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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
6,916 backers pledged $133,495 to help bring this project to life.

Poll Results, Differentiation, Press, and Trending

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Hey, Team Doublesix,

The Front Page: will now be updated with tier specifics so you know exactly what you will be getting per tier.  FUDGE only and Triplefours (d(3x4) only tiers have been added.

Poll results: Blue with white got 308 votes.  But KS-exclusive Black with KS green got 602 votes, so it will be the next strech goal (at $70K).  However, Blue with White is still being produced and will be available as an add-on ($10 for 12), regardless if we reach the final stretch goal ($90K, +2 blue dice to each backer, +6 to bulk orders). Thanks for voting and discussing.

Below are the results breakdown to the other questions.



Differentiation and pip layout and arrangement: For the Standard Doublesix, the pips will have the same number on opposite sides, moving in a 5-pointed star pattern around the 6.  They will also be aligned around the six, like so (thanks, Movingblade):

The single pip will LIKELY be a small hex (to represent 6 sides), like the middle image (thanks, Micheal):

All these steps are to help differentiate the Doublesix brand from other potential d(2x6)s.



Look at how consistently we are trending (this is very rare):

 Which is mostly based on a pretty consistent daily pledge amount:

 And how about all the discussion going on in here!

 Thanks, Team!  We rock and roll.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Lars Nelson on

      I would prefer to have the three pip sides laid out in a triangle pattern, two top and one on the bottom, instead of in a line. I also like the idea of arranging the five pip sides in a pentagon pattern, rather than in a cross pattern.

    2. GreySciolist on

      I agree with Jason and James.

    3. Missing avatar

      Yu Shiyang on

      Yes! The pips should be rotated 90 degrees. Although I think four and five should be rotated 45 degrees.

    4. John Lerchey on

      I too agree with rotating the pips 90 degrees. I would, however also change the 3 from a line to a triangular formation. I just think it would look cooler. Single pip centered toward the top (center point of pentagon) with two evenly spaced pips to the outside edges and lower down. Yup.

    5. Bob O`Bob on

      I agree with Jason Switzer, whose suggestion [I think] can be summarized as: rotate each of the pip arrangements by 90 degrees.

    6. Marcelo Volcato on

      Excellent, News @Matt! Will there be a second color option for fudge? Red dice with White + and -, for instance. In case so I'll get me a set of them as well!

    7. Missing avatar

      James Stein on

      Matt: Your project is looking great. A comment about the face layout: Your update says that 1,2,3,4,5 will appear in sequence around the 6. As dice are meant to be "random", I would suggest 1,3,5,2,4.

    8. Erzaad on

      I agree with Jason.

    9. William O'Meallain

      @Bay Bridge Sue, I agree...clear red with white pips would be awesome. Also, can't understand the amount of people who want black w/ green pips, when we're already getting limited edition green w/ black. Wish we could substitute, I'm not too keen on the black w/ green.

    10. Jason on

      I like the hex pips but I think if you're going to split them evenly down the middle, you should do so vertically rather than horizontally. This way the pentagon will receive an equal displacement of material removal an thus equally weighted on all sides.

      Seen in this explanation, the area of a pentagon can be divided into 10 triangles. If you rotate the pips about the center (vertically), that will split them about 5 equal triangles.

    11. Scott Vander Molen

      Considering the faces are pentagonal, I would think that pentagonal pips would make the most sense.

    12. Laochailan Maghouin

      Now that the d3x4 has a pledge level, how should we adjust to get those as well as whatever we'd already chosen as a pledge reward? Just tack another $10 onto our existing bid, or do you plan to have some sort of mechanism in place after the drive is finished where we can add them to our order?

    13. Missing avatar

      Bay Bridge Sue on

      Very awesome job, Matt, esp the single pip hex design.

      Know what I would love to see? Ever been to Vegas or AC and seen the classic casino dice that are clear red with white pips? I would DIG seeing a set of DSD in that combo...

      Keep up the awesome work, dood!

    14. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      Great job @Matt (as always), it is also nice to see the consistency on Kicktraqs which I believe reflects your interaction and activity throughout the project funding stage. I've said it before, and I will say it again, you are doing something right (maybe even MANY things!).

    15. on

      @Matt - I assume the other dice will be available as add-ons as well for those of us already in a pledge bracket? You are planning on using Backerkit? Thanks.

    16. on

      @Vincent - I still have my d(2x10) from before they started running the numbers up to 20. One set of numbers in black and the other in white so it could be used as a d20.

    17. Arthur Levesque


      The first twenty-sided die I ever owned, over 30 years ago (for first edition AD&D), was numbered from 0-9 twice. That way it could be used (by rolling it twice) to generate a number from 00-99 (ten-sided dice didn't exist yet, or at least were rare and unknown); and the user was also advised to paint half of the sides so that he would know which ones were low and which were high, in order to generate a number from 1-20. I had a few of those, painted different colors (so that I know what order to read them in for 00-99); it wasn't until later that I got a d20 that was actually labelled 1-20, or an actual d10 with ten sides.

      This history lesson was brought to you by

    18. SableFox

      So those survey said they'd buy 3.7k fudge Duce; but unsurprisingly the TrebleFour well surpasses that with 8.6k dice. If you can extrapolate the 900 responses recieved to cover all 3,900 backers, then that works out as 37.5k TrebleFours wanted :-)

    19. Vincent B. Donadio

      Awesome! Any plans for a d(2x10)?

    20. Remco Kuipers on

      Those are some cool stats...