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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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$100K Smashed! Final Stretch Goal added!

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,

Astonishing!  We are trending upwards at an amazing pace:

Since we have been averaging about a little under $1000 an hour in pledges the past 10 hours, and we have 37 remaining hours, here is the final stretch goal, which may or may not be a stretch:

At $125,000, everyone will get the +2 Marble Green with gold (original Bulk Tier backers will get +6).  Yes, these are the The Secrets of Lost Tomb dice that were bumped from the $100K Stretch Goal.

AND...Pink dice (most likely with white) will be available as add-ons.  It's time to get everyone playing more, including more of those with feminine sensibilities, especially little girls (I have two daughters, Quinn and Eden (ages 5 and 2), and am in awe of the power of the pink).

Do you think we can do it?  I do :)


PS. Images like these, from the talented Mike Brodu, sure help:

The TriFours
The TriFours
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    1. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      Say nighty night to $125K. What is next?

      I love this a goal of just over $3k and $125K+ committed.


    2. Chris on

      Hello Matthew, would like to sell your product in the post -kickstarter marketplace. Please message me for details

    3. Scotty Berg on

      Matt, You might want to think of a $135,000 add on the way this thing is going! Just need $8,000 more in the last 6 hours!

    4. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @John: KS only allows choosing one tier. The rest will have to be added-on.
      @William: For Random Roll I, the minimum is now 12.

    5. John Payne on

      @William I don't work for them, so I don't have any authoritative answers. All I can say is what I see, which is a guarantee (8 dice) for Random Roll 1 and nothing for Random Roll 2.

      But in my opinion the lack of guarantee doesn't matter. The probability of getting 12 or more is 99%, so I don't see any reason for anyone to pick the Standard 12 pledge.

    6. William A on

      Sorry meant @John Payne for that last post.

    7. William A on


      The FAQ section on the main page states, under the "How do I know you won't lie about the Random Roll outcomes?" question, "For the Random Roll I, I will then re-roll all scores of 7 or less using Doublesixes and dice towers, all Livestreamed or video recorded in one take." I have pledged at that level.

      This was setup at the 4d6 level and essentially meant a minimum of 8. Now that it is at the 6d6 level does that mean a re-roll of all scores of 11 or less for the Random Roll I level?

    8. John Payne on

      @ Byron Thanks for the info.
      @ William I don't think they have posted any guaranteed number. But the most likely number, statistically speaking, is 21. And the probability of getting fewer than 12 dice is less than one percent (456/46,656).

    9. Byron Kropf on

      @ John Payne - Matt could overrule this, but the way these USUALLY work, NO. You can only get 1 reward level, anything you pay after that can only be used towards add-ons.

    10. William A on


      For the RANDOM ROLL level, what is the minimum amount of dice we'll get? Back when it was 4d6 the minimum was 8. Now that it is 6d6 does that mean the minimum is 12 or still 8?

    11. David J. Borton on

      And it's past 125k now :) I'm glad, because I'm going to love using those marble green and gold dice...

    12. John Payne on

      @Byron or @Matt -- Can I pledge, say, $20 and select two $10 reward levels?

    13. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @Judy: I agree with the thin line concern, and will see what the manufacturers think.
      As for the pink talk...I would love to discuss this more (maybe after the KS ends), but I hear what you are saying. I tried to say imply that pink may be more appealing to those with feminine sensibilities, and yes, that mostly includes girls.
      I never tried to push pink on my daughters, but they gravitate to them. a large part may be society, of course, but when it comes down to it, it is a clear preference Quinn has. I encourage her to open about blues and greens and yellows, but she still prefers pink.
      I gave up on trying to fight her preference because of my bias. What I want to honor is her preference and right to choose, so I want her to have that option, thinking she may be more likely to choose it. I don't want to shove pink down any throats, but I don't want to keep it off the table because there is a mixed history around it.
      That is it for now. Fascinating topic, and I appreciate you weighing in.
      @Alex: for the Bulk tier, you only get Ivory (the color, not the dead elephant tusk ;). For the Large add-on ($25 for 48 dice) you get to choose 8 6-packs.

    14. Byron Kropf on

      @ Alex Petrucci - Yes, your bulk tier will only include dd6's . If you want some of the awsomeness that are the 444's you will need to over pledge.

      ^^^ Link to the chart on the front page. Top section shows the different pledge tiers and what they each get based on stretch goals. Bottom section shows how much to overpledge for add-ons and shipping.

    15. Byron Kropf on

      @ John Payne - The result of the Random Roll will determine the number of Ivory with Black pips that you get. You will also get an assortment of many other colors thanks to the stretch goals, but they will all be dd6's.

      If you want some of the 444's you will need to pay for them as an add-on, the best deal being $25 for 8, 6-packs of any dice you choose, mix and match.

      Check the VERY handy chart on the main page for an overview of what you get and what is available, and I suggest you up your backing to $35 ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Alex Petrucci on

      Sorry if this question as already answered, but I'm having a hard time reading past all the sexism talk =\. With bulk orders, the home lists the amount of dice and which colors go with it, but I was wondering if that meant that the bulk order only included standard double-sixes or if you will do a pledge manager to figure out which of the triplefours, etc we wanted. Do I need to overpledge/backerkit to get some of those awesome triplefours?

      - Thanks! Alex ^_^

    17. John Payne on

      So, I just signed up for the Random Roll II. Do you do one roll for all of us together, or do we each get a roll?

      And am I right in assuming that whatever number gets rolled, we get that number in regular white dice with black pips only?

      I'd actually like some of the triple-four dice, but probably not enough to pledge the triple-fours only level (especially if all the stretch goal dice will be triple-fours as well). Can we mix and match?

      Also, are there multiple designs of the triple-fours? If so, do we just specify how many we want of each kind?

      Thanks for everything!

    18. Judy Krauss on

      @ Matt: Also, in case you missed my earlier comment about the triangle symbols on the Trifour dice: The lines seem a lot thinner than the other styles of Triplefour dice, so I was wondering about the durability of the raised thin lines (whether they would be subject to breaking/splitting/chipping because of their thinness).

    19. Judy Krauss on

      @ Sarah and Chrys: Yes I knew that about "pink for girls" is a relatively recent thing. I never said that Matt shouldn't make pink dice. My point was that he labeled them as being for girls, which promotes a stereotype which is often used to train children that girls should only like "girly things" (although I and some other women don't like pink, so the stereotype is broken).

      LOL! It's rather telling that William O'Meallain jumped all over me about my comment, even using personal attack ("Stop throwing your personal agendas and bitterness at our faces. "), yet a man (Ross) made the original comment that I was agreeing with ("pushing them as being for women / girls is kind of condescending, IMO"), and William didn't jump on him about his "misplaced feminist ideals" -- it seems that William only gets upset about this when it is a woman commenting about perceived sexism that affects women.

      @ Matt: Please allow me to reiterate: I don't care what colors you make your dice, as long as they are legible. And I think your dice are pretty cool. :) I don't even think you were being especially sexist, but I do think you were perhaps accepting, and inadvertently passing on, some sexist stereotypes about women and girls (which also affect boys and men, as I noted below) that would be better buried .

    20. Chrys Nehs on

      The trifours design with the numbers inside the quartered circle make me want to create a game just for them. So very cool.

      @ Sarah: Thank you for referencing that bit of history! Almost nobody knows that now.

      @ Judy: While I totally agree with you about having pink pushed at me all growing up, this doesn't feel like that to me. And I do have to say, after having seen several little girls AND boys who are obsessed with the PINK I have grown much more tolerant about it. Still won't find me with a set, but that doesn't mean somebody else wouldn't love them.

    21. Sarah Osborne on

      P.S. How about a $135k stretch goal that gives every backer a pair of trifours and bulks +6 trifours? Pretty please? I actually kinda like the screw 4s better myself (surprising) but I would be glad to get some of any of the 4s in my set. Thanks!
      Have you thought up a $150k stretch goal? I think you'd get there if you made one.
      And I +1 major sparkly swirly opalescent gorgeous dice.

    22. Sarah Osborne on

      Power of the PINK!! Very excited for these... my 5-year old SON has been begging for pink dice and I like them too.
      P.S. One hundred years ago, pink was associated with boys, and blue with girls. I've been a feminist since before I knew the word, but pink dice is NOT worth getting your knickers in a twist over. I don't think Matt was snotty, either; I know exactly what he means about having a color-obsessed young child. :-)

    23. Nani Blyleven

      Oh I really like the TriFours! Especially the yellow with black pips. Girl power on the pink dice; your daughters will appreciate their influence and will think you made pinks ones just for them, Good move! And thank you for your generosity by giving us so many free dice for stretch goals!

    24. William O'Meallain

      Oh, jeez...I didn't read ANYTHING condescending into his remark about "pink" dice. Maybe his daughters LIKE pink. Stop throwing your personal agendas and bitterness at our faces. My fiancee LOVES the color pink...clothes, jewelry, knick-nacks...EVERYTHING...and I guarantee you that she can go toe-to-toe with me any day of the week; personally, professionally, athletically, etc. Since when did this become an outlet for your misplaced feminist ideals? -- and I say "misplaced" because they DON'T belong in this venue.

    25. Judy Krauss on

      @ Matt: I agree with Ross about the condescending sexism in your statement, whether you meant it that way or not.

      I hate pink. To me it looks like an anemic red, but I mostly hate it for having it pushed on me all of my life to try to get me to accept less as long as it was pink.

      I'm not saying that you are doing that. And having pink dice is fine. What is not fine is insinuating that pink is somehow "feminine" which assumes that it is a sop towards women (who, of course, otherwise wouldn't play) and that "real" men who actually play games should avoid it. :( I'm sure you weren't actively thinking that (I hope, anyway), but you were re-inforcing sexist attitudes. Pink is only associated with girls because of attitudes like this, and unfortunately, these attitudes are used to train boys to avoid pink (meaning girl) stuff, and to train girls that they are expected to be happy with the pink stuff (and quit wanting what the boys have).

      Anyway, I have ordered the Triplefours (so I can switch out the points d4s). The yellow/blue and black/yellow triangle ones look great. I hadn't realized that the triangles were going to be recessed, and am wondering about the durability of the fine lines between the triangle marks...

      Congratulations on a successful campaign. :)

    26. Randy Navarro on

      You know. If you did a Bulk level for Triplefours (50 triplefours + stretch doublesixes) some of us would jump on it in a heartbeat!

    27. Glenn Copeland

      I love the kicktraq chart. Typical trend line has that big hump at the beginning that eventually settles well below the peak, with , as someone said earlier the gaming spike at the end. This is the first one I've seen that has kept such a high tend, with what could easily be exceeding the initial peak. Outstanding! Also: Love the TriFours in this update.

    28. Alan

      @Jared -- Check the front page. All *four* designs are going to be molded.

    29. Jared on

      The TriFours is amazing. Please tell me it is an option.

    30. Alan

      @Matt -- have you considered changing the 3d4s 2-spot so that the triangles point at each other so that they look like an hourglass?

    31. Matt Kovach on

      I just want the white dice with black dots, these images of new colors and designs are not what I want

    32. Scotty Berg on

      I agree pink with black, and not baby pink, neon pink!

    33. Sabrina Spruitenburg on

      If we're talking about dice for girls/women, I want something sparkly and over the top, so when my male gamer friends 'borrow' them I get them back. I liked the pale blue glitters in one of the sample color pictures a lot!

    34. Joel "Legend #16" McConnell on

      Please tell me that is exactly how the D4s are gonna look. The black with yellow will appeal to Zelda and LEGO fans alike. If they are gonna look like that I am definatly in an I may get a few others to buy some

    35. Mykalson on

      Will the Triplefours be in the collector's set? I'd like one or two of each, but I definitely don't need six of every style.

    36. Lisa Kruse

      I'm not a big fan of pink. Hot pink with black I could deal with, baby pink not so much...and neither with white pips

    37. Mr D S-N on

      @Adán Tejada - You got it. The TriFours (and all the variations of the TripleFour) are just a D4, 3 times, on a D12 dice. The idea being it's an improvement on the original in that it is better to roll.
      Those TriFours, they look nice don't they. I just wondered how they look with big circular pips (Die Hard dice!) ;)

    38. Robb Neumann on

      These look fantastic! Congrats on the success so far!

    39. Zach Loveless on

      I agree with Mike Malley on this point. Pink with white pips kills my eyes. I'm a fan of black pips on pink dice.

    40. Mike Malley on

      Please don't do white on pink.

    41. Adam Luter on

      @Criswell, Yeah I'm happy to make the decision now, if it won't be easy later. Thanks for the information.

    42. Adam Luter on

      @Criswell, Yeah I'm happy to make the decision now, if it won

    43. Missing avatar

      Joy McCurdy on

      They look so great! I've been inspired with some crafting ideas and added 8 x 6 packs to my pledge :D

    44. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Note: in that project, the switch from several units to a package of all of them also caused the creator to issue me a $5 credit. Please don't make extra work for Matt. He's given us so much so far.

    45. Joe Zimmerman on

      Just to be clear, what design is being used on the $125K stretch goal, Gold Pips or custom Gold SotLT symbols?

    46. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Adam, YOU can't change your tier with BackerKit, but Matt has to do that for you. I had a creator do that on another project, so if you're sure you want to bulk up, best to do it now.

    47. Adán Tejada on

      I usually think of myself as a well-rounded gamer (rpgs, board games, miniatures), so I feel silly for asking:

      What are the TriFour dice for? Is the design specific to a particular game? Or is it just a way to get away from the horrible D4 I've been using for 25+ years?

    48. Roberto Spinelli Filho on

      I like so much the TriForce TriFours. They should be the choosen one.

    49. Missing avatar

      Annam on

      Love the colors of TriFours, are there any possibility of the version A layout? version A gives each value a distinct contour compared to version B were 3 and 4 have identical contour

    50. Dais on

      Kickstarters in tabletop gaming tend to spike like this at the end. Physical rewards pile up and people finalize their pledges. I hope we smash 120k and cause more stretch goals to be added.

      Also, are the designs shown above the final designs for the trifours? The 2 on those looks much better than on the main page.