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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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22 hours to rate the Logo finalists; Final base colors determined; Over-pledging; Doublesix Friends

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Hey Team Doublesix,

LOGO FINALISTS: please rate and comment on the 8 logo finalists here.  99designs only allows for 22 hours per poll, so time is limited.

COLOR FINALISTS: See the final results here.  Black is the clear winner and will be the first color (X) produced. Blue and Red are neck and neck, but since I may have split the red vote by having both solid and clear/translucent as options, solid red will be the second color (Y) made.  If we hit further stretch goals, blue or translucent red may be made.  I am also thinking of a limited-run Kickstarter green, with 2 dice going to each backer, and none left over and never to be made again (perhaps becoming collectors items:).

Starting on Monday, we will all vote on the color of the pips for the black base dice.

OVER-PLEDGING VS. ADD-ONS: Backers who were able to pledge for a tier with limited availabilities (250 each) will only be able to get one (ie. you cannot over-pledge and then expect double or triple that tier).  However, you will likely be able to over-pledge to get the STANDARD or BULK tier (but not RANDOM ROLL II).  There will be several add-ons (TBD) at the end so you all can get a lot of the dice you want, and in the available colors you want.  I will figure out details closer to the end, and may include a Backerkit to help.  Don't worry, you are always able to adjust your pledge (including amount) prior to the ending.

DOUBLESIX FRIENDS: Please check out these other Kickstarters that may be up your alley.  With this type of cross-promotion, everyone wins (you discover other cool projects, we send folks their way, and they send folks our way and we may get more Stretch Goals unlocked as a result):

Warring Kingdom: a direct player combat deck-building game (that may one day include Doublesixes).  

Tower of Elements 2: a real time strategy and city building game with match 3/tower defense combat (pc, mac, linux).

Ball Pit, Paul and Storm's new album: Which includes an RPG soundboard app (unlocked stretch goal) to help enhance your gaming sessions--app details are halfway down the page.

Ironthread: The American Slim Wallet. Not a gaming related, but for all you folks looking for products Made in the USA.

Thanks, all!


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    1. Thom Snow on

      Dhanika has plenty of talent, but I can't believe that design is #123.
      #36 and #53 are clearly superior. I've been told I'm just a critic, but I feel the whole point of asking someone's opinion is for them to give it. Gradient fade out of vertices is unsettling. A pair of 6 pips on the one die, which doesn't accurately represent the physical product is also disturbing.
      #36 and #53 have full borders and they do accurately represent the physical product to an observable extent. #123 is also written in all capital letters with very rounded edges which is also unappealing. #36 is only slightly better and #53 is best for being most legible.

      Please, people, do the right thing and give #36 the 5-star. Also, as a final note, I've never heard of Ziher designs before in my life. I don't even care that they made #36 beyond the fact that they made it. I picked the logo which was most pleasing to me and I think you might agree with the reasons why .

    2. Raffaele Negrin on

      Kickstarter green!!!

    3. Dice4hire on

      No translucent please

    4. Missing avatar

      John J Goodhand on

      Yes, I love the idea of a One-Time, Limited-Run production of "Kick-Starter Green" collectible dice with one or two going to each backer, but I would like to see them in translucent acrylic if possible.

    5. schiko on

      Yes! Kickstarter green!

    6. Kristen on

      I love the idea of Kickstarter green!

    7. Mattias Krantz on

      did black win!? oh well, i guess i have to wait untill blue or maybe red..

    8. Erika - Ninja Cowgirl of Brimstone

      +1 Kickstarter Green

    9. Aaron Pope

      Limited KS edition, as green nonetheless (and with black pips to match the KS logo), would be a pretty nice touch to the project.

    10. Kion

      I'm with the rest of the folks here: green KS dice idea sounds awesome! ;)

    11. Raging Robot

      I did the random roll $8 pledge by the way!

    12. Raging Robot

      So if I add$25 to my pledge I can get the bulk order also with rewards and multi color options?

    13. Dice4hire on

      If colors do not need the minimum order, I would live some green KS dice also.

    14. Bryan on

      Green is my favorite color... So a hearty YES from me on the limited edition green KS dice. Also... Stoked to hear that the red dice will be second in the color line. Heroquest DoubleSix... Oh yeah!

    15. Joshua Root on

      Might want to promo "flint and tinder" for stuff made in the USA. They have the bluelace project going. Check it out as well as their site. Us gamers support domestically produced products as well.