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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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Update #4: Logo contest and misc.

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Hey, Team,

I hope all you United States of Americans had a nice Thanksgiving weekend.  I had family in town so was a little busy, but am now back to continue to help rock this Kickstarter. 

1) THE GIFT to a local high school math club via Ron Larson (original patent holder): Several of you alerted me that charity and donations were forbidden by Kickstarter.  Even though KS initially approved my proposal (which mentioned the gift) I wrote them and double-checked: "I mentioned wanting to give a portion to the original patent holder (patent has expired) or a charity of his choosing. Can I still give the funds to him (not a charity)?"

And they wrote back: "Thanks for writing in! What you're suggesting is explicitly prohibited by our guidelines. Projects cannot promise to donate proceeds."

Oops.  Sorry about misleading you all.  I thought it would be a nice gesture, but turns out it is verboten. I'll try to think of something else creative to do with the $300 I had earmarked for that cause.

2) BULK ORDERS: Some of you have requested options for more dice.  I emailed KS with that, too, and this is their response: "Thanks for writing in. Our guidelines limit rewards to no more than 10 of an item, and expressly prohibit bulk rewards. We've already made an exception to allow your 12 and 50 die tiers. Please do not add any further bulk tiers."

So we will stick with 12, Random Roll (I need to check with them on this one), and 50 dice. 

3) STRETCH GOALS: Yes, there will be some.  I plan on soon polling you all (hopefully Tuesday) for what other colors to be adding, and thinking about an easy way to offer/give these extras to you.  

4) LOGO: As promised, we are going to crowd-source and crowd-determine the logo for Doublesix Dice.  We are now taking submissions via 99designs, and soon, I will be asking you all to vote on the finalists.  Want to throw you hat in the ring?  Submit your design here, where the Qualifying Round will last for 4 more days. 




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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Farrell on

      As a colour-blind person, I would only suggest that if one of the secondary colours was red, that green wouldn't be included as the next colour (if there was going to be another colour). That's the same for blue and purple or even pink and grey. Damn you genetics!! :)

    2. Arthur Levesque

      I also vote for red as a secondary color. I have games that use both white and red dice.

    3. Happy Android Ideas on

      White and red are pretty standard colors. Settlers of Catan, Risk, and Shadow Run all use white and red dice (at my house anyway). I would like to see red be the next color or something outlandishly crazy.

    4. Jack Gaudette on

      I know that the Maine Historical gaming club has a proram for schools, and they probably would take any donations. The contact is Dean Emerson in Coopers Mills Me.

    5. Matthew Soffen

      Something else that could be considered once this project finishes ? Doing a D12 replacement for D4 (A pyramid does NOT roll well either) .

    6. Miles Matton

      It's too bad you didn't make your "product" be packs of 12 dice to start with, then 10 of "it" would be 120 dice :D
      Would also be convenient if you do add extra color options, I would think it would make packing up rewards easier to have packs of 12, much easier to count out for each order.

    7. Joseph Le May

      Realistically nothing can stop you from giving your money away once it's yours. You just can't mark it as a part of your goal amount.

    8. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Raphael, even Paul&Storm are lamenting how KickStarter is tying their hands on their campaign. What they are trying to do is different from what Matt is, but, the more people that realize this, the more likely others will find the need and fill it, and KS will go the way of the dinos, mammoths, and dodos.

    9. Kion

      Regarding stretch goals: as some of the gents already mentioned, it would be awesome to have more than one color to choose from. Lot of the games I play have red, blue, green and black dice, so having an option to choose from at least these generic colors would be great (speaking honestly, I backed this project almost only b/c I was hoping it would add color options at some point... otherwise, these awesome D6x2 dice are likely not going to be that much handy, to me personally at least)!

    10. Raphael

      @Criswell I guess KS follows the KISS principle: keep it simple, stupid. I guess most (small) campaigns make do with the current feature set. That is not to say I would not love KS to have proper tier, add-on and stretch goal management, but I'd also understand if they said "that's not how we want you to use our platform and we don't want to endorse such complicated campaigns". After all, many campaigns suffer a lot under this self-imposed complexity.

    11. Raphael

      It's also fairly common to give some product to charity. Say you were to repackage some board games with your dice and give them to nursing homes, children hospitals and what not; that would be okay, I guess.

    12. Missing avatar

      Graham on

      I have a feeling that all has been said ;)

    13. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      I love orange.

      The more I look at KickStarter, the more I think it's less about the project and the creator than it is about KickStarter. Did you know that if you decide to pull your entire pledge (not that anyone here is thinking about that, but on other projects I've seen it happen) that you get a form asking why. But here's the kicker - that form DOES NOT GO TO THE PROJECT CREATOR but only to KickStarter. Why do they NOT want the project creator to have access to the most critical data, why someone chose to pull funding? And why does KS only allow ONE survey per tier? Why do we need things like BackerKit, when KS SHOULD be providing CRADLE TO TOMB coverage of a project, instead of bailing on the last day of the funding campaign? Rant Mode Off.

    14. Maken X

      I think what KS means is you can't explicitly say on the KS page you are going to use part of the pledge as a donation as such, since the pledge is solely for kicking start your own project.

    15. Justin

      There's a major loophole that project creators realized a long time ago. Anything that's forbidden on kickstarter is only forbidden ON KICKSTARTER. Create a forum or Facebook page and do your side business there. People run contests and proclaim donations outside of kickstarter all the time.

    16. Jonathan Ricks

      I would love a mix of colors rather than choosing one color for all 12 dice. That is just my opinion. So if we unlock ivory, red, blue, and green I would love to select three of each

    17. Lou Anders on

      They say "Projects cannot promise to donate proceeds." So while you are forbidden to promise such action, there's nothing preventing you from choosing to make a donation of whatever amount of money you feel appropriate at a later time. You just can't guarantee in your Kickstarter that you will do so as a promise to your backers.

    18. Quickboots on

      my two cents for adding colors? Green die with yellow pips.