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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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Correction, Add-ons, and Polls: Blue vs black, Fudge, and d(3x4)

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear, Team Doublesix,

Correction: The Dice Box KS will end January 2nd, and The Secrets of the Lost Tomb KS will end January 7th (I had mistakenly indicated February in the last update).

ADD-ONS:  After the campaign ends, you will be able to order more dice.  I prefer that you only pay for ONE TIER at the moment.  After this ends, you will be able to add-on dice of various colors at $10 for 12 dice, or $25 for 50 (once I get all the dice and determine actual additional shipping costs, it may be cheaper).  This way, it will be easier for me to fulfill orders, and it will allow you to track orders, clarify preferences, and change info (via Backerkit).

STRETCH GOAL # 9: The next stretch goal is at $70K.  Please help us decide if it will be Blue with White pips (if it wins, the shade of blue will be determined), or exclusive Black with Kickstarter Green (exclusive means it will only be sold to KS backers during this KS; but it is not limited, so you can add-on as many as you like).

Which ever wins, +2 will be added to all non-bulk orders, and +6 (not +12) will be added to bulk orders.  Like all colors (except the KS Green), these will also be available as an add-on.

FUDGE DICE: I plan to add FUDGE dice, which means another mold and 10,000 unit minimum order.  This will be both a tier, and an add-on (but not a Stretch Goal bonus).  Please indicate if you plan on purchasing these dice as an add-on. For the FUDGE dice only tier, Stretch Goals do apply.  Please help spread the word. 

D(3x4): Same with d(3x4).  Please indicate if you plan to purchase these as well (final design to be determined).

Poll for all three questions HERE


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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Astermo on

      I voted wrong on the poll. I will buy a 12 set of the Fate dice as an add on.

    2. Camdon Wright

      I will buy a 12 die set of both Fate and D4s as an add on.

    3. Brett on

      Blue please! Black/White is so generic and uninteresting.

    4. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @arthur: d(3x4). great link.
      @JJ: sets of 12 and 50.
      @Roman: gonna skip the hybrid layout for now, as it is too similar to the Classic Standard.
      @Carolyn: thanks for the reminder.
      @Sablefox: you may be right, but if I am keeping the 12 and 50 packs, some (even if few) may opt for 24, so I wanted to account for that.
      @Rick: adding 12 dice to a bulk order for stretch goals is no longer sustainable, especially around shipping and handling costs.

    5. Apocalypse Nerd on

      I voted for Blue w/ white and I'd get d4's for sure no Fudge though.

    6. Chris on

      Filled out my survey... gone for BLUE, No Fudge required, Will buy 12 d3x4.

    7. Zak

      Now that I think about it, there is no need for a code.

      Right now, we have white, black, red and let's say blue for normal Dd6, green for KS exclusive and yellow (for example) for the Dt4.
      In the future, all colours would be available for both Dd6 and Dt4 so it's up to the buyer to make his/her own code: one want purple to be Dd6 and white to be Dt4, another buy plain colours for Dd6 and marbled for Dt4...

    8. Zak

      I'm with Nicolas: 2x6 and 3x4 can, and will, be mixed in a throw and we need a way to differentiate them easily.

      Let's say I have to throw 3Dd6 and 2Dt4; first I have to pick them up from the pool of dice (and now all the dice are the same form), I roll them, and then a get two fours... If one or both are from the "t4" it means one or two "criticals" but if they are from the "d6", they aren't.
      Knowing that at a glance it's important.

      Maybe not colour-coded but "extra"-coded: d6 would be any color but "plain", t4 would be any colour but with "cammo", or "marbled", or...
      If you want a code, you have to put limits to your range.

      FUDGE dice are different in the sense they are not used WITH other types of dice; so they don't need to be "whatever"-coded.

      Aside from that... I WANT TrebleFour dice! 12 for me, please!
      (12 it's the minimum? It can't be 6 dice for 5$, for example?)

    9. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      I will buy the trebble4, actually I would like to have at least 6 of them. I dont play games with fudgedice but will buy them as well since I will most likely try that system some time in the future.:)

    10. Marcelo Volcato on

      @SableFox I believe the fudge dice will be ivory with black + or -, just like the regular d2x6. I like these colors, btw. They match the fudge dice I've already have.

    11. SableFox

      I wouldn't leave differentiation between types down to colour alone. People will want an ivory TrebleFour or a red and black fate dice... And as soon as you manufacture them the system will fall apart.

      I think for this KS having them different colours makes sense; but they need to be part of an established system so that whatever future directions (colours) Matt chooses to go down in the future, these dice will be part of it.

    12. Nicolas Olesik

      @ Criswell (Bolt Riley and 7th Guest 3);
      If the TrebleFours are a different colour than the DD6, then it would be easy to differentiate them, hope they will be, like Orange die with silver pips :) !!

    13. Alistair

      I would definitely go for at least 12 fudge dice, if not 24.

    14. Rick Bledsoe on

      How come bulk only gets 6 this go around. Doesn't seem right. I'm going to have uneven amounts of colors.........

    15. Missing avatar

      Dan Ellingsen

      The D4 can cover a D2 and the D6 can cover a D3 - this makes the best of all worlds...

    16. Missing avatar

      Dan Ellingsen

      I'd do 50 of each if you put in bulk orders. I have friends and the price is great!

    17. Marcelo Volcato on

      I want FUDGE! I need them, I'll buy them! Count me in!

    18. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      As long as I can tell apart at a quick glance a normal dodec, a dd6, a 3d4, and a FUDGE, I'll take a dozen FUDGE and a dozen 3d4, please.

    19. Carolyn Hartman on

      @Arthur The best example, truly. Lol.

    20. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      So happy about the d4s! As I mentioned in another comment older folks and some disabled have trouble with d4 and they are worse than legos if they get lost in the shag carpet... can you say caltrops?

    21. Dice4hire on

      I will be in for 12 fudge and 12 d4s. I do wonder what colors these will be. I assume, and recommend ivory.

      I would be very interested to know what pricing and shipping for international add-on orders will be now, rather than after the KS

    22. Missing avatar

      pneusodym on

      D3 would be... Interesting. So would the ability to order d3/d4 in conjunction with the random d6 pledge (rather than a static 12 die.)

    23. SableFox

      In the poll you ask about wanting 24 dice. Is there a price break point for 24, or is it 2x 12 @$20? If it is two standard price packs, I imagine most would chose to pay the extra $5 and get 50 dice.

      @Arthur - the TrebleFours are three d4 in one die, in the same way that DoubleSixes are two d6 in a die. QuadThrees though proposed never seemed to attract at much enthusiasm as the TrebleFours or the TriF (Fate) dice.

      PS: remember to indicate you pledge (purchase) on the survey, not just here.

    24. Mitch A. Williams

      Yep, answered the poll. I will add on 12 dF and 12 d4

    25. Matt Williams

      D(4x3) would be great as well. I hate rolling a D6 for a D3 roll.

    26. Carolyn Hartman on

      You put the February dates on the main page too, Matt.

    27. Robert T.

      I will be in for at least 12 of each (fudge, D4)

    28. ch\/\/olfgang

      I will get some of the d(3x4).

    29. Kion

      @Larissa: Matt actually provided a link to corresponding Wikipedia page:

      ... but, to be honest, I also had no idea what Fudge is until I backed this campaign (and I'm still not interested in Fudge at all)...

    30. Kion

      > I plan to add FUDGE dice, which means another mold and 10,000 unit minimum order.

      Hmm... I might be wrong, but if you're going to go for another completely different mold, wouln't it make more sense to go for a hybrid pips layout option (i.e. 1/2/3/4 classic + 5/6 Larson) instead of fudge dice one? That's nothing more than a subjective opinion though, and, you'll hopefully create another poll later to figure out what is actually in higher demand, right?

    31. Larissa S

      What's a fudge dice?

    32. J.J. on

      I'd be interested in Fudge Dice as an add-on. Will they be in sets of 4? 8? 12? Looking forward to details to bump my pledge

    33. Arthur Levesque

      Do you mean d(3x4) or d(4x3)?