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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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SG #7 Unlocked, SG #8 Added, 2nd Pip poll, Kicking it Forward, and more

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

NOTE: please respond to this update in the general comments section so we can all stay on the same page. 

Dear Team Doublesix,

Thanks for all your comments and ideas.  Please keep sharing this KS, because the more successful it becomes, the more likely I can keep making different colored Doublesixes (during the campaign, and after).  As additional incentive: The backer to get the most Pinterest repins, Facebook Likes, or Retweets (in a single post for each; three winners possible) by the end of the campaign will get their name in lights, and their order free or doubled.

KICKING IT FORWARD: I pledge to spend 5% of the profit from this campaign on other Kickstarter projects.  Read more about this initiative at

PIP POLL: We need a quick follow-up poll to (a) Give Red pips a fair shake at being on the Black Doublesix, against Silver and White; (b) Determine if the Red Doublesix will have Black or White pips.

Please choose your favorite color pips for both the Black and the Red Doublesixes. You will have one vote each. Please reference for sample images (this website/blog is rough and under construction). The results of this poll will influence (but not necessarily determine) the final outcome.  Go to the poll HERE.

STRETCH GOAL #7 UNLOCKED!: Free dice bag with logo.  I am going to get more quotes on sizes and materials, and then eventually run a poll to see what you all prefer.

STRETCH GOAL #8 ADDED (at $50K): Every order gets +2 exclusive and limited-run Kickstarter green dice with black pips.  I will only produce a certain amount (2 X total # of backers), then retire that version, never to make more again.  Because I plan to keep growing the brand and business in the future (since it is clearly a popular item), perhaps these KS green exclusives could eventually be considered a collectors item :)

PIP ARRANGEMENT AND LAYOUT:  As mentioned earlier, the initial run of Doublesixes will have the Standard Pip Arrangement.  I haven't heard back from the Math Club, so I think I will keep the overall layout simple and stick with opposing faces having the same number of pips.  The layout of the top half (looking down) will be in a star pattern (ie. how most draw 5-pointed stars) around the 6, and have aligned pips (image here; that idea thanks to Rick, who will have his order free or doubled). 

As far as Larson and Hybrid variations on the pip arrangement: the follow-up poll for a possible second mold will be put on hold for the time-being, as there is another possibility/variation that I want to explore further first (to then add to the poll).

KICKSTARTER FRIENDS: Please check them out. We help them, they help us, everyone wins.

New Orbit: A video space game with realistic gravitation, custom ship building and a fully voiced story.

Secrets of the Lost Tomb: The Cinematic Pulp Action Adventure Board Game! A Fast-Paced Cooperative and Competitive Tomb Diving Experience for 1 to 6 Players!

Lexicon of Dueling French Rapier: The second deck in the series! The fast card game of dueling and combat. Easy to learn, fun to master!

Huckleberry, The Perfect Fitting Shirt: Premium Dress Shirts for Men that FIT great – handcrafted in USA, delivered at wholesale prices and backed by a 365 day GUARANTEE.

REMINDER: please respond to this update in the general comments section so we can all stay on the same page. 

Thanks again, team.  You all rock.  And the more we rock, the more we roll.


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    1. Deze man

      Looking forward to Black dice with Red Pips. ..

    2. Kyle on

      I'm really looking forward to Black Dice with Red Pips. Is it possible to do black and green?

    3. SableFox

      @Yu - since Matt is going to do both white and black pips for red dice then the potential flaws in the poll don't matter.

    4. SableFox

      @Yu - since Matt is going to do both white and black pips for red dice then the potential flaws in the poll don't matter.

    5. Missing avatar

      Yu Shiyang on

      I meant "whereas those who like red pips will only vote for red pips."

    6. Missing avatar

      Yu Shiyang on

      There is a problem with your poll for black dice.

      Those who like silver pips the most would probably prefer white to red pips, and same for those who like white pips the most. However, these people will be split between white and silver pips, whereas those who like red pips will only vote for silver pips.

      This means that the white/silver pips are likely to lose out not because they are less popular, but because the votes have been diluted.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alex Petrucci on

      You're doing a very good job running a dice kickstarter! I love supporting dice kickstarters and the other ones' managements have been disappointing. I haven't done the math, but I'd be happy with either of dice formations. Haha, I'll probably try to figure out the stats and voice my opinion based on that.

    8. John Tropiano Jr. on

      These are going to be game changers

    9. Matthew White on

      @David From my understanding, distribution of weight is what highly promotes having the same face on each side, so that the die does not prefer one opposite face over the other, unlike with D6 dice. I don't see a need or benefit in making all the face add up to 7, or an easy way to set that up either in terms of symmetry.

    10. Justin

      Very happy about the standard decision. I'll stay onboard then!

    11. David Nishijima on

      Having the same number of pips on opposing faces can create a situation where the dice and be more easily manipulated during rolling. Honestly that isn't a very big dead but why not just keep the standard layout of opposing sides adding to the same sum, like 7 on a normal d6?

      You could copy the layout of a normal d12 where 1,2 = 1 pip; 2,3 = 2 pips; 4,5 = 3 pips and so forth.

    12. Raging Robot

      Check your messages!

    13. Raging Robot

      I could be on the same page if you would answer my questions I sent you days ago!!!

    14. J Wes Goswick on

      I'm staying on the same page. Everything looks good to me!

    15. Karlen on

      Red five, standing by!

    16. TRV

      Hey, I would REALLY like to see some Arkham Horror/Eldritch Horror dice come out of these. I would like regular, blessed and cursed dice. Green, Red, and Blue. There are a lot of Arkham Horror players out there.

    17. SableFox

      "NOTE: please respond to this update in the general comments section so we can all stay on the same page."