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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
6,916 backers pledged $133,495 to help bring this project to life.

48 hours to go!

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,

We are down to the last 48 hours!  And it looks like we should crack $100K.  Which, first of all, is mind-boggling, and I am incredibly grateful. 

And second, means Marble Red with Gold will be added to each order (+2 to the non-bulk, and +6 to the bulk).  This is a change from the Marble Green with Gold (which will still be available as an Add-on)....sorry about that switch, but I think the Marble Red with Gold could be gorgeous, and wanted everyone to have those.

Please be sure to check out the front page, as new renderings have been added (mostly thanks to Michael 4ier), as well as an updated chart (thanks to Monty), global shipping info, add-on clarification, and photos of sample color combinations we want (including the gorgeous Marble Red with Gold).

Also, to all of you awaiting a response to your message you sent directly to me: so sorry for the delay, and I appreciate your patience.  I will get back to you shortly, as things begin to slow down a bit.




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    1. Missing avatar

      TrippH on

      Thanks for the reply. I just added another $4 for postage. ($4 closer to the stretch goal! :) )

    2. Mr D S-N on

      @TrippH - That is correct. Although you will need to add postage of + $4 per 6-pack. This is detailed on the Home Page, just below where it gives the costs of add ons.

    3. Mr D S-N on

      @Evan Edwards - The only real difference between adding funds now and adding funds after the KS ends is that adding funds now helps to unlock stretch goals.
      Adding funds after will not contribute towards opening any stretch goals.
      Whilst both ways work, and you are free to choose which you prefer, there is a difference ;)

    4. ArchGeek on

      Man, I really wanted those green and gold dice! Hopefully we hit them in stretch goals!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      TrippH on

      I increased my pledge from $10 to $15, leaving the reward set to the $10 level. Is that the correct way to "add on", so I'll be able to add the $5 pack of additional colors? (I want the marbled green, too.)


    6. Justin Miller on

      While I would prefer marble green with gold... I think marble red with gold is just as beautiful... so I upped my pledge by 5 dollars so I could get both!

    7. Missing avatar

      malifer on

      Red sounds cool!

    8. John Drinkwater on

      I'm for green instead of red too

    9. Missing avatar

      Annam on

      Loved the option d) Triangle Pips (Design and Image by Mike Brodu) version A from the poll, for the triplefours any possibilites for that layout instead of option 1b) seen on the front page? was it an executive decision?

    10. frank lee on

      I am down the with the iron man dice, I'll be ordering Loki dice as well so it makes no difference to me which is an add on.

    11. Nicole Levine on

      I feel it necessary to say that I LOVE the marbled red switch out. :-)

    12. Carolyn Hartman on

      Whichever way you prefer works Evan.

    13. drow on

      marble red and gold is spot-on for my elf inquisitor, abadar be praised.

    14. Evan Edwards on

      Hey, just to be sure -- there is no reason to up my pledge now (I'm at the $25 bulk), correct? There is no advantage in doing so now rather than using BackerKit, correct?

      I've found BackerKit is usually easier to use when calculating and figuring out add-ons, and I'd rather do it there.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kathy on

      @Glenn and Disrobed Monk - See Cerity...'s response to Matthew and William below.

    16. Disrobed Monk on

      =( I was looking forward to the marble green and gold...

    17. Missing avatar

      Kathy on

      @Theocrat - Also, if you should decide to do a lower pledge with a bulk add on for greater variety, you should know thatadd-on bulk dice are chosen in sets of 6 of a type/color (so 10 or 20 of a color is not possible). Have you checked out the chart on the home page, with backer Monty's great visual summation of all pledge levels and add-on possibilities?

    18. Carolyn Hartman on

      @Theocrat you can mix and match the bulk add on but not the pledge tier

    19. Glenn Copeland

      I see I'm not alone in preferring the green instead of red.
      So, at least three thumbs down to the $100k switcheroo.

    20. Bishop Issak on

      I just thought I'd verify for myself, but we can mix and match stuff with the bulk version right?
      I don't really want 50+ of the solid white dice. I'd like maybe 20 of them, some of the d4's and so forth. I might even want 20 of the white dice and 10 of the blue dice before then choosing other options for colors and dice options. That is possible, correct?

    21. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      You can swap them out during your pledge verification AFTER the campaign Matthew, and William

    22. Andrew Godde on

      Just added $25 plus postage to my existing bulk order. Going to have a lot of dice. Intend about half of them as giveaways for a Bloodbowl tournament I run. Which brings me to an idea can I look at getting a non ip infringing version of Fantasy Football dice done...double POWs or something?

    23. Michael Heywood on

      I like the color options on the fours so far.
      Slightly less excited about the Fudge dice, but then I'm not sure I like Fudge or Fate yet anyway.

    24. Matthew White on

      I far prefer the marble green with gold over the red with gold, so sad for the change. :( I agree with William, I want those dice!

    25. Kirke Lawton

      Are the 4ier dice going to be embossed? I worry that with a little wear 2s will be indistinguishable from 1s. There's something about that off-centered 1 that bugs me. But that's fine; there are other patterns available for those of us eager to purge pyramidal 4-siders from our lives. I already have some 8-sided "4-siders" to these will be a nice addition.

    26. Bill Leonhardt on

      Congratulations! What a great success.

      I was really hoping for the emerald with gold pips. Any chance to make those the $110k stretch goal?

    27. Nathan Montgomery on

      Congrat Matt. So glad to see your success. Was my pleasure getting all my buddies to get in while they could. Would prefer the green marble for sure, maybe that just me. Continued success to you, man.

    28. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      Love the update!
      First (finally, yay)
      48 hours to awesomeness!
      Thanks Matt

    29. heyvince on

      Yay. So if we hit 100K, the Random Roll Tier will have 12 extra dice, plus 2 extra rolls?

      Yip yip.