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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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Overpledging and Add-ons

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,

There has been some confusion about overpledging and add-ons, so I will try to be more clear.

Now AND Later: Kickstarter only lets you indicate one tier with your pledge, but you can still overpledge for additional dice now.  Once the campaign ends, the amount you overpledged will be converted into credit. I will be using Backerkit post-campaign to manage orders, credits, and add-ons.

You don't HAVE to overpledge now: can also wait until AFTER the campaign ends to add-on more dice via Backerkit (you will have to enter your credit card again).

There are NO Stretch Goal Bonus dice added to over-pledges and add-ons. There is only one set of Stretch Goal Bonuses awarded to each backer account.

Add-ons: will be in packs of 6, for $5 each.  You can order packs of the various colors:

  • Ivory and black
  • Black and white
  • Black and red
  • Black and KS Green (will not be available after this Kickstarter)
  • Red and white
  • Red and black
  • Blue and white

There will also be 6-dice packs of FUDGE dice, and Triplefours (final colors and designs TBD).  I know FUDGE dice are typically used in sets of 4, so look at it as getting 2 extra dice (packs of 6 will help streamline logistics and fulfillment, as it will be done in China for 2.5 cents a pack).

There will also be an add-on Bulk order of $25 for 48 dice (of one type), as well as a combo pack, which will include:

  • 12 Red with white
  • 6 Red with black
  • 12 Black with white
  • 6 Black with red
  • 6 Black with green
  • 6 Blue with white

FUDGE: these will be easy to design, with simple + and - and blank faces. Colors will be voted on. I have reached out to Fred Hicks of Evil Hat to see if we can partner up (which could mean these could be called FATE dice). 

TRIPLEFOURS: We are still exploring design options.  I want them to look different from both the Standard Doublesix pip arrangement, and your typical d12 with numerals, so I prefer to avoid both pips and plain numerals. 

Please share your ideas on what design we could use to make it quick and easy to read and understand, and different from 66s and d12s.

My current favorite is:

The current fan favorite seems to be this one below.  My concern about it is that triangles are 3-sided (not 4), and that triangles on each face will be too busy, with the top tip pointing in many different directions.


I am still wanting the single pip (just the single pip, not the others) to be a hexagon on the Standard Doublesix.  It will be barely perceptible, but a cool little easter-egg for those in the know.  I will run a poll to see if you overturn me.  It will look something like this:

Thanks for Micheal for all these images. 

All: please share your ideas, and we will eventually have another poll.

Thanks, team,


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    1. Riley Crowder

      And In contining to look I found the rest of the answers I needed. :) I am a silly creature.

    2. Riley Crowder

      So I cant find an answer so their may already be one, but their are so many comments im getting lost in the shuffle.
      For those of us who backed at the Fate Dice set...obviously were getting a few dozen other dice..are those also going to be fate dice..or can we choose to have them be d6s? because It would be a good way for me to get a bit of both. :)

    3. Bob O`Bob on

      I don't even like the digits in triangles version. But if other people like the design and you can do both, then great.

      I was thinking of another feature that triplefours could have, which could give them somewhat the additional power of a d3, and that's for the pips to be in one set of each of three colors such as red 1 green 1 blue 1 red 2 green 2 blue 2 and so on. I imagine that could make production a little more expensive to vary colors though.

    4. Tinah KyJe Morwafflez

      I like the pie chart a lot, as it is, I think it's very easy to read and stylized where it still stands on its own visually. I will buy the 6 pack for the triple four of pie chart design.

    5. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Yes, Nicolas, I got a confirmation from Matt for exactly the reason you stated. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Zed Lopez

      I hope you do allow the mix-and-match bulk add-on -- assuming the fudge and triple-4s are among the options, my pledge would definitely go further up. (But I realize it'd be a lot more work for you...)

    7. Nicolas Olesik

      @Criswell (Bolt Riley and 7th Guest 3);
      The reason for the 48 dice instead of 50 is because Matt will be receiving them in packs of 6. Which I assume it will make it a lot easier for him to process than having to individually count them out.

    8. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      "There will also be an add-on Bulk order of $25 for 48 dice (of one type)" Is that an error, as the original Bulk tier is 50? Not complaining or demanding extras, just asking.

    9. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      If mix & match bulk pack includes FUDGE and TripleFours, I'd buy that.

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kovar on

      Hey Matt, thanks for updating us with your current plan to make both quadrant and numeral triplefours. I just wanted to add another unofficial vote of support for the quadrant design as well as the hexagon single pip on the dd6's.

    11. Guoccamolé

      "Collector Add-On" --- would that include one of each die... each pattern... each color?
      Just asking...

      I do not know what the original thought (@KevinCook) had in mind, but including the colors would be like a snapshot of the result of this (awesome!) campaign.


    12. Flashhawk

      I would suggest a much more aesthetic look. Use a full circle for the 1. Part said circle into two half circles for the 2. split a circle into 3 parts by using a Y-shaped cut for representing the 3, and lastly use a cross to create 4pieces for the 4. this way you always keep the circleshape. It can be read from all directions, and it would be (at least for me) be more pleasant... Also +1.for the collector add-on

    13. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      Really hope the Bulk Packs get formally selected. I will for sure order at least 2 since BOTH d4s are being produced. I also think being able to order the color we prefer for certain games/uses will increase the overall level of purchases, as we get more of what we want with no poor dice get put aside never to be rolled!

    14. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Thanks for weighing in. Here is my current plan:
      1) produce BOTH quadpie and numeral in triangle for the Triplefours
      2) For the quadpie, make it Yellow on Black, a bit larger, space out the 3 evenly, and have lines separating the 4 on the 4.
      3) Considering dice-collector pack (one of each).
      4) Considering mix-and-match Bulk (ie. chose 8 packs of 6 of your choice).
      @Gregory: cool image...thanks for making and sharing it.

    15. Zak

      @Gregory Charles Brown
      I prefer his idea over pie: tiny triangle for 1, the triforce, one huge triangle for 4... I like it; maybe it's not the best design but I prefer it over what I have seen until now.

    16. Hockey Mask on

      I will not be a customer for the triplefours but the pie is better than the the triangles. The three needs to be spaced evenly though.

      +1 for a dice collector pledge.

    17. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Hey Team,
      Thanks for all the great ideas and discussion. I will try to address the more pressing questions and concerns shortly. right now, I need to get some rest after a long day of travel.

    18. Guoccamolé

      @NicolasOlesik, @GregoryCharlesBrown, @Matthew, @JasonSwitzer:
      +1 Please make the bulk add-on:

      bulk assortment of 8x dice 6-packs = 48 dice / $25.

      Also, when you figure out the final list of various dice available, please post an update listing them (pics would be nice too) so we can decide on final pledges!-).

      Thanks, = Joe =

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Hawkes on

      I am loving this kickstarter. Lots of ideas and communication.

    20. Guoccamolé

      Backers Gone Wild!

    21. John Bruns on

      How about putting a pentagram around the triple four numbers. It would basically be a border just inside the edges of the dice. Might get rid of the triangle issue. However, I like the triangle design as is.

    22. Nicolas Olesik

      I believe if the TripleFour will be with number they have to have the triangle around them, to make it an instant differentiation from a regular numbered D12. But that's just my opinion.

    23. Timothy McFadden

      I just bumped my pledge to include a 6 pack of FUDGE n triple fours, but I'm still hoping for the pie / cross hairs on he fours.


    24. Timothy McFadden

      I much prefer the pie chart than the triangle with numbers myself.


    25. Hao Zhou on

      Your favorite with the filling pie is much better than the "fan favorite". Can you put a poll to actually get an accurate fan favorite?

    26. Ieva Surkova on

      Triangles or just numbers on triplefours would be good - they will be a) easily readable; b) look different from doublesix so they wouldn't mix up.
      Pie chart is ok, but I would personally prefer numbers.

    27. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      Well now I went and made this version. This is a series of triangles instead of a pie. Might be a good compromise.

    28. Pete W. on

      I also prefer the pie symbol, and if it can be a smidge larger, even better.

    29. Matt on

      On the tripfours, I like the pie chart, although larger slices would be good. Can't read the triangle version well enough; it just seems too busy.

    30. Raphael

      I like the pie version a lot as is. I never conceived the issue of picking the right twelve-sided die among many, so I appreciate the idea -- every face clearly indicates you have a d4 in hand!

    31. Arthur Levesque

      Or put a circle around the pie pieces, which would itself be centered on the die face.

    32. Missing avatar

      John Teran on

      I prefer Matt's favorite for the triple fours, but why not arrange the three pie pieces in a circle like the radiation symbol? Also, why not put the single pie piece in the center of the dice for a more symmetrical look?
      I like the hexagon pip. It's tiny and barely perceptible except for people who look for it. At that point the Easter egg value of having 6-sides trumps the minute asymmetry of a six sided polygon centered in a five sided one.

    33. Marcelo Volcato on

      @Kevin I doubt he could. You see, the dice are going to be packed in packs of 6 in China, and there are already 7 different dice on this KS.

    34. Missing avatar

      C C Magnus Gustavsson

      Why not just the numbers for the triplefours? I want my dice to be practical, and numbers only seems to be the most readable alternative.

    35. Apocalypse Nerd on

      Don't really care for pie circle or the triangle for the d4 but if I had to choose I'd go for the triangle.

    36. Mad Puppy Gaming

      Personally, for the treble-fours,I would say use a circle for one, a line for two, a triangle for three and a square for four. But that may just be me.

    37. Magentawolf on

      Not a fan of the hex-pip.

    38. Missing avatar

      malifer on

      I really like Matt's favorite for the d4, the pie circle really stands out as different. The triangle is weird and only cool for the nostalgia of the dice this will be replacing.

      I prefer the Hexagon Pip on the Pentagon face. It is representative of the six sided value and contrasts with the face.

    39. Arthur Levesque

      I like the combo pack add-on. Will probably get that and 6 of the TrebleFours (regardless of how the face designs are finalized).

    40. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Matt is the one who sets up all the BackerKit accounts from the KickStarter database. You need to only fill out the BackerKit survey when it arrives, pick what you want, apply your addon credit if you have any, and pay for any addon in excess of that credit.

    41. Oscar Iglesias

      Another one who dislikes a 6 sided figure inside a 5 sided face of a dice.
      I prefer a pentagon, a single dot, or even the d(2x6) logo.

      Adding 15$ to my pledge for 12FATE and 6(3x4).

    42. SableFox

      @Michael - you should have rotated the hex-pip die by 72 degrees (or the hex if you prefer) so another face is horizontal and the edges of the hex and die face don't align - I think people will be surprised how different it looks. I suspect Matt will still like it though ;-)

    43. Missing avatar

      Joy McCurdy on

      I'm in the pentagon camp - more aesthetically pleasing...and add my voice to Kevin's idea of a Dice Collector level with one of each die :)

    44. Kevin Cook

      Hey Matt ... would you please consider adding a Dice Collector level to include one of each die?

    45. SableFox

      ... and the THREE circles would be in a triangle rather than a line.


    46. Missing avatar

      Yu Shiyang on

      My issue with the pie version is that it looks quite asymmetrical, more so than the standard pipped d6. Although you are quite right in thinking the triangled numbers to be too busy. Perhaps something simpler would be ideal.

    47. telanthar on

      I like the number in triangle approach because I find it easy to read as well as being clearly differentiated from the dd6 and d12 - the symbol based dice without numerals aren't something I'm interested in purchasing

    48. SableFox

      I still prefer pentagons over hexagons. I prefer aesthetics over sixishness. Though either would work. I don't have a problem with dice being "branded". Though this is much more of a EasterEgg than a brand.

      For the TripleFour, I prefer numerals over symbols. I actually like the idea that the triangle gives direction - it saves having to have separate directional dice. An alternative to the triangle is to put the number in a circle, though you'd loose the connection to the tetrahedron.

      If you go with the quadrant I hope it is a proper quadrant (i.e. the pie segments at 90 degree angles). I really don't like the equally spaced version. The 1 pie segment looks really silly. It might help if you put in the circle around the segments (in both versions).

      If you are going for symbols arranged in the 'radioactive' pattern, then I would strongly recommend replacing the pie segments with circles (keeping the same spacing - i.e. the circles almost touching). You'd then have one circle, a pair of two circles, three circles in a triangle and four circles in a square. These would be distinguishable from the DoubleSix since the symbols would be close together (unlike the widely spaced pips on a conventional die); and the the circles would be in a triangle rather than a line.

    49. Zak

      I don't really like cuadrants nor triangles with numbers inside... I'm more on the side of pips with triangle form.

      Question: Will we have to create another account in backerkit? Only if you want to buy add-ons? Not in any case?

    50. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      I like the triangle triple4. I want it to be quick and easy to see the result.