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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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Shipping update

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,

Summary: we are averaging about 1,000 packages shipped a week.  But as the orders get more complicated, this may slow down a bit.  Next update (this coming weekend), you will be able to see a database that clearly indicates which tier batches have been shipped (but no backer or ID info).

I am very glad and relieved that most of you seem happy with the product.  A few of you are not, and others of you may not be once you get them.  Once I am done shipping out orders, I will next work hard to make sure each one of you is satisfied (e.g. refund or replacements).


 Command central.

One person picks, another double-checks and packs. 



According to Shipstation (my postage and label printing software):

  • 1,155 packages have been delivered.
  • 1,163 are either in transit, or printed and packed (to be dropped off this week).

Please wait until next weekend's update before emailing me or commenting asking about your order. I am building a database that you all will be able to access that will clearly indicate which orders have been packed and dropped off at the post office.  

I am doing batches of orders:

  • They are divided by US no add-ons, US add-ons, Global no add-ons, and Global add-ons. 
  • I have initially focused on completing First movers, Early Birds, Random Roll 1, and early Bulk Backers (and US Standards with no add-ons).
  • Now that some trial global orders have been safely delivered, I am ramping up sending out early global orders.
  • I am trying to ship earlier backers first.  



If you are in the DC area, and interested in pick-up, please message me.  And if Labyrinth (DC) and Victory Comics (NoVA) are willing, picking them up there may be an option.



You should get an email with your tracking # from Shipstation when I print the labels, but this could be a few days before I actually drop the package off at the post office. Once they are scanned in at the Post Office, you should be able to see this indicated at the UPSP website. Prior to my dropping them off, you will likely see "Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS" for your tracking #.

  • US orders over a pound (e.g. Bulk with add-ons) and Global orders are dropped off on Mon, Wed, and Saturdays.
  • All the rest are dropped off on Wednesdays only (see below).

Please double-check your order (item list) in the email, and message me immediately if it doesn't match what you are expecting. 

FYI: The prices on the packing slip are my costs (not your costs), which is helpful for international orders (keeping the value low on the customs slip to reduce the chances that they will have to pay VAT).



Here a few problems I am encountering that are slowing me down:

  • Random Roll: your roll count wasn't making it from Backerkit (BK) to Shipstation (SS), so they had to write a script that was able to do so, but it was based on your old Kickstarter name, and similar names are getting merged.  So I have to clean all that up, and find about 180 missing backers.  Meanwhile, most all US Random Roll 1 will ship this Wednesday.
  • International orders: the customs field on the label only allows 5 items, so for each order that has more, I have to manually go in and edit the customs field.
  • Software issues: Over the weekend, I transferred several batches from BK to SS, but then cancelled them because of mistakes.  When I tried to resend them, they don't go through.  I have reached out to SS to try to fix this issue (but they didn't get back to me today).  Unfortunately, several of these batches were Early Bird US with Add-ons, and RRI Global (rest of Early Birds, including international, have been packed, as well as most all of First Movers; and the first 100 US Bulk with Add-ons).   
  • Bulk Rate Parcel Plus Lightweight packaging is saving me some money, but now requires drop off at a bulk processing Post Office, which isn't open on Saturdays. This means I will drop off most of these packages on Wednesdays only (my day off).  All international packages and US flat rate boxes (for orders over a pound, like all US Bulk orders with add-ons) can still be dropped off on the weekends at my neighborhood post office.



Most backers seem to be happy with the quality of the dice.  However, it looks like some of you have gotten bad batches.  I apologize for this, and will try to work with everyone to meet their satisfaction.  However, at the moment, I would like to focus on getting everyone their dice first, so if we could please wait several weeks before discussing alternative arrangements (like refunds or replacements), that would be great.

Why are some poor quality? As a few of you know, some of the Classics are lopsided because the large production run lead to some mold warping.  Once I discovered and diagnosed the problem (after 80K Classics were made), I paid more to have more frequent mold swaps for the colored dice.  The dice with smaller production runs are most consistent in their good quality (like the triple fours and non-stretch goal dice).


Back to packing and shipping,


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    1. Raphael

      My dice arrived today. Only two (out of three dozen or so) have superficial flaws, the rest looks amazing. It's hard to tell how fair they are just from looking at them briefly.

      FYI, customs did the "wave through" thing for my package (even without detachable invoice). As far as I can tell, the decision when to do that are made randomly, but larger packages stand a higher chance of being pulled out.

    2. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Thanks for the positive comments!
      @Kurt: please feel free to KS message me, or email me at if that is easier.
      @Henry: thanks for the suggestion, but too late to go with Backer #. All I had ready for Backerkit to run the script was the link you guys accessed, which just had your KS name and the # of dice.
      @Raphael: good to know about German customs. I will see where I can get those detachable slips.
      @Ryan B: you are correct, sir!
      @Gustavo: please check your messages.
      @codedude3: Thanks for that info, kind words, and the podcast info (i'll have to check it out)!
      @Mitch: yours has been shipped.
      @Scott: sorry, but yours hasn't gone out yet, so there is no tracking number assigned. You will get an email when the label gets printed and almost ready to go.
      @HBB, Michael L, and Todd: oops, looks like we screwed those up. Sorry! I'll fix it.

    3. Chuck Dee

      Received my dice today... excellent work! Thanks for all of your perseverance from a happy customer.

    4. Todd Snyder

      Received my dice today, everything looks good in my opinion, love some of the colors. I am short 1 of the 12 ivory dice, I'm just going to act like I was suppose to get 10, in which case, I got an extra one! Thanks for seeing this through, and I hope you can sell doublesix dice for years to come and make all the pain of this project worthwhile. To reiterate - Happy Customer! I'll be watching for any more KS (or non-KS for that matter) projects from you (:

    5. Michael Link on

      Received my dice! They are awesome and the envy of my RPG friends. =) I didn't get my entire order, though. When will we be expecting an email about problems with our orders?


    6. Matt Williams

      I got mine today and they are so much better than I expected. Now I am just waiting for the set my wife backed. :)

    7. Joshua Lorimer on

      Got my dice! They rock!! I especially love the Triple-Fours. I can finally replace those weird pyramid dice with some that ACTUALLY ROLL! Well done Matt, and many thanks. Be sure to keep us informed of any future projects. I know I'd back you again.

    8. James T on

      I Just received all of my dice and I am very pleased with them. Great quality and I love the size. My 6 year old daughter quickly snatched up all the pink and purple ones and claimed them as her own. I may need to order more :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Brent Tebbe on

      Matt, I just got my dice. They look amazing! I know it's been a long campaign, and you've had your share of headaches, but I'm really glad you had this idea and I'm so happy that I backed you!

    10. Missing avatar

      HBB on

      Hey Matt love the dice I got. The Gold and Black Triple fours are great looking and the Otaku is as cool as I thought it would be. I just checked to make sure that I was supposed to get stretch goals for the triple four order I placed and it says that they do apply. Are they shipping in a different run or did getting the stretch goals for that order change at some point? If I don't get them it's ok, as my wife had placed a separate bulk order that will get them anyway (assuming she want to share lol) and the ones I got are worth the wait, so just wanting to get some clarification.

    11. Missing avatar

      Anthony Mai on

      Got my dice, thanks!!!

    12. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      Wow, dice look great!

      Hope those of you that got the Jazzy Bear are liking them. The black and gold are super popular over here!

    13. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      @ Mitch A. Williams -

      If you read the latest update, the only day that Matt can ship certain packages is Wednesday - because the bulk post office in his area is not open on the weekends, so you should see an update today (Thursday).

      Matt probably printed the label and packed your dice on Thursday or Friday last week, and yesterday (Wednesday) was the first day he could make the drop off to the post office.

      I suspect many of us will see a multiday delay in going from pre-shipping to shipped because of this.

    14. Mike Brodu on

      oh-oh!... I got a tracking number! Now the long (short) wait commences :)

    15. Missing avatar

      ScottTHuber on

      ok for some reason im not able to find my tracking number at all to look up on usps i have completed the backerkit info moths ago update stuff im quite frustrated at the moment

    16. John Payne on

      Got mine. They're great! Thanks!

    17. Mitch A. Williams

      Hmm, USPS tracking sure leaves something to be desired... my tracking notice has been on 'pre-shipment' for 6 days now.

    18. Von Quiroz on

      Got my Bulk Level order, with add-ons. Other than a few paint flaws (bubble traces) and a couple of pip positions, the dice are great addition to my collection. Going to be replacing many of the old d6 with these. =)

    19. MrNastyButler on

      Got my dice and I love them!

    20. codedude3 on

      Great to see things are going pretty well now.
      On the Random Roll update you said some of the accounts weren't similar since some have changed, I think I would be one of them. I used to be at BinMatBro, but had/wanted to change it to current codedude3. Not sure if that would help you?
      I can't wait to get these in my hands, Matt, you have done a wonderful job keeping us updated and doing all you can do. I wish there was an award from Kickstarter about excellent management of a Kickstarter we could give you!
      Also, noticed one of the pick up locations was in DC. Not sure how interested you are in Dungeons and Dragons, but I'm going to assume somewhat with the dice. There is a great podcast located there called Godsfall. Might be a good listen to while you pack dice? I don't know, just a suggestion.

      Thanks again Matt!

    21. J. Brandon Massengill

      Mine came in yesterday. SO MANY DICE!!!!!

      I did notice a few with an incomplete pip here or there, but overall I am very pleased.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kirby Gehman on

      Whoohoo!! One step closer! Loving it, Matt, thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Rolunde on

      Mine arrived yesterday and they're fantastic.
      I got a bulk order plus some add-ons.

      Besides the Classic White, out of that huge pile of dice the only one that I would call "flawed" is one of the yellow with black pips is lopsided (and the other 5 of that are all just fine).

      About maybe half my Classic White are lopsided - questionable, but the other half of those all look fine too. Now I don't need nearly that many White ones and as has been said the cost was so low per die that I have no problem with this at all.

      TL;DR the Dice are Great, I love 'em. Good Job!

    24. Jenn Bateman on

      Thanks for all your hard work and constant updated Matt!! I appreciate everything you have done with this Kickstarter.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Campanelli on

      I received a notification that my order has been shipped. I know it'll be some time before it arrives, but I can't find anywhere the tracking number, and I need it to declare the package for Argentinian customs. So as soon as you can provide that I can finish the paperwork before it arrives. BTW, thanks for keeping us constantly updated.

    26. Paul Holden

      @Matt, I guess it is probably easiest for all international orders to go the same way but for the UK I would expect the customs declaration to just say toys or dice or Game Components and a value. Don't recall ever getting a package with fully itemised list except from major companies eggs, my laptop. Germany is obviously different.

    27. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Box O Dice arrived.Utterly amazing. Thank you Smiling Matt.

    28. Raphael

      @Mantichor No, that would _not_ suffice. You need _both_ a complete statement on the label _and_ an invoice (detachable, outside).

      "x dice, y dicebags, ..." would be enough for the label, I guess; the specific types of dice are probably not of interest.

    29. Ryan Blackstock

      I'm sure Matt is guarding our privacy. As a psychologist, you have to abide by not only HIPAA, but often Federal Confidentiality as part of the job. It gets ingrained in you.

      Also, glad to hear the smaller batches turned out better....cant wait to see those beautiful Otakus!

    30. Mantichor

      In addition, it would suffice to just state "x dice" or some such on the label for international shipments. Just to save some of the extra work the invoices will cause ;-)

    31. Raphael

      Regarding international shipping, please be aware that the USPS shipping label is NOT sufficient to get packages through (German) customs. If they decide to check (they often wave through smaller packages without any checking) they require a detachable (!) invoice (!) on the outside (!) of the package. If they find such, they default to retaining the package and we have to drive there to pick it up.

      So please, please attach an invoice to the outside (!). There are self-adhesive foil pockets you can slip the invoice into.

    32. Mark Thomas on

      Glad that my privacy concerns have already been addressed! First thing I thought when teaching the update was not "great, I'll have my dice soon" but more "yikes! Privacy alert!" But I can breathe out now, thanks.

      And now I'm excited that my dice will be here soonish.!

    33. Steven Desmond

      Thank you for the in-depth updates Matt. You're doing an excellent job of getting these out to us as fast as possible. Though I haven't received my dice yet, I'm in no rush and know you'll get them to me when you can.

    34. Henry Swantner

      Though I now see my URL[original username]
      is still the same.

      Soooo ya. I don't know.

    35. Henry Swantner

      Just in case you haven't thought of it, but I'd guess you have or have run into it already ...
      You may want to go by KS Backer #. I've changed my display name on Kickstarter since the Random Roll II sheet was created, but I assume the Backer # is still the same.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kurt Specht on

      I just sent a Kickstarter message about signing up for local pick up. Was that the correct type of message to send or is there a preferred version (email, etc.)?

    37. Easter Aquino on

      Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii.

      I love my dice and although some are not absolutely perfect, perfect, perfect they are fantastic and we all got them for a song.

      You ran a great campaign and you updated promptly and often.

      Honestly and in my humble opinion, I do not think a refund is warranted but I admire that you would make the offer.

      Mahalo Nui loa

    38. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @Chad: sorry about the confusion, and I have edited the update to clarify:

      The database will only indicate roughly which tiers and batches (US w/ and w/o add-ons; Global w/ and w/o add-ons) have been packed and shipped (just numbers, and no specific info, like names and such, or even Backer #s).

    39. Chad Lagace on

      What is this database you are going to post. I don't want my address out there for everybody to see. I feel that would be disrespectful.

    40. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @Mike: Thanks, dude! And I had to order special boxes for larger International orders, and as soon as I get those, you will be getting your dice first thing! (for those of you wondering why Mike is getting special treatment, I am forever grateful for all his hard art work, and advice, that he has shared during and after the campaign).
      @Joe: so glad to hear.

    41. Joe Leidy

      Love my dice! You produced a great product.

    42. Mike Brodu on

      Awesome Matt! You're doing great!