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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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SG #6 Unlocked; Size; Pip colors and arrangement

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Hey, Team Doublesix,

We continue to hold steady, chugging right along. 


  • Doublesix Dice size will likely be 19mm face-to-face
  • Stretch Goal #6 Unlocked: Extra dice roll added to all Random Rolls.
  • Add-ons are pending and to be determined.
  • White beat out silver pips for Black dice, but red still needs to be considered. 
  • Black and white pips pretty much tied for Red dice. 
  • Most preferred the Standard pip arrangement, and we will produce those first, as planned. 
  • But there will be another poll (with images) to firm up pip colors, and to gauge interest in other mold options for later.

DICE SIZE: Doublesixes are slated to be 19 mm face-to-face, like the dice in the video (an image below).  I want them larger than 16 mm or 17.5 mm to allow enough room for 6 pips on a face without looking crowded or too small. 

One extra dice roll added to all RANDOM ROLLS (original color; 6 total dice rolls, giving an average of 21 dice). Sorry, but I won't be able to mix up the colors on this one, so you will only get the Classic Ivory. 

ADD-ONS: I will likely have add-ons towards the end of the campaign, once I get a better sense of how many different colors there are.  Thanks for your patience on this one.

PIP COLOR POLL RESULTS: The poll was confusing to some, who ranked 1-5 best to worst, instead of rating 1-5 least preferred to most preferred.  I quickly made edits and clarified the directions (within minutes), so the damage was minimal.  Here are the following results for Black Dice, where WHITE is the most preferred pip color, with SILVER a close second:

 A vast majority of the 87 comments suggested RED pips as an option.  


For Solid Red dice, the results are below, with BLACK and WHITE pips neck and neck, with WHITE having the slight edge:

 Most of the write-ins were for green. 


Because I didn't initially add Red pips to the BLACK dice poll, I plan to poll again between White, Silver, and Red pips.  Red does look cool on black, but harder to read. 

For the RED dice, I will do a run-off vote between White and Black pips.

I hope to have sample images for each of these options, so folks have a better sense of what to expect.  And yes, this new poll will be clearer and better worded.  The poll results don't necessarily determine the final outcome, though I will weigh the results heavily when making the final decisions.

PIP ARRANGEMENT: About 64% of you preferred the Standard pip arrangement (like on the prototype and typical pipped d6's) over the Larson arrangement (see update #8).  This is what we will be sticking with (i.e. we are continuing with Standard pip arrangement).  However, many of you suggested the Hybrid option, mostly with numbers 1-4 being standard, and 5 and 6 being Larson. 

The next general poll will try to gauge how many folks would actually buy Hybrids or pure Larsons, as well as FUDGE DICE and d(3x4)s.  This will help determine what other options should be considered for this Kickstarter, or my next one.

Thanks again for all your ideas and feedback.



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    1. SableFox

      I second what Arthur said, you can use a permanent marker pen to turn your pips black.

      White is the "universal colour" in that you can change it to any other colour you like. I used a yellow highlighter pen to turn numerals on my black (d10) dice yellow - twenty years on and they are still bright yellow.

      Any alternative pip colour change method is hobby enamel paint - just dab it on roughly and wipe of the excess with a tissue. I know people who have used nail polish to get fancy colours and pearlescent effects too ;-)


    2. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @Jonathan: Random Rolls will still get the bonus colored dice (+2 black and +2 red at the moment). The rest will be Classic (Ivory).
      @Benny: not sure what you are referring to. But at the moment, everyone will get Standard pip dice, mostly in Classic, with some Black and some Red (from the Stretch Goals).
      @Tim: I plan to poll for Hybrid options (to see if it worth making a second mold). Standard was the winner in the first poll, and it is also the de facto winner as I have determined that we are sticking with the first mold being Standard.
      @Christopher: good suggestion. The poll for Hybrid may be to determine the preference for EACH number (except 1).
      @Leila: interesting idea, especially to potentially provide for the previously discussed Dual option (ie, dice can be used as a d12 and a d(2x6)). However, I don't plan on pursuing this at the moment.
      I agree that red on black is hard to read (even in my photo). But I gotta say, the reverse, black on red looks pretty cool. I am going to find samples to show everyone. But I also love what Arthur suggests (the option of converting white to black with a Sharpie) so I will test that out.
      @Trish: Regiment states it well. But as a Random Roller, you will still be getting the same number of colored bonus dice as the dozen dice options (I think I need to clarify what non-bulk means as others have also been confused).
      @Charcoal: you are correct in that I won't do a re-poll. But I plan to do another run-off poll, so hopefully that will satisfy some of the Hanging Chadders.
      @Kickstart: too hard to have two colors on the same dice, as dice are dipped in paint then tumbled. But yes, folks have been curious about the possible Dual Dice option.

    3. SuicideKing

      2 pips colors on the same dice? Would be a d(2x6) and a d12 at the same time?

    4. Missing avatar

      Anssi Poikonen on

      Also, I would like to add that I agree with Criswell. A lot of people like to see what they are used to and can easily recognise. I have friends that almost refuse to play with dice that have 1 replaced with figure.

    5. Missing avatar

      Anssi Poikonen on

      Just wanted say first that I am really happy with this project.
      But i wanted to say what a lot of people all ready said, i have dice that are black with red numbers on them and if you don't play on table that is well lighted they are kind of hard to read (they are little hard to read even when you are playing on well lit table).
      When we roll dice feeling of immediately realising the result is so important that only some of my art dice are used in games no matter how amazing most of them look.
      But i am only 1 of over 2000 backers and i'm all ready getting 50 white dice, so i'm happy :)

    6. stevereg on

      Trisha - when the pledge levels were written, before anyone pledged, only the standard color was even dreamed of, no other color existed.

    7. Charcoal Wolfman on

      I think even if the black one red/red on black is difficult to read I would still get them simply because, to me, they look more sophisticated.
      And for the folks still whining about the poll, from what I can tell he has taken people's revisions into consideration already, and he has already stated (in all-capital letters no less) that there will be no re-polling. If it is that important to you, probably he'll include another "other" box in the next poll and you can vote for your favorite that way. Also, you can use this experience as a learning experience to enhance your critical thinking skills.

    8. Trisha Lynn of Saucy Goose Press LLC on

      Also, it doesn't state in the description on the sidebar (and the pledge confirmation page) that the RANDOM ROLL options are for standard die only. If I'd known that, I would have opted for just the 12 dice.

    9. Trisha Lynn of Saucy Goose Press LLC on

      Regarding color preference on the RANDOM ROLL II, I would add $5 to my pledge if I could get red dice instead of the standard ivory color. Might you consider making that an add-on?

    10. Arthur Levesque

      Going back to this, again: "Doublesix Dice can also be the perfect gateway accessory: Swap in your Doublesixes for the stale dice in your non-gamer friends' games (like Monopoly and Backgammon), and soon they will be wanting to take on Advanced D&D"

      Make sure the dice aren't so big that one cannot comfortably hold and use two or more in one's hand for the various games in which they'll be used.

      White pips on red do stand out better than black ones; also, people who prefer the other option can much more easily change white pips to black (with a Sharpie marker, leaving the die's balance unchanged) than the other way around.

    11. stevereg on

      Second what Sable says - white pips on red. Black on red (or vice versa) almost literally cannot be seen by many; they won't accept 'em, won't use 'em.

      Hurray for the classic pip arrangement.

    12. SableFox

      I really hope you don't go for the red and black combination. They are much more difficult to read that black and white or red and white. Also a sizable chuck on the male population are colour confused and they will find it particularly hard to red on black / black on red dice.

    13. Dice4hire on

      I would like to see hybrid, as it will be more unique. I am fine with the standard arrangement also.

      I do not think it will take most people more than seconds to learn the new arrangement.

    14. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      The problem I see with Larson 5 and 6 is that too many people are going to see Larson 6 and think 5, and too many people are going to see Larson 5 and think 4. Yeah, we can get used to the change, but if we want to totally penetrate the market, we need to consider the kneejerk rejection response. I want to see a dot in the middle of my 5, and something that resembles boxcars on my 6, and four corners on my 4.

      Have you ever noticed when Penn and Teller do a card trick on TV it's always the 3 of clubs? They once explained, and I'm giving you the extreme short version here, that higher pip arrangements are tough to tell apart on playing cards, but 3 is easily recognized.

      So, if the goal is total market penetration, and I mean even casinos ultimately, boxcars gotta be boxcars, 5 needs a center pip, and 4 has to be 4 corners. It doesn't really matter if 2 and 3 are diagonal or not. Center pip =3, no center pip = 2.

      I mean, I happen to LOVE the pentagon 5 and pentagon 6 with the central dot, because on a d12, they are totally natural, but I'm thinking about those who will flat out reject them on that same basis.

    15. Leila Ross on

      I`d take the Larson over the standard any day, but I would prefer a hybrid with the standard 1,2 & 4, and Larson 3, 5 & 6. Though that is misleading as 1 & 2 are essentially identical with both styles and I am the most conflicted with the 4.

      Strangely enough another viable idea is to use both layouts on the same die. Especially if you can somehow differentiate the 1's and 2's from each other.

    16. Christopher Willett on

      Hey! I love this project and I'm super excited. Great work so far!
      I like the standard 3 and 4, and the pentagon 5. The 1 and 2 are of course the same, but I'm on the fence about which 6 I like. Would it be possible to send out another survey with individual questions for each of the faces (3, 4, 5, 6)?

    17. Tim Braun

      You cannot consider the standard pip placement the winner because your poll design was flawed. You provided two inferior choices without providing a way to gauge interest in the hybrid Larson design.

    18. KevinR

      I'd prefer a hybrid with only 5 from the Larson design; 5 as a pentagon seems natural enough, but 6 as a dotted pentagon seems harder to read than the standard boxcar. Between all traditional and 5/6 hybrid, I'd choose traditional though.
      Thanks for the opportunity to opine.

    19. Adam on

      Hybrid sounds like a bad idea

    20. Benny "Y-Prime" on

      Do we get dice of one or the other? Or do we get a mix of both?

    21. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      I like the hybrid layout for 5 and 6.

    22. Jay Lark on

      When you say you won't be able to mix the color on the random rolls... You aren't saying they would get the bonus colored die from stretch goals, right?