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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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Final hours; $125K SG easily reached; Collectors Mix Packs; Adding On

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,

Looks like I am starting a dice company thanks to all you backers!  What a ride, and what a community.

Quick news:

$125K Stretch Goal reached: +2 (+6 on bulk) Marble Green with Gold, and Marble Pink with Black Doublesixes will be made available as add-ons.

No more Stretch goals: it's time to wind down.

Second DoubleFudge added: will be Black with Gold.

Collectors Mix Packs added: will be available as add-on 6-packs (originally suggested by Kevin Cook, who is a backer and Guinness record holder for most dice; renders by the superbacker workhorse Michael 4ier Telford; colors are approximate):

I (Standards): Red/black, Black/red, Pink/black, Purple/white, Yellow/black, and Marble Blue/silver Doublesixes

II (Light): Doublefudge Marble Orange/black, and KS Green/black, Monty Turquoise/black, SableFox Yellow/black, 4ier White/purple, Jazzy Bear Marble Yellow/blue 

III (Dark): DoubleFudge Black/gold, KS Green/black, Monty Marble Purple/yellow, SableFox Black/turquoise, 4ier Black/orange, Jazzy Bear Black/yellow

Please Firm up your initial order for the one tier only.

  • Don't Panic: you will be able to add funds and determine add-ons (and global shipping) AFTER the KS ends.
  • You only need to pledge $1 to have access to the add-ons.
  • Waiting until AFTER the KS ends to add funds for add-ons and global shipping is recommended (but not necessary).  Details and costs will be more accurate then, and managed via Backerkit.  Read more here.
  • Random Roll I minimum dice order is now 12, with 6 dice rolled (will be done on
  • TripleFour Tier backers CAN choose the mix packs as one or both of their two 6-packs.

Add-on levels:

  • Single pack of 6 for $5 (small)
  • Four packs of 6 for $15 (medium)
  • Eight packs of 6 or $25 (large)
  • Dice bag with logo (details and cost pending)
  • All dice will be available as add-ons, including The Collectors Mix packs, and The Classic Ivory with Black (but NOT the Black with KS Green).

International shipping: for add-ons on top of your original tier: + $4 per 6-pack, +$10 for 4, and + $13 for large add-on (8 6-packs, so 48 dice). Maximum shipping charge to Canada is $20, and rest of the world is $24 (for orders of less than about 200 dice total, which is the approximate number that will fit in a small flat rate box).  You can add shipping payment now, or wait until after the KS (recommended).

The $25 Bulk Tier (and Large add-on) contents are valued at $20 and will be declared that way (the other $5 is added to shipping costs).

Please ask update-related questions here, and post general comments and conversation in the main comments section.

Thanks, Team!  Heading out to get a bottle of Champagne! 


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    1. Thomas Schellenberg on

      Hello, I have a question about my pledge. I've currently pledged $10 at the Standard ($10) level. Could I change my pledge to the minimum $1 level, add an additional $16 to my pledge through Backerkit (for a total pledge of $26), and choose the "eight packs of 6 (large)" add-on as my (only) order? Thanks.

    2. Patrick Douglas on

      That new version of the "Numeral in Triangle" trifour die doesn't look as nice as the original with the interior of the triangle left the color of the die. Also, the deep red looks much better with white pips, and the black looks much better (and easier to read) with white pips instead of red. It would be nice to have these in the standard colors that other dice come in, as opposed to all the electric colors. I would like them to fit in with the other dice.

    3. Yehuda Halfon on

      I'll wait for the Backerkit to add for the shipping and addons.

    4. Bryan Gerding

      So I should remove my $5 add on and pledge only the amount needed for one of the tier I want?

    5. Chris Angelico on

      Lucian: Yeah, but I don't know how much I'm pledging. I'd like to get as many unique dice as possible.

    6. Lucian Levine on

      @Chris Angelico, I don't think BackerKit uses paypal to take money so you should be fine, but if you're worried, just pledge for addons now, the money will come out of your account and you'll have "credit" in your backerkit for addons when the time comes.

    7. Chris Angelico on

      Is it possible to look at addons (like the bag, price not yet set) without pledging via Paypal? I *detest* Paypal (for reasons which would be too lengthy to go into just now, but which I'd be happy to elaborate on if you're curious), so I would prefer to either back now or forego the addons, if that's the only way to pledge more afterward.


      Congrats on everything. Cannot wait for these dice. :)

    9. Warren Smith on

      Congratulations, Matt. Well done!!!

    10. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      Matt said he'll get better representation for shipping after talking to his local postmaster general.
      Grats DD6 town on 30% after the 48 hour bump :)
      Im getting quite a deal on these 4ier and triFOur dice

    11. Keith Walton on

      Curses! I had made a promise to not stray from my original pledge and was doing SO well. You finally broke me with those awesome collector packs, though. BUT THAT'S IT! I refuse to add on any more! Unless I need a few more sets to match some specific games...hrmmm.

    12. Shad_Devil on

      So, how exactly will International S&H be handled when the Dice-Total exceeds the 200
      Will the standard-add-on Fees be applicable, meaning that first 4$, then 10$, then 13$ and
      finally 24$ extra will be added to the first 24$? Or is there a cheaper option for these
      "overweight" Shipments?
      I am currently sitting at roughly 258 Dice or so and prolly will go a bit higher now that that last Stretch goal has been achieved.

    13. Justin Miller on

      Chicken... I want you to spend a solid THREE DAYS without sleep doing all those rolls and writing down the results!

    14. J̞́ͅa͖͞ŕ̜r̲͟ơ̘̟̞d̪̝̺ ̢̘̪̯͇̗̺̗O͉͖̖̟̰̭̮ on

      I love the collectors' packs! I won't have to buy as much as I expected to get what I really wanted, which I really appreciate. Less money? This is good for you, trust me! If your company is as awesome as you have run this KS so far, I will be a loyal customer for years to come.

    15. Sean on

      Daniel, I would say no. He is just saying if you decide you want more dice after the campaign ends you will be able to add.

    16. Daniel W. Cisek on

      So, I should lower my pledge? I put $25 in on the $10 tier.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jon Merchen on

      Love the mix packs. Last night I added on $25 to my pledge for the eight 6-pack add on.

      Hope that didn't screw anything up for you, Matt. I just really wanted those Marble Green dice. I see that you recommend not doing that and waiting for Backerkit... Sorry!

    18. Missing avatar

      Annam on

      So, I've firmed up my order to $6 for the FM tier

      I add funds for add-ons and shipment later right? or should i kick in the +8 for the shipment of the tier in the kickstarter pledge?

    19. Tim Treadwell on

      So incredibly pleased to see this a success. But with all the crazy dice rollers in the world.... how could you fail. Well done Matt. :-)

    20. Sven Uhrenholdt Frenzel on

      Oh snap - I didn't do my math right.. And failed at reading. Please disregard my comment about shipping... apparently one cannot edit or remove comments on KS...

    21. Sven Uhrenholdt Frenzel on

      @Yehoda Halfon - No. You'll have to pay $25 (for bulk) + $13 (for bulk addon) + $24 (for shipping) as you will be on a total of 148 dice (less than the maximum of 200 for the $24 shipping) :)

    22. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @Yehuda: yes.
      @Forar: thank you, good sir/ma'am.
      @Derek: after this campaign ends, anything is possible! I am starting a dice company! but not at the moment.

    23. Kevin Shannon on

      Enjoy the champagne! Congrats on a wildly successful campaign!

    24. Yehuda Halfon on

      So if i want BULK internationally with 4 add ons i need to pay 25$+13$+15$+10$?

    25. ArchGeek on

      Any way we can get the TriFours dice in marble green and gold? That would be perfect for Triforce dice!

    26. Forar on

      Kudos for running a damned fine campaign, can't wait to start rolling some of these on tables everywhere!