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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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$70K unlocked, Chart, Add-ons, Shipping, and Partners

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear, Team Doublesix,

Happy New Year (all you Gregorian Calendar adherents)! This is looking to be a great year for me and Doublesix dice, thanks to all you delicious backers. 

$70K Stretch Goal, UNLOCKED! We just smashed the $70K mark, and today is trending to be our biggest pledge day ever! (you can track that here).  How, I ask?  Not sure, but I imagine it has a lot to do with your energy and sharing.  Thanks so much. 

CHART: Superbacker Monty Clover made this handy chart to help us keep track of all those damn stretch goals everyone is getting (Thank you, my four leaf):

Add-ons are $5 for a 6-pack of one type, and $25 for 48 (8 6-packs, your choice). Stretch Goals DO NOT apply to additional dice ordered now or later.

Remember, feel free to overpledge now, or add-on more funds and orders after the campaign ends via Backerkit.

International shipping: at the moment, for add-ons on top of your original tier: + $4 per 6-pack, + $13 for Bulk add-on (8 6-packs, so 48 dice). Maximum shipping charge to Canada is $20, and rest of the world is $24 (for orders under 4 lbs).

I am looking into cheaper ways ship outside the US, so stay tuned. 

TRIPLEFOURS:  As I have mentioned, I am planning on producing at least two designs (see the last update): the numeral in triangle, and a variation on the Quad (still being finalized...follow along in the comments section).  There may be one or two more designs to go into a final poll, which will partly confirm if/which two designs are worth casting new molds for.


As you know, it is looking like the first game to officially feature Doublesix brand dice is Secrets of the Lost Tomb.  The SotLT Kickstarter is ending on the 7th, and they are moving towards making custom-engraved Doublesixes (which means they won't necessarily be needing Standard emerald with gold Doublesixes).  Incredibly, they also have a game score of 8.66/10 on their Boardgamegeek Site.  Check it out, and please feel free to comment, or become a fan.  

We are also in discussion with Mega Man, The Board Game (check out their Kickstarter here).  I played all of these games on the Famicom as a teen (It was called Rock Man overseas, where I played it), so I am also excited about this one.  The Doublesixes will look like the little rocks he shoots. 


We are going into our final week!  Let's see if we can hit $90K!  And if we do, maybe I will add the previously teased marbleized emerald green with gold pips dice (aka SotLT dice) as the final $100K Stretch Goal! Stop the madness!

Much love,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris Gushue on

      Regarding the max shipping charge to Canada being $20 for orders under 4 lbs... about how many dice would that translate to?

    2. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      Bigger version of Monty's break-down chart

    3. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      @Richard all the voting was for add-ons. Only the Ivory with black is the original offering. The main page has a new graphic with MANY different options now.…

    4. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Adam, someone pointed out that FUDGE dice function as D3's also. Count the + as 3, blank as 2 and - as 1.

    5. Richard Berthelot on

      Actually I'm a little disappointed that though the votes clearly showed a preference for a red/black combo these are now add-on's. Should have kept at least one red/black combo. Won't pull my pledge but defiantly not purchasing any add on's. why have a poll if you're going to ignore your audience.

    6. cyphersk8 on

      $25 pledge is great. I bumped my pledge up to that level. Yay Dice!

    7. Helen Marshall

      thanks for the chart as hate to say but I was having a headache trying to work out what I got and now it simple

    8. Adam ( on

      What are the odds that we will see D3's in the future? I was really hoping that they would be done (especially over 2 types of D4's)?

    9. Mr D S-N on

      @Michael Seaton The only way you can do multiple pledges would be to have several Kickstarter accounts - That's the only way to gain more than one set of stretch goals.
      If you want to add on to your pledge then click "Manage my pledge" (top right in blue) and simply increase the amount of $ you've pledged to include the cost of the fudge dice and triplefour add ons.

    10. Michael Seaton on

      I know this isn't the best place to ask this, but this is only my third kickstarter that I've funded and I can't find this information on Kickstarter's help. How do I do multiple pledges and claim multiple prizes. I'm an Early Bird but I also want to claim the fudge dice and the triplefours. How do I do that?

    11. Dice4hire on

      The 25$ pack is a great deal, I agree.

    12. Dice4hire on

      I am happy with the black and green dice at 70k I think they will look great. I am sure MAtt will be selling all the colors of the rainbow in a short while.

    13. SuicideKing

      This chart really shows why the $70k stretch goal should have been the blue one instead of the black-green wich is really a combinaison of previously unlocked stretch goals.

    14. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      yay, 8 packs for $25, thank you!