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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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Doublefudge, and latest poll results

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,

We will need to vote on the final design and color for the Doublefudge.  Let's discuss first here.

Fred Hicks of Fate said this:

"I think my branding/marketing folks will kill me if I license out the logo and trademarks for Fate Dice and Spirit of the Century, so let's set that notion aside.

The phrase "Fudge Dice" isn't trademarked, and you can definitely say that your Double Fudge Dice are compatible with Fudge and Fate games (among others) without getting into any sort of trouble. Color scheme isn't trademarked either, so you could definitely do the Centurion color scheme without referencing the Spirit of the Century trademark."

The colors we are referring to are these (I like the black w/ yellow, and red w/ white).  I also like the design and relative size of the + and -, and propose we consider that:

 Ningbo can do a similar marbelization, and sent this image as an example.  I like the orange:

 So Orange and Black could look something like this:

 Once we discuss this today, we will finalize the color and design options and vote again.

Thanks in advance,


PS.  Here are the results so far from yesterday's poll, which will inform (but not necessarily determine) the final outcome. I will let voting continue one more day:

 Which would you buy if available?

 Which do you prefer the most?

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    1. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      Enrique the blue swirl iirc was with black or somesuch.. Fred Hicks and Evil Hat did some re-design on some of the color schemes to fit their IP a bit better

      Also having bought the base Fate DICE I can say with certainty the scheme works quite well. Matt is giving us proven market info for the choices.

    2. Patrick Douglas on

      When deciding on the pip size, you may want to look at the sizes above and below each one. Adjacent sizes are very similar, and few would object to (or notice) a size up or down. Don't let a higher share on one size overturn the more popular size range.

      You may also want to take another poll for the triplefours, leaving out the least popular. There may be some who want the triangle pips, while others (like myself) won't buy them at all. I will select the Numeral in Triangle and/or Three Numerals. I'm an old-school D&D/Pathfinder gamer, and I'd like a d4 that looks like a d4, even if it's actually a d12.

    3. Nathan Leatherman on

      Although I like the colors, the dice in these pictures look cheep to me. I'm hopeful that this is not the final product we are looking at.

    4. Zak

      Hum... And how about the balance of the d3x4, distribution of weight, spinning and such things?

    5. George Gibbs

      @Criswell - Nothing that couldn't be cured (if ever necessary) by the judicious application of a fine point permanent market to touch up any worn/uneven spots, I suspect. What's good enough for color-changing pips should work just as well in this case should touch-up ever be needed. Matt's smiling head should remain safe. :-)

    6. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      I think someone earlier said that the raised number in side a filled in triangle can be difficult to manufacture because of the process involved. Yeah, it may look gorgeous, but if it comes out looking uneven, or the background wears off easily, you're all going to be wanting Matt's smiling head on a pole.

    7. Bob O`Bob on

      Let me be clear: quad crescent with numerals is a "no way" for me. I can't even /believe/ the poll.

    8. Anonymous on

      Having the Fate Dice in hand. Marble is great. It would have been super cool to get their radiant occlusions better represented.
      If you can duplicate... wahoo! Since you talked with Fred Hicks about the dice, ask him BEFORE YOU go through production, about the gate sides/sizes.
      I like this runoff idea.. but be aware that any people who have pledged and DONT like any of the dice offered may be upset if you do this too close/after the funding goal is met. 70 hours to go!

    9. Nani Blyleven

      Regarding the previous survey: Numerals plus the pips are too busy. I like the clean look of pips only.

      Regarding the double fudge, I like them all...however the light blue and white are harder on the eyes because of less contrast, but how do they look in dim light?

    10. DGoth on

      Definitely no pearlescent/marbeled on the D6D or D(3x4) either, please. It seems like dice manufacturers do a shoddy job when they try. It's nice when they do it right, but let us see the quality before you have us commit our money to it. Classic dice are called classic for a reason.

    11. Mike Olson on

      I think I'd prefer opaque, monochromatic Fudge dice too, but I was planning to get them as an add-on anyway, so if I don't like the look of them, I just won't get 'em. I have plenty of Fudge dice as is; I'll get me some TripleFours instead.

    12. Ross Thompson

      I also like the inverted triangles. I'd buy those, for reals.

    13. Altropos on

      Ugg, please let us know in time if you are going to do a swirly fudge die coloring so I may reduce my pledge. I do not care for pearlescent dice at all. I was hoping for an off-white, black, or other dark solid color.

    14. SableFox

      I also suggest the inverted numeral in a triangle (seems like weeks ago). IIRC Michael even did a mock-up of it. It is good to know great minds think alike ;-)

      BTW I actually prefer the inverted triangle look, over the number-in-triangle look. It is simpler ('classy'), is easier to read, is more distinct (different), and should allow the numeral to be bigger.

    15. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Criswell like swirly in any color. Criswell like orange best. Criswell especially like swirly orange. Also note that the Evil Hat Fate Dice symbols are slightly tapered so that they are fatter at the edge and thinner in the middle. Criswell will also bow to the majority and will buy whatever color DoubleFudge is chosen.

    16. Missing avatar

      Natalia Capelari on

      About the colors, my group use to have a problem with some dices. Some players like to buy dark dices with dark numbers and in the end they have only dices that are terrible for read the results. And it happens more often with marbleized dices.

      I think that it is important too to check if the dice is readable, legible. Not only if its color is "bad ass"

      btw, I like the orange/dark too!

    17. Matthew Estelle on

      For the fudge, go with the orange with black. As it is not a color with the normal Doublesix, they will stand out a lot more.

    18. Guoccamolé


      Thank you for providing a non-numeric D4x3 version. (I was unpleasantly surprised when numerics were voted with pips.) Non-numeric will be sweet and, with luck set a new standard.

      Cheers, = Joe =

    19. Missing avatar

      Joy McCurdy on

      The orange is fabulous! and looks great next to the blues...and would also look fab with purple! I hadn't planned on getting the fudge and triple fours, but if you end up using fab colours like those, I will definitely be upping my pledge :D

    20. Michael Teague

      And QuadPies, right? You left off QuadPies. ;)

    21. DGoth on

      I didn't really like the "numeral in triangle" design at all, and picked Three Numerals as least worst of the non-pip designs, which I saw also as a tribute to the original d4. But now I really do like Mike Brodu's inverted "numeral in triangle" design. That looks classy.

      If you do both a pipped and a numeric design, PLEASE don't put numerics on the pipped design. I thought the quad crescent was pretty cool, and triangle pips may not be too bad.

      Could we get some clarification on whether these will all be surface printed, or if there will be a lowered area where the contrasting color will be going? I'd hope they aren't just going to be flat surfaces. That just seems...wrong.

    22. Matt Fleming Creator on

      And I actually like the look of Brodu's Numeral in Triangle (hadn't seen that before). If the paint integrity will survive tumbling, we may have to run-off between that one and Sable's original.

    23. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Executive decision: Purple with be with white pips (thanks for those mock-ups, 4ier).
      More certainty would be nice, especially this late in the game. But if not, hopefully we can tolerate the continued uncertainty a bit longer, even with 48 hours to go. This is my first KS, and I am learning along the way, and you all have been tremendously patient and helpful.
      We will go with numeral in triangle, which has been popular from the start (thanks Sable, and maybe others:). Because it has a numeral, the other Triplefour will not have a numeral. So it may be another vote-off between Quadcrescents, Mike Brodu's Screws, and the Triforce (thanks, Gregory), tonight.

    24. Michael Teague

      Finally pledged so I could get in on the d(3x4) poll. I was set to pledge an extra $5 for a set of d(3x4)s before the poll came out and found that my favorite is no longer an option. I really wanted a set of QuadPies as shown in Update #15!
      The only other design that I'd consider a distant second is the inverted triangle with numerals linked further down the comments.

    25. Lisa Kruse

      Huge fan of the orange! Might convince me to buy many more than I would ever need in this lifetime

    26. Jonathan Gorman

      I hate the concept of numbers and pips. It's embarrassing that some people cannot count or recognize patterns.

      I would not buy off the shelf such a cluttered design.

      You may want to phrase questions differently. Ask what people don't like not what they like. People tend to have stronger feelings of dislike than like.

    27. Iconography on

      +1 to Gibbs' comment of Brodu's numeral in inverted triangle. Looks the best.

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul Morell on

      As for Fudge dice, blue, green, or purple would be nice, maybe in translucent or marble. How about gold lettering? I know it was mentioned earlier in the comments.

    29. Dice4hire on

      I am a big fan of the marbelized orange.

      I do think redoing the poll is not really a good idea as we really have no time to go. I'm not totally happy with some of the answers thus far, but I can live with them.

    30. Mikeware on

      I didn't see a version A vs B vote for the triangle pips. Version B was really nice.

    31. Patrick Gray on

      I hope that one of the triple four designs chosen does not have numerals in it. I haven't seen a d4 without numerals and would enjoy having a non-numeral option in my dice horde.

    32. George Gibbs

      Just voted in the poll but wanted to say here that I really like Mike Brodu's inverted "numeral in triangle" design as he posted in the comments for the previous update (#18). His sample picture link is reposted here:
      I know they aren't on the poll but in my opinion that's the best TripleFour design I've seen yet and the only one I would definitely buy. WOW!!!

    33. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      I will leave the fudge color selection to others as I will probably buy 1 set of 6 simply to use as d3s (yep I was the one that explained how they could be used that way). Nothing more to discuss on the triple fours here. Voting will heavily influence the final offerings.

    34. Steve Bowen on

      Poor chat was supposed to say pie chart.

    35. Erika - Ninja Cowgirl of Brimstone

      Redundancy is not a bad thing, especially if you've dealt with gamers that will argue about the most obvious outcomes.

    36. Steve Bowen on

      Darn, I really liked the dice with the 3 numerals, looked like a regular d4 side. I love the numeral with poor chat though.

    37. Missing avatar

      Annam on

      Agree with Charcoal, dont see the point in numerals when highest value is 4

    38. Deckard on

      Hope that the compromise reached is quad crescents no numerals and numerals in triangle as the two styles. Or just ditch the quads altogether.

    39. Missing avatar

      Annam on

      Can't we just say the supermajority (more then 2/3) dont want option 1, 3 or 4, but will buy 2 and 5? Top 2 go through?

    40. Charcoal Wolfman on

      I don't see the point in crescent with numeral. You don't put numerals on regular pip dice, do you?
      (In other words I agree with BruceP)

    41. Mallory Sheldon on

      I really like that orange and black, and second the motion for it as regular DSD at some point.

    42. SableFox

      I don't think you can rerun a poll every time you don't like the answer...

      I am not particularly interested in the QuadCresent dice, so I don't care which option wins; but do people realise just how small those numerals will be? They look to be 1/6th of the face height, so that will be around 3mm. That is really quite small ;-)

      In terms of colour, are we looking at it for the fudge dice only? I presume Michael is choosing the number-in-a-triangle colour scheme?

      Regardless I like the marbleised pearl orange and black - I think they will be great on the QuadFudge dice.

    43. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Personally, I didn't like the QuadCrescent with Numerals because the number in the middle is redundant information and was crowding the crescents too much. I liked the more unique look of the Crescents by themselves...

    44. J.J. on

      Orange... ick.

    45. Guoccamolé


      FACE-OFF ≡ poll:
      Visuals only vs. W/Numerics.

    46. Guoccamolé

      FACE-OFF ≡ poll:

      W/Numerics vs. W/Visuals only.

    47. Guoccamolé

      Or just do a ... WITH numerals VS WITHOUT numerals face-off (pun intended).

    48. Guoccamolé


      Could you rerun the polls with the two frontrunners? I am not too keen on having numerics on the dice... like all the "usual suspects" of polyhedral dice. D6 are especially nice because they graphically show the answer. Standard polyhedral dice are a cop out using numerics. Your options provide a new standard to go along with classic D6 (instead of copping out with digits).

      Please rerun with the two frontrunners for each poll. Pretty please?

    49. Tape on

      that orange marble would be SWEET for regular DSDs. or any dice, for that matter.