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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
6,916 backers pledged $133,495 to help bring this project to life.

Over a thousand packages sent out.

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,


  • All the dice are safely in my house (not my driveway).
  • 1,020 packages were sent out on Saturday via USPS, and are trackable.
  • Most basic orders (US, not bulk, and no add-ons) were mailed out, and you can find your tracking number in your Backerkit account
  • I am going lean to save on money, time, and resources.  This means no packing slips (unless needed) or thank you notes in packages: just your dice. 
  • More packages will go out on Monday, Wednesday, and next Saturday.


  • The dice spent two nights in my driveway, untouched (ie. not stolen). 
  • After some attempts to ask neighbors to move them while I was at work all day Monday and Tuesday, I had to rely on professional help.
  • Movers had big minimums, and my family wasn't comfortable with me bringing day laborers over, so I found Mario on
  • His fee was $65/hr, and it took about 2.5 hours to move all 160 cartons from the driveway into my house.
  • You can see the video below of my video proposal of the job, a photo of Mario, and what it looked like after he was done.



As mentioned, we are starting with the basic orders (US-based, no add-ons) to get a good handle on shipping and fulfillment.

  • All US-based First Mover (118), Early Bird (116), and Standard (786) orders were mailed out on Saturday (see video below) at $2.22 per package. 
  • I sent out some trial packages to Canada and Australia to see how they do.
  • Most of the packing was done by my mother, who is upset that you guys have been waiting for over a year.  Also helping were my wife, two neighborhood boys, Junior and Anthony (who also filmed the video below), and some others. They are getting paid US minimum wage.  
  • Basic Doublefudge pledges (67; US-based, no add-ons) should go out on Wednesday.
  • Basic Triplefour pledges (160; US-based, no add-ons) will go out on Monday (photo below of my mom and buddy, Imran, packing these).


Because of some inconsistencies with Shipstation (my postage and labeling software), I noticed some cheaper rates one day that then disappeared.  This eventually made me aware of an obscure deal that USPS had (thanks to the email from my Shipstation contact, below).

I am looking to get a USPS Parcel Select Lightweight permit on Monday.  Once I get this, I can print out way more labels (for Bulk and anything more than the 5 oz. standard 12 dice and 14 stretch goal dice) at a cheaper postage rate.

  • I can mail out 5 oz packages (12 Classics/regulars and 14 stretch goal dice) at $2.19 instead of $2.22, with more savings as the weight increases.
  • Bulk packages (100 dice, no add-ons) are about 16 oz, and I can possibly mail them in the US for about $3, not $5.20 (small flat rate box fee).
  • This may help costs with global orders, and everything else. 

Here is a video of labels getting printed, Eden packing one mailer, and me taking packages to the Post Office:



Because I plan to use USPS for all orders (domestic and international), this means there will be tracking.  Shipstation should be sending out emails with this information, but it hasn't been working so well (I am looking into this).  However, you should be able to find your tracking number in your Backerkit account (access it via this link). 

  • These Kickstarter updates should give you a sense of if your package group/batch has been mailed out.
  • Only after your packing label has been printed, will you get the tracking number. But only after your package has been dropped off at the post office will that number work. 
  • Once you have your tracking number and know it has been dropped off, you can enter it HERE.
  • Please don't contact me about this until you are sure your package group/batch has been dropped off and you can't find your tracking info in your Backerkit account.

Error rate:

  • Because my mom wanted to make sure you got what you paid for, she began opening and counting the dice in each ivory bag and black stretch goal bag (they were packed in China).  
  • She found an error rate of about 2.5% for the Ivory bags, and 0% for the black bags.
  • Specifically, in the 120 Ivory bags she checked, one had 13 Classics, one had 9, and one had 4 red dice!
  • She stopped checking when she realized that there were about 7,000 orders.
  • If your order is not correct, please message me and I will take care of you.


  • Once I get the Parcel Select Lightweight Permit (about $250), I will start packing and shipping out First Mover backers with Add-ons, and international First Mover backers.
  • This will require printing out packing slips that match the labels with the correct postage. This may take a little while to perfect. 
  • I will also mail out a few Basic US Bulk (no add-ons) orders.  Since the Bulk packages are a hair above 16 oz, I will have to see if they can make it through with the 15.999 oz postage rate, which will be much less in cost than the 16+ oz rate. 
  • Random Rolls will be a significant challenge, as I will have to figure out how to first calculate the correct postage before printing out the labels and packing slips (which indicates how much the package will weigh).  
  • I will attempt to move to weekly KS updates to keep you apprised of the progress.

Continuing with Phase 3...


PS.  Here is the email from my Shipstation rep after I asked why the postage rates were different on different days:

  • " was previously giving the Parcel Select Lightweight option to all ShipStation merchants, but in most cases the service was being used incorrectly (an example being not meeting the volume requirement). Here is some more information on the service For this reason, USPS had remove the service so it does not show up by default. ShipStation was unaware of the change until it was reported by some ShipStation users. The good news is this service can be turned back on if you get approval through USPS. After you get approval, can turn it back on for your account."
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    1. Kevin Rank on

      Just got my dice. I would say side by side, the ivory are not quite as good quality as ALL of the others... but that COULD be the color distorts it.

      I want to say, though, the dice all look great, and just side by side the ivory do not look quite as crisp. I am EXTREMELY happy that I backed this project, and really appreciate all your hard work,

      @michelleAA As I said above, the ivory do not look as good as any of the other dice, they lack a certain crispness, but that very well could be the ivory + black dots causing that. Overall, I think the dice are very good, including the ivory.

    2. Missing avatar

      Zed Lopez

      woo hoo! I've got a shipping #! I'm amazed, Matt -- I really thought you'd be doing well to average 200 a week and we'd all be facing a year of shipping updates.

    3. MichelleAA on

      I'm curious. From people who don't think the quality is good, are you just talking about the ivories? I thought the quality issue was largely fixed for the other colors.

    4. Christopher Sanders

      Super impressed.

      would love to see a time lapse of all the boxes dwindling away as they go out.

      Can't wait to get these on the table!

    5. EAA00

      My dice came in and they look great. My wife thinks I'm silly for enjoying unique dice but these bad boys will go in the "box". The extras will make nice stocking stuffers too. Cheers and good luck!

    6. Canis Latrans on

      I got my dice yesterday, and they are wonderful looking. I hadn't paid attention to the stretch goals so I was completely surprised that I got a whole bunch of d6s along with my d4s.

    7. Ronald F on

      Like many others have said, TYVM for all of the constant updates! That alone has made up for any delays this has gone through. I have a random roll so I will be one of the last to get my dice and I don't care at this point, I also am not worried about any minor inconsistencies in the dice and will not be asking for a refund. With all you have gone through to get to this point I am surprised that you can even get a profit from this. Thanks again for putting this up and I am glad I backed it.

      Looking forward to my dice.

    8. Alexander Babanov on

      Random roll + add-ons here, so back to the end of the line I go... ~:-)

    9. Missing avatar

      Jordan Brock on


      Thanks for the updates. I know it has been harrowing at times but I want you to know I'm super glad I backed this project. Thank you for the dice! They look absolutely amazing and keep us in the loop so we can send people your way for future orders as I'm sure we will all have people asking us where we got them.

      Congrats on the successful project and thanks again brother!


    10. Michael "4ier" Telford on

      Did you add on any dice? Matt started with just the very basic no-add-on orders for now.

    11. Jason on

      I was a first mover and I don't see a tracking number in BackerKit. Am I missing something?

    12. Missing avatar

      Kevin Alvey on

      Here's an idea, if you do end up with a few pokey looking dice we should have a contest (away from KS) and vote for the "best" representative of the Wild World of Matt's Kickstarter perhaps even auction him off on ebay for charity. I probably would bid hope you all would too.

    13. Adam Moeller

      Got mine! They look and roll great. Can't wait to use them this Friday at game night.

    14. Jeff fearnow on

      And they are here and quite nice - all my bitching aside, i am happy.

      Thank you!

    15. Matt Fleming Creator on

      UDPATE: For now, the basic orders went out first (no add-ons). However, I will now be shipping by backer order, with a slight delay on Random Rolls (explanation below).
      The slight hold up has to do with obtaining the Parcel Select Lightweight permit (referenced in the update). I spent an hour at the post-office this morning talking to the Bulk Mail specialist about my options. Looks like I should be able to get that permit tomorrow, which means I can then print out non-basic orders and their packing slips at a reduced postage rate.
      The Random Rolls may be delayed because Backerkit is not exporting the Random Roll amount you guys entered (from the pledge question) into Shipstation (the postage, label, and packing slip software). I am exploring options with BK, which may require additional programming. Until then, I am sorry to say that Random Rolls (where each order has both a different dice amount, and thus different weights and postage) will be delayed until this problem is resolved.
      Thanks for the info on shipping.
      Thanks for the info on the quality. I wish all of you would be very happy with the quality of the product, but many of the dice could be better. I am considering a refund option for those of you not satisfied overall, and will discuss it in an upcoming update.
      If I do another production run (possible, based on popularity), I will be sure to pay more to swap out the molds early before noticeable warping. Because the dice from fresh molds look awesome, and those from older molds look droopy and sad. And you guys will get first dibs on them (at a reduced rate).

    16. Missing avatar

      Eric Shuman on

      While obviously I wish my order was the very very first to be shipped, I think it's equally obvious that starting with basic orders, then increase in complexity, is a pretty logical way to go about things.

      With 7,000 orders to sort through, and only one chance to get each one right, the way to do it is to go by categories: simplest to most complex. Any extra bells and whistles, no matter how simple, is still more data to sort through.

      No matter what order Matt went with (big orders first, small orders first, alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, distance near-to-far, distance far-to-near, all with backerkit, all without backerkit), somebody at the back of the line is going to complain. But it's still just him and a pretty small crew and they have to do something.

      We've come this far; getting impatient *now* won't do any good.

    17. MollyMock on

      Thanks for the continuing updates. Honestly, the updates alone were worth the price of admission. I am going to miss having to explain to my Saturday Night Catan group why the dice aren't here this week. It has taken on something of a movie serial aspect for us, and I can tell they were disappointed that the saga is drawing to a close. "Maybe they'll all get lost in the mail"

    18. Arthur Levesque

      Matt: "Most basic orders (US, not bulk, and no add-ons) were mailed out"

      So, you haven't shipped any orders with add-ons yet? My order does not appear to have shipped yet (according to the backerkit, and the fact that they are not yet in my hands). The only add-on that I placed was a donation to the tip jar.

      Just curious: Has my order been *delayed* because I chose to give you *extra money*?

    19. Missing avatar


      LOL dude your mom checked your dice bags! She must have checked our shipment because all is well. The Green & Blacks look REALLY nice! I am really looking forward to using them!

      The ivories in their great big dotty pile kinda look like they are thinking of ganging up on me. Sometimes when I look away it seems like they inched just a little bit nearer. Did one of them just blink? .....

    20. Bernard Assaf on

      Like others who have been commenting, I received my dice yesterday. Inside the padded envelope were two drawstring bags each with a handful of dice. Nice! As others have noticed, not all sides of every die are the same size or even shape. I suppose best words to describe some of the sides is lopsided or angled (think a square that is warped to turn into a rhombus), so they won't win any awards in the perfect polyhedron category, but I am thrilled to have them in my hands. I also echo the sentiments of others who have been impressed with the transparency, detailed updates, and honesty. The process you went through from start to finish on this project is both an inspiration and an education! Good luck with future projects and I'm glad your HOA didn't complain about your driveway / lawn decoration. :)

    21. Bryan Roberts on

      Got mine and they are great!

    22. Mark Thomas on

      Updates like this always make me feel a little sad. From the description of the process it looks as though non-US "Bulk" supporters will (apart from those non-US "Bulk" with add-ons) be the last to have their orders fulfilled - despite having contributed more to the project. I've never understood why projects always ship the items that take longest to arrive LAST, why not ship them FIRST so that arrivals are more closely distributed?

      Still, on the up side: a few more weeks is negligible compared to the total length of the project PLUS I will soon have my dice to play with. A bunch are going straight in my copy of Villagers & Villains and in my copies of Can't Stop, Castles of Burgundy and Merchant of Venus. Unfortunately, they won't be used for the original purpose - Arkham & Eldritch Horrors - because they have been superseded for that purpose by the CuCu dice Kickstarter project. Obsolete before I even take delivery! :) (only kidding, not complaining)

    23. Scarlet

      Got mine today and I have to say there's some noticeable quality problems. I looked through the dice and most are lopsided in one way or another. I think out of my (admittedly small) pledge I'll be able to find 2 or 3 decent dice.

      But! I'm not at all negative on this. You were upfront with us about quality problems, you communicated well and really I'm only out a few bucks.

      So really what I strongly encourage you to do is (eventually) run another kickstarter, find a better supplier and bring this product to full fruition with higher quality double d6s. I genuinely think this could be a great product to take gaming by storm if you can get everything worked out in terms of production.

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kennedy

      They are amazing! I got home to a nice little package on my desk and was pleasantly surprised. A couple test rolls in and already loving the feel. Can't wait to throw these against some of my players. They feel like there's a bit more tension because of the extra sides. So would buy more if I could.

    25. Matias Giachino on

      Amazing. You stuck it out and here we all are getting our dice. I love them and my respect for you and everyone who helped you is unending. Cheers.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ruth Ann Francis on

      My dice arrived today. What a great surprise. Aside from a couple with one or two uncolored or misformed pips, they're great. I like that they're kinda small as they fit in my small hands better than I was expecting. Thanks for sticking with this project through all of the challenges.

    27. DGoth on

      Your updates really are exceptional. I especially appreciate the summary that you put at the top. You hit the important points, and I can quickly see the necessary information, and then can choose to read more as I wish.

      Much better than one other KS I backed who provided a 5 minute video and no summary over something that could have been explained in a simple paragraph.

    28. Bumgurgle on

      I know this project was a challenge for you and struggled a bit there, but your hard work and perseverance have paid off! These dice are great! I'll be replacing the six-siders where ever I can. These roll so much better, you wonder why this hasn't been done already.

    29. Joel N. Fischoff on

      Got mine today. Looks great! I can't wait to use them in-game!

    30. Jolly Blackburn on

      Got mine today. Perfect. Thanks for staying communication along the way and staying engaged. I have no complaints. - Jolly R. B. KODT

    31. W Daniel Fichtel on

      I didn't expect to get mine so soon, but there was a wonderful surprise waiting for me in my mailbox today!

      Worth. The. Wait.

      They look great (that Kickstarter green is damn pretty), they feel great, and they roll... well, better. :) Thank you for all you have done to get this wonderful little product out to all of us!

    32. Brent Fox on

      Got mine today. They look and feel great. Thanks for the fun ride. I have told numerous friends and family about this experience. Not because it was perfect, but because it was so interesting. Each phase and all the hurdles you had to deal with were always shared in a transparent and honest way. I sympathized with you during the hard times was was exciting for you during the high points. In the end, a great product and excellent multi-year story was recieved. Congrats!

    33. Jacob Blackmon

      My DoubleSix Dice arrived today. They look great. Thank you!

    34. trinalin

      Mine arrived today - woohoo! Thanks for the dice - they look nifty! Now I just need to find some games to play that require dice. (Especially as I've now backed 2 other dice kickstarters. What is it about the appeal of nifty new dice?)

    35. Missing avatar

      Jimmie Bise Jr on

      I HAVE DICE!

      They do look a little odd just sitting there. The sides don't all look the same size. But I've rolled a few of them a few times and I don't see any obvious "weighted" rolls.

      They look just fine, feel good in the hand, and smell faintly of juniper and realized dreams.

      I may have exaggerated that last part.

    36. Ben Tidswell on

      Could you just note when you send out the Triplefours? I just want to know when I can start tracking.

    37. Bob Saunders on

      Got my DOUBLESIX DICE today, great job!
      My 6 yo daughter and I are making a Halloween board game with them.
      it's the first thing she wanted to do.

    38. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Wow. Thanks for keeping us updated. Things are moving fast now.

    39. LateToTheParty7

      Once again, thanks for such a thorough breakdown. You, your family, and Mario are awesome.

    40. Noel Yap on

      The quality of the dice isn't close to what I had expected. I have poor vision and I can eyeball that the pentagons don't have equal side lengths.

    41. Lorenz DasStift on

      About the 16 oz... Perhaps you could save that little weight using different envelopes. I don't think the dices would suffer that much if they were not in bubble wrap?

    42. Lorenz DasStift on

      Once in local postal service hands, their tracking info "may" be more detailed

    43. Lorenz DasStift on

      Tracking info for standard shipping (not EMS or global priority) is not that extensive once it goes into foreign countries (like, in my case, Spain), but it's more than enough. Once the shipment gets into spanish "Correos", you can expect only two lines on the tracking info; one tells you the shipment is on the local postal service hands, and the last when it's delivered.

    44. Jim McLaughlin

      Now I feel a little guilty for being a Random Roll backer! However, "significant challenge" would be an apt description for me, in general.

      Thank you, Matt, Eden, Matt's Mom, Matt's Wife, Imran, Mario and all who have helped with this.

    45. Arthur Levesque

      Works the other way around, too; tracking codes from China and Europe work on the USPS site once the package hits the USA.

    46. J. Brandon Massengill

      This may not work all the time and for every country, but recently I shipped something to Portugal from the US.

      USPS tracking worked while in the states, but when it got to Portugal the guy said the USPS # went dead. He was still able to track it using the ID# on the customs form.

      Again, it may/probably will not work with all postal systems, but that should work for some and definitely Portugal.

    47. Matthew

      I'm glad to hear the driveway holding area didn't end in disaster. :-)

    48. Gregory Matyola


      Thanks for your detail and perseverence!