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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Hello, All.  We did it! (Thanks, Miguel from LA, for putting us over the edge).

I am floored and grateful for all the support.  I made the timeline to be 50 days because I thought I would need that time to market to reach the goal.  Wow.

I appreciate all the direct emails and questions, and I will get back to them shortly.  I think I am coming down with the flu, and have two wild daughters (2 and 5) to help put to bed, so I am going to sleep soon after they go down.

Some items:

1) August was a very conservative date, but I hope to get these dice to everyone ASAP, but will need to rely on the manufacturer and shipping companies, which will be out of my hands. I wanted to under-promise and over-deliver.  I will update you every step of the way.

2) Kickstarter only asks for what the additional cost is to ship outside of the US, but doesn't account for the less expensive shipping to Mexico and Canada.  I plan to figure out a way to compensate these other North Americans.

3) The dice are to be made out of acrylic, with engraved dots machine painted, and the samples I got were sized 17.5 mm (face to face).  The handmade prototypes in the video are larger, which I prefer (the dots will be less crowded), so I am waiting to get the quotes (exact measurements and cost) on the larger sizes, and then let the community vote on size (there will not be an upcharge).

4) In my pledge to be transparent, I plan to continue to summarize, as well as post screen shots of the correspondence I have with the manufacturer.  

5) I have heard the demand for more color options.  I was assuming that the entire 10,000 production run had to be in one color, but as I think about it, I am not so sure, so I have emailed Julia (at Ningbo).

6) D4 as a D(3X4) (12 sided dice marked 1-4 three times) sounds like a great idea (thanks to those who suggested it), but we will have to make 10,000 units of those (including a new mold) and I am not so sure there will be enough demand to justify the cost.  But I will eventually poll the community to gauge interest.

7) Possible stretch goals: dice bags (with logo), dice trays, other colors, other sizes, maybe the D(3x4), other material (I have been inquiring about metal).  You guys, Team Doublesix, will help me decide.

That's it for now. 

Gratefully and humbly yours,


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    1. Ross Thompson

      I don't know. I think it would look sufficiently different that it wouldn't be a problem, but I don't think I could say for sure.

    2. Missing avatar

      Zed Lopez

      5 in a pentagon shape and 6 as a pentagon with dot-in-center sounds neat. But I wonder if in practice we'd end up fighting an instinct to read the latter as a 5, given our lifetime of experience reading dot-in-corners-and-center on d6's.

    3. Ross Thompson

      And maybe even have the 6 be a pentagon with a middle dot?

    4. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Great comment, guys. I remember caltrops and had an instant visual from my D&D days.

      Looks like a lot of love for d(3x4), and some for Fudge dice. Thanks to Ross for the link for some existing examples of d(3x4) (and I like the support for the pentagon arrangement, which I had chewed on prior. And thanks for learning me/us what a quincunx is :)

      Stay tuned for Update #2.

    5. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      While other 3d4 exist, I think as mentioned a Numbered 1-4 one would be unique, and fit the need for classic Magic Missile Pathfinder/D&D rolling. Besides, d4s are worse than Legos when they get lost in the carpet! Can you say IRL caltrops?

    6. Missing avatar

      Game Beaver on

      Nice Mate! Congrats

      Keep us posted.

      From 'Down Under' - "Oztraya"

    7. Missing avatar

      Zed Lopez

      I've already got a bunch of 12-sided d4s... what I'd really like to see are 12-sided fudge dice.

      It would also be cool to have a variant on the dTotal:

      a 12-sided died that can be read as a d3, d4, d6, d12, df, with a different version in each corner of the pentagon.

    8. Ross Thompson

      Given the shape of the sides, I think it would look good to have the pips on the 5 arranged as a pentagon rather than a quincunx.

    9. Ross Thompson

      12-sided d4's are already a thing:

      I gave up on tetrahedral D4's a while back, and these are one of several replacements that use these days.

    10. Chayne VandeZande

      I'd up my pledge to add on a D(3x4) as well as a D(4x3). Metal dice would be cool, but more colors seems like a better way to go. And on size, the larger dice sound better to me, but that's just this man's opinion.

    11. Missing avatar

      Burlett Thomas on

      I love the idea of both D(3x4) and D(4x3), as they all have the original problem of 'not rolling enough'. I'm okay with acrylic so I'd like more colors rather than other materials. I'm not sure I'd up my pledge for a dice bag though, as I handmake mine ;)
      This was for my view.

      Time to congratulate! I instantly thought the d2x6 was a great idea when I saw it, and I'm glad you put it on kickstarter. You really rock, good sir! I loke how great, innovative projects related to my favorite hobby, aka p&p roleplaying, flourish on Kickstarter and are widely supported. Your project was one of the best, and the fact that it was funded in two days just empathizes it!

      Again, congrats!!

    12. SableFox

      To distinguish, a d(2x6) could have pips and d(3x4) could use numerals.

    13. Jason on

      Generally speaking, I would rather see some of the ideas out of item 7 above other than the D(3x4). That would be nice, but I would rather have other colors and and a dice bag (I'd even add to my pledge). Could we even get a D(2x8)?

      On a D12, you can have:

      * D(1x12) - normal d12
      * D(2x6) - what we pledged
      * D(3x4) - proposed
      * D(4x3) - proposed
      * D(6x2) - d12 fudge!

      With a D20, you can do just as much:

      D(1x20) - normal d20
      D(2x10) - 2 d10s, odd shaped dice
      D(4x5) - 4 d5s, unusual dice
      D(5x4) - more of the proposed
      D(10x2) - d20 fudge dice!

    14. Matt Williams

      I support the D(3x4) as well. Also, a D(4x3) would be neat as well since so many games call for D3 rolls and I have never liked the whole "roll a D6 and cut the number in half" thing.

    15. Mark Shocklee

      Count me in as another person supporting the D(3X4). I would definitely up my pledge to have some of those. I also second the idea of making them visually distinct so its easy to differentiate them from the D(2X6) if they are made - maybe a different color.

    16. Missing avatar

      Damon & Peni Griffin

      I'd buy D(3X4) but may I suggest you do something different with the die size or perhaps the pips, so they'd be more visually distinct from the D(2x6). I don't want to have to examine multiple faces of a die beforehand to see it I'm rolling 1-4 or 1-6.

    17. Edward Hamilton on

      My $6 was pledged mainly so I can endorse the whole "d3x4" idea, in hopes of getting it added as a stretch goal.

    18. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      d4x3 I will order a lot of them! Older folks have trouble picking up d4s... and often folks think people cheat when repeatedly "rolling" d4 and landing on a bunch of 4s in a row. Colors are always welcome.

    19. Adam on

      As far as size goes, larger is better. The ones in the video look perfect. And color options are a must

    20. Aaron Dykstra

      I am definitely in favor of D(3x4). Those little caltrops are killers around the house.

    21. Jim Pacek


    22. Chris Marshall on

      This'll be a fun twist to use on some of the board games I have kicking around the house... dice options are always nice to have :)