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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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Add-on process clarification

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,

T-minus 4 days and counting.  Time to wrap things up and get clearer. 

Thanks dearly for pledging.  You all have made this is a tremendous success.

Add-ons: remember, you can add additional funds now (ie. overpledge), but you aren't able to yet indicate what add-ons you want (that will be possible after this KS ends). You can also wait to add funds after the campaign ends via the Backerkit.

You will get a clearer sense of the near-final designs BEFORE this KS ends (in the final 48 hrs).  There will be 4 designs, thus four molds: (1) The Standard; (2) The DoubleFudge; (3) Triplefour #1; (4) Triplefour #2.  You will also know all of the final color combinations. 

There will be two phases after the KS ends.

Phase 1:

(a) You will get a Backerkit via email asking you to confirm your address and your order.  Any amount you overpledged will be converted to pledge-credit.  You can also add more funds at this time (you will need to enter a credit card).  You will be able to indicate your add-ons at this point, as well determine the additional shipping costs required. Your credit card WILL NOT be charged at this point (it will just be kept on file).

(b) The conversation will continue in the comments section, and you will still be getting updates via email regarding each step of the process.

(c) Bulk order backers will also be able to indicate which group, organization, or establishment they would like added to our global map and list, which will be featured on, as well as (both currently under construction). 

(d) New customers will be directed to get on a mailing list, or may be even able to pre-order.  They will not (and never) have access to either the Black with KS green, or the KS Green with black Doublesixes.

Phase 2: After I get all the dice, make sure they are good quality, and upload all the images of them, you will be asked to confirm your original order.  You can also change your order at any time, including adding-on more and updating your shipping address.  Your credit card will be charged after you finalize your order and I am ready to ship.

Prior to Phase 2, I will do my best to find the cheapest shipping options for you, which may also include the option of a centralized pick-up location in your city (likely a game store). 

Please ask any questions you have about this process in the comments section of this update. 

Thank you.


PS. please stay tuned for the next update, coming to you in a few moments...


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Meltzer on

      Same question as Patrick Douglas. Any way to get a mix of TripleFours and DoubleSixes instead of all of one type?

    2. leonardo a balbi on

      I think the bulk orders are 50 white dice + colored from streach goals

    3. Missing avatar

      David Ludwig on

      I think the pink dice should be with silver pips. I am a guy but would order a set of pink with silver if they were offered.
      Other question is i am order in bluk 50 and wnat to know if we will be able to pick our colors or will they all be the ivory ones?

    4. MJ Gallego on

      I'm stuck with a dozen because it's the smallest number you offer... and you've also got 6 packs of add ons... but... I'm not a store. I'm one person. A dozen of the same 12 sided die is a bit much. Are we able to get dice other than the base black/whites in our original 12, which are not otherwise being given out (the pairs of some colors added in the add ons are also enough of those for me,) like the purples or the fate or the triplefours, to vary them up some? If not, can we spread the 6 pack add ons over 3 or 6 designs?

    5. Edna Rouse (DiscoKittie)

      Hmmm... Centralized pick up won't work for a bunch of people. Take me, I live in the middle of nowhere. There are two "gaming" stores that I go to. One of them is 45 minutes away and is really a children's toy store that happens to have owners that are also gamers, and has a small gaming section (that gets smaller every year). The other one is 40 minutes away. That one is a true gaming store, but is inconvenient to get to. While I imagine that this could work for some people. It's not going to work for everyone. :) I mean, how many people from Vermont pledged? And the two gaming stores that I go to aren't even in the same state! They are in New Hampshire! I guess we'll see!! :) Good luck!

    6. Patrick Douglas on

      If we ordered in bulk, can we divide it among two or more types? For instance, I pledged for dice. Can I make 10 of those triplefours?

    7. DAVID R COLEY on

      I hope the Dice are not piped. But solid on all sides. At least have 50% of them this way.

    8. Morris

      Any news on the possibillity to ship to Europe from inside Europe? You said you wanted to look into that. I'm itching to go BULK+BULK, but even one BULK will get me above the free import limit (~$30). If shipped from inside the EU (e.g. Germany as many Kickstarters do) there would be no problem.

    9. Nigel J

      @Matt Fleming,
      Unfortunately Backers do not have access to their Backer Number, this is only available to you as the creator and Kickstarter. Therefore you will need to find an alternative way of providing the results of the random rolls or supply the random roll backers with their backer numbers.

    10. Alexander Babanov on

      QC with numbers is shiny! I don't need this type of dice, but I might get some just to support the design :-)

    11. Mr D S-N on

      What exactly does "Phase 1: (c) Bulk order backers will also be able to indicate which group, organization, or establishment they would like added to our global map and list" ~ mean?.
      I originally saw this in the Bulk pledge tier, and disregarded it as something I could not roll...
      Is it as simple as: You'll put a link / note on "your site" to "whatever we suggest" to act as promotion? Does it have to be dice orientated? What if I suggest my local KFC?

    12. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @A. Steinman: for international orders, additional shipping will be required for add-ons. If you don't add-on, then there is no additional shipping charge.
      @Amerob: good question: Random Rolls will be determined soon after the KS ends via You should be able to cross reference the outcome with your backer number.
      @DWM: thank you. Me, too. But I am committed to backer-satisfaction, so it will be worth it.
      @Casus: thanks for answering.
      @Chris: it looks very likely.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris de Bruin on

      I hope we get that last 4200 to get the blue & white stretch :)

    14. Nikki on

      Same question as A. listed below for the shipping...
      As long as a game shop nearby is an option and not a requirement, it makes sense.

    15. Missing avatar

      A. Steinman on

      About the shipping- wasn't shipping supposed to be covered by the pledge amount for a given tier?

    16. Casus Belli

      Whatever you pledge on KS will be charged to your credit card by Amazon immediately upon completion of the Kickstarter. It is only the amount that you add (eventually) on Backerkit that will not be charged immediately.

    17. Dice4hire on

      I hope leaving ordering open until you get the dice in hand does not cause you a lot of headaches, Matt.

    18. Disrobed Monk on

      +1 for answering amerob.

    19. Zach Loveless on

      How does this blend with funds authorizations made via a third party (In my case Amazon)?

    20. Missing avatar

      Amy Hyler-Essig on

      Will those who pledged for random rolls know the results of said rolls in time to order more if desired?