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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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update on updating...and then some

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Hey, Team Doublesix,

I realize that my desire to have comprehensive updates and to not flood your inbox has lead to some delays in information transfer, and more stress and room for error.

So I have decided to make more frequent updates, with more transparency, as a way to keep you more informed and up-to-date, but also make me more accountable to you and myself.

I will just have to ask of you your forgiveness and patience in having to deal with more inbox-info.  As always, read it, skip it, trash it, filter it, ignore it.

1) Yeah, we cracked $50K!!! That was my dream goal.

2) Unlocked: +2 Exclusive and Limited-run (only 2-per-backer) Kickstarter Green dice with Black pips, to every order.

3) Next Stretch Goal? to be a vote-off between Blue dice, and exclusive (but unlimited) Black dice with Kickstarter Green pips, likely at $70K.

4) Fudge dice to be added, d(3x4) (Aka treblefours) are very likely if popular design can be decided upon.

5) Each Bulk order's +10 bonuses will become +12 to ease-up shipping and fulfillment logistics, with pip-colors being backer's choice.

6) 12 Dice order's +2 Red will have white pips, +2 Black will have white pips, to ease eye strain for you, and brain strain for me. 

7) Recent Friends:

  • War of Omens: War of Omens is a card game combining deck-builder and CCG mechanics, featuring fast, strategic play and 3 different playable factions.
  • The Proteus Engine Roleplaying System. The Proteus Engine is a new pen and paper roleplaying game. This tabletop RPG will give players the tools to create their own worlds.
  • Awesome alert! ----> PUSH: Your wallet at the touch of a button.  (big laugh: the lady speaking spanish has a wallet just like my current one!)

To be continued...

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    1. MichelleAA on

      I am confused about parts 5 and 6. What pips do bulk orders get to choose? And is 6 saying that the first ten can be chosen, and the last two are with white pips? Sorry. I'm confused what my options will be =) Thanks!

    2. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @Adam: there is a summary now on the front page, and I will update it as we go along.
      Thanks for everyone's comments and support.

    3. Adam Luter on

      Is there a summary of what we are actually getting now?

      For example I think the $10 random roll gets you: 6d6+6 + a bag. And it's clear that of the +6 dice they are 2 of each color blue, black, and green. But what color are the 6d6 (random I assume, but of what color I don't know).

      The $25 level is 76 (50+12+12+2) dice?

    4. Michael Dorn

      Much like Bow Ties, Update are cool. :-)

    5. Arthur Levesque

      @RiTides: "D3x4!!!!!"

      Or "DDDD3", as some would have it. Will the DDDDDD2 be next after that?

    6. Arthur Levesque

      @Sean: I think it was already stated (although this may be subject to change, until the add-ons are officially listed on the front page) that an additional $10 would get you an additional 12 dice. I believe that those extra twelve will all be the same color (which means, so far, white, red, or black; KS green will not be offered in this manner).

      Basically, you're tacking on an additional "STANDARD" pledge to your existing order; however, that does not double the stretch goal extras (which go to each backer, not to each pledge).

    7. Sean on

      for those of us that did the random roles, when will we know how much it will be to add dice orders of other colors and what all colors are available to our order?

    8. 3rd Dimension Gear (3DG)

      D3x4!!!!! Oh yes! What about the design question you mentioned, where is that being considered? I'd be fine with numbers or pips, whatever fits.

    9. Marcelo Volcato on

      Fudge dice! I want them! I need them! I'm so glad I found this KS! THanks @Matt

    10. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Holy Feces Batman! 72 becomes 76! FUDGE/FATE docecs! d(3x4)! What more could The Amazing Criswell, Psychic Weatherman possibly want from this campaign?

    11. Kion

      I agree with everyone else: more KS updates never hurts.

      Regarding blue dice vs. black-with-KS-green-pips: first one will hopefully win as we already reached the stretch goal that gives us blacks (even though not with fancy KS-green pips) and I personally think that adding another color is better (i.e. has more practical value) than adding same color with different pips...

      Anyways, thanks for keeping us updated and doing your best to keep this project exciting! ;)

    12. Alan

      I'm gonna end up going up to the $25 level if these keeps up!

    13. SableFox

      I should have trademarked 'treblefour' ;-) let's make them a reality in this KS, along with blue dice :-)

    14. Cthulhu Kid on

      Congratulations on reaching your dream goal! I'm pulling for the "treblefours."

    15. Missing avatar

      Enchante Chang on

      Go for gold on the comments.

      Also, love your links to other kickstarter things.

    16. Back 2 Base-ix

      *Love even.

    17. Back 2 Base-ix

      There are many KS that post updates almost daily. Feel free to post away, even if only minor. That will keep you transparent :)

      Live the idea of treblefours!!!

    18. Tim on

      I'm all for more updates. Nothing annoys me more about a Kickstarter project than a silent creator.

    19. Mallory Sheldon on

      I am also good with updates.

    20. Charcoal Wolfman on

      My inbox is a lonely, lonely place. Mainly because I like deleting things. GIVE ME DELETABLE STUFF!
      Oh, wow, deletable is actually a word. I did not know that. Awesome. Anyhow, I do like getting on kickstarter and seeing updates; it shows you care. Or something.

    21. Nicolas Olesik

      And I agree with Justin, post all the updates you want.

    22. Nicolas Olesik

      What were the final poll results for the pip colours for the black and red dice?

    23. Justin

      I don't get a single email from kickstarter for updates. I only get silent phone notifications. It's called LEARNING KICKSTARTER.

      Post all the updates you want!!!!

    24. Dice4hire on

      Sounds good to me.