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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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The Second General Update

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Hey, All.

I love how we are still rolling!  750 Backers and Kicktraq thinks we are currently trending to over $100K (update here, which fluctuates)!! This is surreal!!!  I once dared to dream $50K during one starry-eyed manic moment, but after some recent test marketing, I was worried I wouldn't even make my goal.  The best thing about this for me? The validation.  The validation that some other people out there think the same things are cool. 

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and ideas.

Quick and dirty:

1) Keepin' it simple: The priority is executing the Classic Doublesix (pipped ivory) flawlessly and swiftly.  Now that our goal is reached, I will move forward as planned in producing the mold and first 10,000 units (vs. waiting until the funding period expires).

2) Other Options: Once production has been finalized, we can spend much more energy and focus debating other options, including Dual dice (that can function as d(2x6) and d12), Fudge or Fate Dice, D-Total (referred by Zed L), precision dice, others, and bonuses like dice bags and such.

3) D(3x4): We may also eventually explore this much in-demand variation, even as a whole other Kickstarter. However, we will need to clarify the extent of the demand, and how it will be better than other similar options already on the market, like the Chessex Urban Camo Roman and pipped Koplow (the latter, with 21 in stock, may sell out after this posting; and thanks to Ross T for the links).

4) Better Quality: the Classic is currently slated to be produced from a mold by a Chinese manufacturer (Ningbo Lijia). These will not be precision quality dice that casinos will be clamoring for.  They will have rounded edges, but should suit the needs of your average (and above-average) gamer.  However, since the interest and demand in d(2x6) seems clear, I want to explore other cost-effective US-based manufacturing options (with higher potential quality and quality-control).  I will resume this search, but will also take any leads (please post here, or message me).

5) Transparency: I have gotten some comments seeking more reassurance regarding my integrity and intent with this Kickstarter.  Please keep in mind that I am real person with my professional reputation at stake (, as well as another LLC that I want to keep in good standing (Sparkbugg, with proof of active VA state license here). Also below is a screenshot of paypal payments to Eric for the prototypes (March), and to Julia at Ningbo for dice samples (Feb).

Paypal payments for Doublesix Dice
Paypal payments for Doublesix Dice

6) The Gift: Ron Larson (a mathematician and professor) patented this idea in 1984, and though it has long expired, I offered him a gift.  This is our recent exchange:

Ron: Thanks for writing to me. It is fine with me if you leave my name on your project. It is not necessary to send any money to me. Best of luck with your venture.
Me: Thanks for your support! How about a charity I can send the money to in your name, or a donation to my local high school Math club?
Ron: Your local math club would be great.

So now we have $300 to spend on a donation to the Washington-Lee Math Club.  Maybe it can just be money, but how about some gifts or experiences? Feel free to brainstorm your ideas here (comment below), especially related to games, dice, geometry, mathematics, Kickstarter, and entrepreneurship. 

Enough (too much?) for now,



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    1. Missing avatar

      Jesse Fowler on

      So, are you going to give the math club $13,349.50? That seems like some pretty good scratch for pencils and calculators.

    2. Ed Holzman on

      If you wish to give a non-monetary gift to a math club, I would recommend contacting Tom Jolly and getting a copy of his really cool game, Got It! He ran a Kickstarter campaign for it last year (see for details). You can see more about this game at BGG (link )

    3. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Vincent, I do agree with you about products made in China designed to look like made in America, but this is not the case here. Matt has been totally up front about his source. I will admit that Chinese working conditions are in general atrocious compared to American working conditions, but, chances are that the American made dice would also cost significantly more, and that Matt has already considered this as an option.

    4. Raphael

      @Patrick I use precision dice for my RPG gaming. For the "action" or rather suspension, I use -- behold -- a good old leather dice cup. Easy on dice, ears and table, I can shake thoroughly and delay lifting for effect.

    5. SamuraiJack

      Matt, you might check with these guys.. they are in Kentucky..

    6. Matt Williams

      Also, I tend to prefer dice with numerals on them instead of pips. If there are others with the same mindset mayhaps an option to switch to numeral-faced dice would be good.

    7. Matt Williams

      A grab bag add-on would be nice later on down the line. A few dice of each of the options you come up with that way backers can get everything. Especially since I think many stretch goals will be met, and already would have been.

    8. Jason on

      If you want to hit $100K, I think you need to add more pledge options. The sub-$10 option was what sealed the deal for me and I think it would for others.

    9. Richard Berthelot on

      Oh. And you should just give the math club money. That wAy they can budget it together. Club project.

    10. Richard Berthelot on

      Oh. And you should just give the math club money. That wAy they can budget it together. Club project.

    11. Richard Berthelot on

      Prefer rounded edges myself. Have never been a fan of game science dice. Also wouldn't mind seeing a d3(4x) as well as the d4(3x).

    12. Patrick Daily on

      I prefer the rounded edges to "precision" dice. To get any "action" out of the precision dice you have to throw them pretty hard. That's fine at a craps table, not so good when you're playing at a table laden with miniatures and other game components.

    13. SableFox

      It is great that you funded so quickly, but I warn you to be wary of counting your chickens before they hatch :-)

      I wish it were $2/die. If I want to buy one and ship it to me it will cost me $7. I'd have much more desire for a rolling d4 than a d3 though.

    14. Mike Malley on

      I'm a fan of the d4x3, but not at $2 a die. Here's hoping you'd be able to do better.

    15. Raphael

      Ah, regarding Kicktraq: beware false hopes. Their predictor (I'd guess it's pretty much a linear regression?) does not deal well with high influx during the first and last couple of days. The predictions are usually too high for some time, in particular because most projects have a lull in the middle of their funding period. Check the predictions at two weeks in or so; that'll be more realistic assuming you can keep interest up by expanding the project.

    16. Raphael

      Since 3x4 = 4x3, I wonder if having d3 and d4 (in the appropriate quantities) on one die could work.

    17. Missing avatar

      erik stanfill on

      Vincent.... it's a much more complicated issue than you present.

    18. Vincent B. Donadio

      If you're an American, you should do your best to keep manufacturing of new products in America... Just the other day, I saw a big bag of frozen fish called "Great American Seafood" with a big American Flag on the front... on the back? Small print: "Product of China." I'm getting sick of things being passed for new or high-quality American products that are still being made by the terrible factories in China. Bring those jobs home and support OUR economy!

    19. Rose the Hedgehog on

      Honestly, I'm not enough of a gamer to know the difference between these dice and the really good dice that others are clamoring for. However, if that will make a big difference, I think you should go for that. Hold off on ordering for now and put it in the stretch goals. You have enough time, so spend a week or two researching the better options.