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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
6,916 backers pledged $133,495 to help bring this project to life.

Voting on additional colors begins; Stretch Goal #4 UNLOCKED!; Recent Press; Logo voting pending

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,

We are moving right along!  Way to think outside the cube.  Thanks for all the comments, questions, support, and pledges.  Here are some quick updates:

STRETCH GOAL #4 ($23,000): UNLOCKED! 10 additional Y colored dice added to each BULK order.  Nice!

To simplify things, we are starting with a vote on the base colors first, and then we will vote on the color of the pips.  We will likely start with determining the top three color combinations.  FYI: With the current manufacturer, we will have to do a minimum order of 5,000 per new color (I misquoted 1000 earlier).

LOGO POLL:  In about 10 hours, we will start voting on the Doublesix Dice logo.  You can check out all the current submissions here.  I will choose the top designs that everyone will then vote on. 

RECENT PRESS:  Check out where we have been mentioned online here (which is a page on the Doublesix Dice website currently under construction). Please let me know if you see DD mentioned anywhere else, and I will add it to the press page, which should also hopefully send folks to those sites. 

Thanks all! 


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    1. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Criswell: I will post a link later today to a poll that 99design hosts. I realized the poll can only be open for 22 hours, so I didn't want to start it late last night (EST).

    2. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      How does 99 designs voting work? Do I need to create an account for something I likely will never need to use again? Or should I express what I like here? I see very few that express the essence of the product, but among those few, I like #52 best. Many of the logos look like they haven't even looked at the project at all!

    3. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Justin: yes, it is just one voter per IP, but I meant that a voter can vote for several options, including both clear red and regular red (not one or the other, which would have split the red vote). But glad to hear that you care enough to recruit your wife to vote, but honest enough to stuff the ballot box despite having the means to do so.

    4. Justin

      Multiple votes? Seems to be one vote per IP. While I have access to 255 IPs...I'm not that big of a douche. But I will admit I voted at work wife...yeah, my wife voted at home.

    5. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Criswell: very interesting. Never thought of that. Though both negligible and irrelevant for most backers, I wonder which is more important for fairer dice: the same weight balance on opposing sides (ie. the same number of carved out pips) or lower axial number.

      Hmm...this may be a question for the Washington-Lee math club. Since I am forbidden by KS to give them a donation, I think I can pay them a $300 consultant fee to help us determine the best layout for the dice.

      Arthur: I am afraid you may be right. Though folks can make multiple votes, I may need to do a run-off vote.

    6. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Black by itself is boring, yes, but add brightly colored pips, such as orange, and you get something nice. I think that is why black is getting a lot of voting love.

    7. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      The layout of the numbers is a key element. Why do d6's opposite faces always add to 7? So that there is an axial (all around total) of 14 no matter how the dice are held or thrown. If it were not this way, you could hold and throw the dice with a higher axial number to induce larger rolls, or lower ones. Imagine a spiteful gm using this to his/her advantage. I'm not sure what the axial total would be on a 2d6, but I'm hoping it would be constant all around. Did you know that FATE/FUDGE dice from say Q-Workshop are NOT axial zero, but those from Evil Hat are? That's right. Q Workshop have a +-+- arrangement, which means axially, blank,+,blank,+ or blank,-,blank,-. Evil Hat got around that with a ++-- arrangement for an axial zero, which removes the possibility of holding and throwing to influence the outcome.

    8. Arthur Levesque

      You're splitting the red vote...

    9. Sulucion

      why so many people voting for black dice? you people are boring. eos

    10. Matt Fleming Creator on

      ALL: LOGO voting will be delayed until later tomorrow evening, after I close the first round of color voting.

      Eric: thanks for letting me know about that one.

      Justin: yes, clear red means transparent red, or translucent red...almost like most casino dice.

      Marsha: sorry that I left pink one out of the voting :)

      J: I will look into that for the base and pip voting stage. Thanks.

    11. Jonathan Ricks

      PS why not purple? Do you all have a plethora of purple dice that I somehow missed out on?

    12. Jonathan Ricks

      The two sixes next to each other is symbolic of the company name and not the product. It works and is cool.

    13. Justin

      I like Dhanika's the best but I agree with the others...the six's shouldn't be next to each other and the proper opposites need to be maintained.

    14. Shaun Guth

      Also, some games I play require me to "turn the die over" - (making 6 => 1, or 5 => 2, etc), will these die work for that?

    15. Shaun Guth

      Some of those logos are sweet!

    16. Justin

      "other" - for those people who don't think it's politically correct to single out a color....

    17. Ryan Mayes on

      We need more votes for yellow :)

    18. J. Brandon Massengill

      I request that the poll be changed to an alternative vote style.

      I'd love to have an orange dice, but since it is really lagging behind, I'd also like to throw support in green's direction, but I can't! :P

      No biggie, but it is a better voting method. Especially with so many choices.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chuck Ledger on

      If the dice are going to have the same numbers on opposite facings, your logo should not have 2 sixes on adjacent faces. It gives the wrong impression. Two dice with all 6 numbers showing would be a better representation.

    20. Marsha White on

      As a woman who games, I'm going to make a completely stereotypical request and vote for pink. :)

    21. Justin

      By clear red do you mean transparent red?

    22. Matthew Sanders on

      Doublesix Dice brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Double D's"

    23. Eric Ylrac on

      Oh and it was on YouTube

    24. Eric Ylrac on

      It was mentioned by the dice tower by Tom vasel in the weekly news/ boardgame breakfast segment ...umm can't remember which one though it it one of the past 2/3 segments for sure though