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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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Standard and Triplefour final design poll

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,

Please help finalize the Triplefour and Standard designs.  Complete the survey HERE, but please refer to the images below first (sorry, but I can't add images to the survey).

1st Question: Do you prefer A, B, or neither?

A) QuadCrescent (image by Micheal 4ier Telford)

B) QuadCrescent with Numerals


2nd Question: We will produce one more of the following designs for the second Triplefour. Please indicate the design(s) you would likely purchase if it was available (you can choose more than one). 

a) Numeral in a Triangle (Image by 4ier; original design by ?)

 b) Three Numerals (Design and image by Ude)

 c) Numeral with Triangle Dot (Design and image by Mike Brodu)

d) Triangle Pips (Design and Image by Mike Brodu)


3rd Question: of these four designs (above), which is your favorite?


4th Question: Please choose your favorite pip size for the Standard Doublesix (image by Micheal 4ier Telford)

Complete the survey HERE.

Please: only one vote per backer.



Next Poll (Tuesday): Fudge final design; final color combinations.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Preston on

      I have a small concern with the choice of using triangles for the 4-sided designs. If there's ever a possibility of doing a 3-sided dodecahedron I'd think you'd want to use a triangle design for those. I understand the arguments for the 4-sided triangle designs are: reference to the Tetrahedron profile, and that 3-sided dice aren't called for much at all.

      Ideally, I'd like to see dodecahedron designs using: a "3-sided" with triangles, a "4-sided" with squares, and a "6-sided" with a hexagon. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a complaint, I like what you have given I'm not really looking for a 3-sided die. Just an idea for the future maybe.

    2. Disrobed Monk on

      Also, should of had another vote for the second question of what version of the 4 you like better in the Triangle Pips option.

    3. George Gibbs

      Just voted but wanted to say here that I really like Mike Brodu's inverted "numeral in triangle" design as he posted further below. His sample picture link is reposted here:
      I know they aren't on the poll but in my opinion that's the best TripleFour design I've seen yet and the only one I would definitely buy. WOW!!!

    4. Disrobed Monk on

      Can we get a mock up of what the pip sizes would look like with all hex pips??

    5. Alice Peng on

      There wasn't a field for comments in the survey so I'm going to post it here. My husband and I have an old (10+ years) set of twelve sided D4s and love the way they roll and function so we intend to by a set from this kickstarter BUT we did not find any of the offered designs in the survey at all compelling. I am interested in seeing what the final design looks like though.

    6. Glynis on

      I really like John's idea for the triangles!

    7. John Pushnik on

      Can I vote for version B of the triangle pips? The one that looks like a triforce. Also, is it too late to suggest for 2 having a bowtie (two triangles with points touching) and the radiation symbol for 3?

    8. Erika - Ninja Cowgirl of Brimstone

      1) B 2) A 3) A 4) -5

      Chocolate Fudge dice with Matt's face would be funny, if a tad strange. And I don't know if he'd want the responsibility of being the gamer's God of Fate.

    9. Dice4hire on

      that would be one unusual looking dice, for sure. I'd take one or two.

    10. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Final FUDGE design? Isn't it just PLUS sign, MINUS sign, and BLANK? Or are we going for something unique like Smiling Matt and Sad Matt? I'd go for that, just for laughs.

    11. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      if sable takes credit for triangle number i get triforce credit. did that mock up before i even knew the name, LoL! Matt even thanked me in a comment for it.

    12. Nina Fabiano on

      1. B 2. A 3. A 4. -5

    13. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      And of course, if you do accidentally eat a chocolate colored FUDGE die, you still have 5 left. :)

    14. Dice4hire on

      Not sure why everyone is so hung up on numbers though. I am a big fan of symbols, personally.

    15. Dice4hire on

      With my voting, I will have no trouble telling the different dice apart. Not sure about everyone else's votes.

    16. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Why not just numbers? Let's say you had a whole lotta D12's in your bag/box/whatever. Some are standard d12's, some are 2x6's, some are 3x4's. Now tell me, how, without picking up each one and turning them over until you saw the largest number, you'd know one from the other. That's why pips on a 2d6 and something other and a plain number on a 3x4. It really doesn't matter what the difference is, just that there is an easily recognizable difference.
      I also raised the question of a 6 pack of FUDGE dice. Think of it as getting two free, or get two sets and have 12. And if they are chocolate colored, remember that they are acrylic, and not very nutritious.

    17. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Mike Brodu, I'm giving you a George Takei OH MY!!!! on that design. I think you've nailed it. I absolutely love the concept.

    18. SableFox

      Though there are some great ideas which haven't made it to the poll (I particularly like the inverted triangles for example), I don't think there is much point suggesting new ideas. The poll is about reducing our options to the set that will be actually be produced. If our favourites are not there then we have to accept it and move on. If you don't like the fact that d12 dice have five-sided faces then this probably not the KS for you ;-)

      BTW, Matt, I am going to claim (some) credit for proposing/popularising the number-in-triangle design. I don't know how many others would do likewise :-P

    19. Mike Brodu on

      I think I would like the numerals in triangles more if the carving was inverted, pouring paint in the triangle but leaving the numeral to be the same color as the die.
      A picture will explain better what I mean:

    20. Patrick Douglas on

      These are all very interesting. I suspect the Quad Crescent design will go over big with sci-fi RPG-ers, while traditionalists like me will go for the Three Numeral and Numeral in Triangle designs.

    21. Anonymous on

      I like the triforce...

    22. Missing avatar

      Timothy Hidalgo

      I like A, of the next four d, I guess d again and size 4... Thank you for asking whatever the outcome. Dice are like candy for adults. Or so my wife claims.

    23. Missing avatar

      Timothy Hidalgo

      I like A, of the next four d, I guess d again and size 4... Thank you for asking whatever the outcome. Dice are like candy for adults. Or so my wife claims.

    24. Mike Brodu on

      The reason plain numerals can't be used is simple: it's because the regular d12 uses plain numerals. If you play a game that uses a wide range of dice, like D&D or Savage Worlds, you don't want to have to check every sides of the dice you pick to roll everytime, just to be sure it's a d12 and not a d4x3 (and vice versa).

    25. Missing avatar

      Dr. Jobo

      Version B of the triangle triple4, please.
      For the QuadCrescent, could the symbol be a bit bigger?

    26. Bruce Gray


      For the first question: Although I voted for the numeral version of the "Quad-Crescent", I can't say I care for that design at all.

      For the 2nd & 3rd question, I voted for the numeral in the triangle, but only because it was the best available. God help me if the triangle pips win....

      For the final question, I didn't see an option for the "tilde" either. The closest I got was the -3.

      As for the "four-sided" dice, I can't see why we can't just go for a plain numeral.

      However, I can't wait to see my package... :-)


    27. Dais on

      I really only wanted normal pips on the 3d4. The triangle pips are fine and they are by far my favorite of anything shown. The quad crescent are close enough to pips that I might get a set if the triangle pips fall through.

      I will not be buying any dice with numerals. I hate numerals on dice.

    28. Michael "4ier" Telford on

      Why not simple numbers?
      *Because* other dice use simple numbers. We want these easily distinguished from other dice at a glance.

    29. Henry Swantner

      Honestly I'm just not digging the patterns. Most seem like they are triangle or square patterns being forced into a pentagon. They would look great on a die with triangle or square sides, but it just doesn't look right forced into a pentagon.

      What's wrong with just simple numbers? No symbol next to them or around them, just numbers. There's a reason why non-6-sided die don't use pips ... besides space on larger ones.

    30. Michael "4ier" Telford on

      Jon, if you buy two sets of 6, that's three sets of 4.
      As far as I know, they are just going to be a single color anyway.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jon Merchen on

      I took the survey, but I'd like to clarify that I like the Triangle Pips Version B. I like the Tri-force look.

      Also, I've been meaning to say that I would totally buy some Fudge dice if they were in batches of 4.

    32. Michael Heywood on

      On treblefours and pips and things: I voted, so there. I just thought I would note that I like the numeral in the triangle, only second best and only for the scatter die use it would give. I am rather glad to be aboard this rocket!

    33. Missing avatar

      A. Steinman on

      I wish it were 5 numerals radially, one for each side, rather than fitting 3 to five sides, asymmetrically.

    34. David Chase on

      Q1 A
      Q2 D, then B then A but not interested in C
      Q3 ??? I like the 4 points outward but either one of the number 4 triangles is acceptable
      Q4 -5

    35. Mike Brodu on

      I imagine if the triangle pips emerge as favorite (fingers crossed!), then there will be another poll to decide which design for the 4 side will be used. I was really undecided myself when I designed them, which is why I proposed both. The compass rose is less visually appealing to me, but I'm concerned about production issues with the 4-triangle triforce as the line between each triangle might be too thin and end up covered in paint...

    36. Alan

      @heyvince -- For that design though, yellow is a requirement. It wouldn't look right in white and because it's on black, it needs to be a very high-contract colour. Maybe a nice, bright radioactive green perhaps?

    37. heyvince on

      Oh man, will yellow be the final color for the quad design? It's so ... yucky.

    38. Alan

      For 2d, are you going with the compass rose / top-down view of a fast-food container, or the tri-force? 'Cause I'd really only be interested if I can get the tri-force!

      If we are in the 3x4 pledge level, which set do we get? Or is there any way possible to get 6 of each of the two formats you decide on (HINT HINT HINT!!!)?

    39. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @Cris: sorry...I am not going that large, so thought I wouldn't even leave it as an option.
      @Mike: yes, if the numerals are chosen, we will have to make them larger.

    40. K.C. on

      Thanks for keeping us so involved, Matt. Means a lot that you're trying to get these perfect for us. As for the standard pip size, I had to go with -5. Right in the middle of the pack, that way the pips don't look overwhelmingly large/close together, and also so they don't look microscopically small. Psyched for your campaign as it comes to a close!

    41. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Oops. Sorry about the broken link. It hopefully has been fixed.

    42. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Voted. Use the link at the top of the update, not at the bottom. And, my favorite pip size, the TILDE one, was not mentioned, so I had to pick the largest of what was left, and that was a size -3

    43. Mike Brodu on

      Side note: I really think that unless they're reworked, the numerals in the QuadCrescent design will not be legible.

    44. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Top survey link works, bottom one points to the wrong thing.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Hartman on

      There are two "Complete the survey here" links in the update. The one near the end does not have a proper link associated to it. The link in the very beginning of the update is linked appropriately.

    46. Mike Brodu on

      Thanks Mitchell Hartman!