splitting his time producing and writing between Nashville and Los Angeles. Rob has two Grammy nominations for the rock band RED and has won 3 Dove Awards, his first in 2007 for "Breathe into Me" (Rock Recorded Song of the Year), in 2009 for "Lost" (Rock Recorded Song of the Year) and most recently with Innocence and Instinct (Rock Album of the Year). In addition to his wins, he's had 9 other Dove Award nominations. Rob recently celebrated a Gold album with Natalie Grant's "Awaken" (Curb Records), on which he produced and wrote 2 cuts, including the title track. He's had 5 other platinum records from various compilations his songs have appeared on. Currently, Rob is producing Brian "HEAD" Welch's (former lead guitarist of Korn) sophomore project, Sony signed newcomer, Kerrie Roberts, and Brandon Marx (son of artist/songwriter Richard Marx). 

Recent writing credits include Hinder, Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin, and Richard Marx. Rob owns a professionally designed and constructed studio operating with a loaded ProTools HD system, and his endorsements include Diezel Amplifiers, Paul Reid Smith Guitars, Taylor Guitars, and Splawn. Rob’s most recent work is featured in Underworld: Awakening and reflected in the band, Hinder’s, new album. His music is brilliant and his vision extraordinary making him the perfect score composer for Untitled Wilderness Project. His music is was created for and featured in the promotional trailer at the top of the page.


In addition to a commitment from a single distributor that will promote the film in the same manner as a major studio, the producers will also use non-traditional methods to promote the project, including internet marketing campaigns displaying trailers on You-Tube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. Cast Interviews with the press along with appearances on talk shows and promotional screenings for influential people in the film industry.

Untitled Wildness Project already has a growing fan base, thanks to the efforts of the producers, with growing fans on both Facebook and MySpace, and over 80,000 hits on the promotional trailer on YouTube; an ever increasing number expected to explode when the film’s official theatrical trailer debuts. In addition, Untitled Wildness Project has received press, both domestic and international, with the help of the producers and attached cast, through online news sites and news publications including Vanity Fair, Pacific Citizen, Twilight Examiner, Dread Central, and various related sites. Untitled Wildness Project is expected to gain even more press once the film is made. All press in said publications includes promotion of the film through impeccable art and vision within the images created by our stellar promotional photography team.


With breathtaking locations in Northern Georgia, Untitled Wildness Project will intertwine these perfect locations with the story portrayed on screen capturing art and creating visuals of magnificent beauty and vision. Locations at our disposal include: Covington (GA),  Amicalola Falls (GA), Moccasin Creek (GA), and Cloudland Canyon State Park (GA). These prime locations feature beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking cliffs, amazing mountains, incredible whitewater rivers, and extraordinary cave systems. We will also utilize sound stages and build sets against green screens for scenes that require CGI at studios within Atlanta (GA).

But due to the nature of the elements and securing key locations within the states, the "cave" aspect of the film may change to solely a wildness area featuring beautiful topography, etc. Not necessarily a bad thing ;)


When the final edit is ready, the producers plan to hold “screenings” in key cities in order to test audience reaction to the movie. Free tickets will be offered to the public though radio and television promotion in hopes of developing “word of mouth” advertising, which is perhaps the most effective method for promoting an independent film, especially an independent film inspired by true events. Releasing Untitled Wildness Project to “select” theatres can help it gain favorable percentages and also generate an audience through “word of mouth” eventually attracting mainstream attention and a more extended theatrical run. The film Paranormal Activity gained its enormous box office business (relative to its budget) with precisely this strategy. We feel that our motion picture will appeal to a similar audience; therefore it may well share the same financial success. The producers of Untitled Wildness Project expect the film to experience a growth in popularity throughout its theatrical life.    

We would like to thank you for taking the time to review our proposal for Untitled Wildness Project. We hope you will join us on this journey to make a truly amazing film.

The images are promoted through various publications and online news sites. Untitled Wildness Project has received a lot of press and publicity since its promotional trailer shoot. The trailer was produced in association with Mser Productions LLC. We hope to work with you on this project. Thank you for your time.


If we reach over $750,000, we will launch a series of fairytale short films. A compilation of dark folklore including Jack and Jill. After production, we will run the shorts through the festival circuit including Cannes Film Festival. More information on the stories can be found here: No Limit Ent.

If we reach $1,000,000 or more, we will initiate a two picture deal (including worldwide distribution) with Untitled Wilderness Project and The Cabin at the Lake. We will film both movies back to back and all rewards are included for both films. The Cabin at the Lake stars Mischa Barton (The O.C.), Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls), Drew Van Acker (Pretty Little Liars), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) and Molly Burnett (Days of Our Lives). It is a project in development on IMDb. Both films are ready to go as soon as they are green lit. Let's reach this goal together and make two amazing films!

The possibilities are endless! With our stretch goals we can make a better quality film and take the time to take it to perfection. With additional money, we will be able to take the film to more theaters nationwide and possibly worldwide!

Risks and challenges

The entertainment industry in general, and the motion picture industry in particular, continue to undergo significant changes due to technological developments. Although these developments have resulted in the availability of alternative and competing forms of leisure time entertainment, such technological developments have also resulted in the creation of additional revenue sources through licensing to such new media, and potentially could lead to future reductions in the costs of producing and distributing motion pictures.

Moreover, the theatrical success of the motion picture remains a crucial factor in generating revenues in other media such as DVDs and television. Because of the rapid growth of technology, shifting consumer tastes and the popularity and availability of other forms of entertainment, it is impossible to predict the overall effect these factors will have on potential revenue from and profitability of feature-length motion pictures.

Though risks and challenges are inevitable, we have a proven structure we wish to follow during the development and throughout the completion of this production.

With sufficient funding secured, events will take place according to the following proposed timeline:

Month 1
• Secure production office
• Hire office and production staff
• Scout shooting locations
• Finalize budget and shooting script
• Begin publicity campaign
• Continue seeking additional financing, if needed
• Pre-production begins
• Begin the casting process
• Schedule production logistics
• Secure shooting locations
• Rehearse cast
• Final weeks of pre-production
• Assemble key production personnel for pre-production meetings

Month 2
• Principal Photography
• Start Assembly Edit

Months 3 and Beyond
• Begin Post-Production period
• Picture Edit continues
• Special Digital Effects are produced
• Sound Edit, ADR, Foley
• Music Scoring, Sound Track production
• “Test Screenings” of the film to select audiences
• Final mix and marriage of picture and sound
• Create Digital Cinema Display Master/Digital Cinema Projection Files/
• Festival/Market Screenings
• Deliver project to distributor
• Finalize Sound Track CD for release

With this structure, we will complete this production in a timely manner and make this film a a huge success.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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