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An exploration of the fragmented world of a psychiatrist as he navigates the boundary between reality and delusion. Read more

Baltimore, MD Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on February 3, 2013.

An exploration of the fragmented world of a psychiatrist as he navigates the boundary between reality and delusion.

Baltimore, MD Shorts
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About this project

Over the past few months, we've been fortunate enough to raise almost all the funds needed to produce our short film Worlds Within, a psychological thriller slated to shoot this February in Baltimore.

We're coming to Kickstarter to try and raise the last $3,500 needed in our $16,000 budget. With your help, we will be able to make a great film come to life and help showcase the talents of many artists in the Baltimore area. 

Below, you will find a description of the story and its impact, as well as links to our Director of Photography's reel, the site of the musicians planning to create an original soundtrack for us, and our budget


Following his wife’s suicide, Henry Walton, an experimental psychiatrist, becomes tormented by feelings of grief and guilt. Placing blame upon himself for her death, Henry becomes obsessed with the idea of reuniting with the woman he loves. 

After performing an experiment on himself with a new device, Henry's psyche begins to unravel and repressed memories are awakened. As a result, he starts to walk a fine line between reality and delusion, making Henry’s world become more fragmented and distorted by the day. Manifestations of his feelings begin to appear as harrowing delusions that cross over to Henry's waking life. 

Despite struggling to maintain appearances among colleagues and friends, Henry becomes noticeably disengaged and removed from the present. As his world falls apart, Henry finds refuge in one of his patients. Arthur Lawrence, peacefully resting in an unresponsive state suspended between life and death, once endured trauma similar to that of Henry. In Arthur, Henry sees hope for himself.

Though up to this point, Henry has been unable to communicate with Arthur, a seemingly miraculous event occurs when Arthur speaks to Henry, albeit in a very cryptic manner. Wishing to find the peacefulness that currently eludes him, Henry chooses to abandon consciousness as he knows it in order to pursue the path taken by Arthur. 

Guided by his delusions, Henry is led towards a mysterious, hallucinatory realm, where he is reunited with Alma. In the end, Henry chooses to exist there, abandoning his worldly life for a realm he finds within himself.


Worlds Within will be produced in Baltimore, a city with an energetic and growing film scene. By contributing to this short, you will support a professional opportunity for its members to develop artistically.

The production of Worlds Within will reach beyond the film scene. Already we have begun working with talented visual artists to produce our props and storyboards, as well as local musicians who plan to create an original atmospheric soundtrack. Worlds Within will present them with an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Cinematic Approach

Worlds Within will explore Henry’s fraught sanity, both from his perspective and that of his friend and colleague, Thomas. It is a layered narrative that will be driven by impressionistic imagery and an ORIGINAL atmospheric SOUNDTRACK. 


As the film visually depicts the events leading up to Henry’s metaphysical transcendence, a tape recording will be heard simultaneously. This recording, left behind by Henry for his colleague, explains Henry’s perspective on the events depicted in the film, as well as Henry’s experiences and emotions.


Worlds Within is the creation of young Baltimore-based filmmaker Patrick Kieley. Patrick spent nearly a year planning and writing this film, and is excited to direct it. His artistic influences for this project include Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, and the sparse ambiguity of Japanese films like Hiroshi Teshigahara’s altered-identity thriller The Face of Another and Kaneto Shindô’s revenge-driven horror film Kuroneko. On the technical side, he will draw from his experience working on short films in New York City and Baltimore, as well as his time spent on the sets of the Emmy award-winning show Veep and the new series House of Cards produced by Netflix.

Who Are We?

Patrick Kieley - Director / Writer / Producer

After receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Film Production, Patrick worked freelance as a videographer in the Baltimore area. He created a number of various promotional videos and corporate videos for local NPO's, small businesses and schools, including the promotional piece which brought "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" to Baltimore.

After working freelance, Patrick was named Unit Production Manager on three award-winning short films in New York. Upon returning to Baltimore, he became 2nd Assistant Director on a short film entitled The Turner Exhibit, written and directed by Mathew Bainbridge. Through the connections he made on this film, Patrick was offered a job on the set of the Emmy award-winning HBO series, Veep.

After working the first season of Veep, he joined the crew of the Netflix series, House of Cards, which was produced and directed by David Fincher. Patrick worked on House of Cards for nine months before deciding to put all of his time and effort into creating Worlds Within. 

He believes that he now has the time and experience needed to make this film a major success. Patrick's passion for directing comes from his desire to create stories, characters and landscapes in a visual medium. His strongest directorial influences are Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Alejandro González  Iñárritu, and Alfred Hitchcock.

Michelle Farrell - Director of Photography

Shelly Farrell has a career that combines fifteen years of experience in a wide range of businesses pertinent to the film and television industries. She has served as a camera operator, director, assistant engineer, lighting, and grip on free-lance shoots such as “Wheel of Fortune,” “World Wrestling Federation,” as well as the NBC’s “The Mission”, A&E’s series “Airline” and Fox’s “Classmates”.

Knowing that independent filmmaking was her passion and calling, she self-trained herself in cinematography and has since DP’ed 15 full-features, 5 long-form documentaries and has shot or gaffed a host of many other projects and short films.

Her company Absolute Independent Pictures produced their own in-house documentary “Unraveling Michelle” which has screened at festivals in Brazil, India, Toronto, and all over the US winning many awards including a prestigious Peer Award in DC. Michelle was director, producer and one of the camera operators.

Shelly Farrell has now soundly established herself in the independent movie and video production business and is proud owner of Absolute Independent Pictures.

Terrence Breschi - Producer / Assistant Director

Terrence is a budding entrepreneur and film enthusiast. He's founded three successful companies and has consulted many businesses on branding and digital marketing. 

During college Terrence collaborated with Patrick on several student films. In the following years, the two produced a number of corporate videos for small businesses as well as promotional videos for local NPO's. Terrence has also worked as a production assistant on a number of commercials and indie films. His strong organizational skills, as well as his knack for problem solving, have made Terrence a vital part of this production.

Click to see our PRODUCTION BUDGET!

Risks and challenges

As any other film faces certain risks, Worlds Within will present its own challenges.

First and foremost, the ghoulish figure that haunts Henry will require a lot of makeup and a lot of time. In order to be prepared, we will have to do a number of make up rehearsals to get it just right, so we don't waste time on set.

Equally challenging will be the sequence at the end of the film. We are going to put a lot of time and effort into creating handmade optical illusions, using various art materials, in order to enhance the hypnotic elements of the final sequence (where Henry crosses into another reality). This alone presents a major challenge because it will require a lot of extra hands and extra time to create these installations.

Another factor that we deem to be a challenge is creating visual effects in post production that also will appear at the end of the film. We want to avoid any over-the-top or cliche effects as we are trying to create a truly unique experience.

Finally, the greatest challenge (and risk) we face is finding the right formula and structure to create a film that successfully combines the tone of a psychological thriller with sci-fi / fantasy elements.

That being said, we are excited and eager to face these risks and challenges head on in hopes of making a great film!!

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