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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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The Eagle has landed.

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,


  • The dice have arrived!
  • Video below shows cartons, some unboxing, and some set-up.

Here is a quick update, since I need sleep:

  • The cargo luckily did not go through a complete CET exam, as feared.
  • The dice arrived at my house this morning, while I was at work.
  • Mailing addresses will lockdown any moment now, but don't worry, I can make any changes, if needed.
  • I will send out some trial packages on Wednesday, including international ones.  
  • While I wait to make sure they reach their destinations intact (no problems with postage, weight, label, packaging, customs, etc), a bunch of us will start packing basic orders (without labels) throughout the weekend (ie. no add-ons).
  • Meanwhile, I will continue to transfer all the info from Backerkit to Shipstation (where I will pay for postage and print out labels).  
  • Once I finalize a system that efficiently coordinates labels with packing slips with proper postage, we will start packing more complex orders (Random rolls, and those with add-ons).
  • I will send out another update this weekend. 
  • Meanwhile, check out this Kickstarter game campaign by a fellow backer: Cogs in a Machine.

Photo taken by my neighbor.

Photo taken by my wife.  That is my daughter, Eden. She is 4. 

Video of cartons in driveway, unboxing, and mailing prep.

I opted to not pay over $200 for a POD container to store the dice in for just a day or two before moving them into my house.  As you can tell from the video, I have some mild fear that they may get stolen overnight.  It is a calculated, and minimal, risk. I hope I don't regret it. 


And now, on to the hard part...


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    1. Missing avatar

      James McCrea on

      Just a thought, would a simple polythene bag be 2oz lighter than the padded envelope? And then under the magic number? It seems like the dice bag itself gives a little bit of padding but that actually the dice would be pretty unlikely to get damaged anyhow. It may be the postage saving would cover the cost of a couple of damaged shipments?

    2. Starfury on

      Here's an idea: figure out how many dice/bags will fit into the small mailer w/ the cheaper postage. If an order goes over that just send a 2nd package. I know that first class mail is up to something like 12 oz; so if someone has 20oz of dice/bags just break it into two shipments.

      Not sure if this is a good idea...but it's an Idea. birthday is coming up in October...and it would be grand if they arrived before then...

    3. Jason on

      I probably would have posted that /after/ you had them moved inside, but again, that would require a forklift, multiple people, and a huge truck to steal. If your car is safe (which can be driven away with 1 person and no heavy machinery), these will be safe.

    4. Missing avatar

      John J Goodhand on


    5. Esmaya & Me on

      That's just awesome. Let us know how it feels after the first thousand orders have shipped. :P

    6. drow on

      i'd bet a couple of tons of plastic dice would be just fine.

    7. drow on

      you know what gets stolen? things which can get sold or pawned quickly and without much attention. five thousand dollars worth of siding? it can rot on the driveway for a year and nobody's going to touch it.

    8. Alex Neilson

      Feel free to process my package if you want an international (Australia) to test :)

    9. Riccardo Previdi on

      +1 for a photo of the entire Flaming family swimming in a pool of dice. ^_^

    10. Omicron (Matt) on

      If you want to test a Canadian shipment, go ahead and send mine. I did have some addons.

    11. Chuck Dee

      @christopherwpeterson - well said, and echoes my thoughts.

    12. Tom on

      You should fill up an inflatable swimming pool with these dice and let your daughter go swimming in them.

    13. Steven Desmond

      @Ryan Blackstock - If I were a would-be thief, they would catch my eye first lol.

    14. Ryan Blackstock

      I'm guessing the boxes marked "Double Fudge" would be the most vulnerable :)

    15. MichelleAA on

      I understand more fully now, if you weren't even guaranteed the pallets could go straight into the pods. If they could, I think the $200 would have been worth a sound night's sleep, ha ha. I wouldn't have slept a wink. Actually, maybe I would have put my cot out next to the pallets, and then maybe could have slept ;-)

    16. Jani Jereb on

      That would have been some epic unboxing for the would-be thieves.
      "Hey, would you like to buy a few thousand funny dice?"
      "Let me see them. What is that? Orange on black?"
      "I know, I know. What is this world coming to, eh?"

    17. Daefyd Wyr

      I would have loved to see Mat's face and jaw hit the ground when he finally knew for sure what 500,000 dice actually looks like, and how many 6900+ backers really are. ;{)>

    18. Charcoal Wolfman on

      Matt, your dark sense of humor apparently doesn't appeal to all of us. Glad things are working out, glad the dice didn't get stolen. You should employ a few goose guards for the pallets.

    19. Jim McLaughlin

      I don't envy you the work to come! Thanks for a great update and pics and video.

    20. Geoff on

      Outstanding! Delighted to see them in action. Don't kill yourself shipping them out, we've waited this long, we can stand to wait a little longer :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Natalia Capelari on

      OMG! I'm so happy! Can't wait to receive my dices!!

      Just to be sure...You will send them with tracking, right? (sorry to ask again)

    22. Kevin Wales

      Matt! You're so cruel! You could have at least made Eden a dice pool to play in. Looks like you would have plenty to fill it up with. Although may not be as good as a ball pool, but you never know. Congratulations you've done an outstanding job Matt, I look forward to receiving the dice.

    23. christopherwpeterson on

      As many of us know, Kickstarter is not a pre-order system. Our support was of you and your business ideas. While it is not a traditional investor/business relationship, it is wonderful that you choose to share you enthusiasm and fears so openly. I, for one, do not think less of you for that, rather your integrity is further elevated in my opinion.
      I look forward to updates as the shipments begin. I wish I was nearby to your location, as I would also volunteer to help out. Best Wishes to your family (and your back).

    24. Missing avatar

      Micah on

      {giggles anxiously}
      Sooooo excited to see the finish line ahead of us! Matt, you're doing the best you can, and not everyone will have the same opinions as yourself. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to rolling those delicious dice!

    25. George Gaspar

      As long as it doesn't rain or get too humid you will be alright! I couldn't imagine rain falling on all those cardboard boxes and trying to move them as they crumbled with the weight of the dice! Each carton must be pretty heavy! I don't envy the next day of carrying them all in the house! I hope you have a dolly cart or some sort of cart to roll them most of the way! If not, go get one, it will save your back! Trust me!

    26. Starfury on

      I second going to Home Depot and hiring 2 guys to move the boxes into the house for you. Around here (SF Bay Area) I think the rate can be $10 - $15 an hour and they'd probably be able to move everything inside fairly quickly. If you are going to do it yourself...get a dolly. your back with thank you.

    27. Matt Fleming Creator on

      UPDATE: They all made it safely through the night. I plan to get them in my house today, somehow, while I am at work.

      My cars blocked the cartons in the driveway, I covered the half one with a tarp, and I had a motion-detecting flood-light placed next to them. This is a non-pass through street where I have left two unlocked $150 Fliker (trikes) in the same driveway for over a year. But I did mention thrice, in my videoed giddiness, the idea of them getting stolen.

      It was a small risk, and I did second-guess my decision not to get a POD most of the night. I guess I also wanted to believe I lived on a very safe street. And I also wasn't convinced that the trucker could even roll the pallets into the POD with his jack (since I wasn't able to confirm if the POD would come with a small-ramp for the 3-inch raise).

      I am learning to tolerate the challenges and degree of authenticity and transparency, and must learn to accept the public doubts and opinions that come along with it. Though I don't regret my decision to leave them exposed for a night, I do regret that I transferred some of my anxiety onto you all (via my video commentary). I am sorry for that.

    28. Mark McPheron on

      Dude, if you're gonna risk the dice being stolen because you cheaped out on $200 on a $133,000 kickstarter campaign, why on earth would you tell us? Unprofessional, like this whole endeavor has been all along. Those updates aren't going out to fans on your blog, they're going out to your customers who bought a product from you.

      I'm not even worried they'll be stolen. I'm just saying it was stupid to even tell the backers.

    29. albertobb on

      Great! :) Thank you so much Matt!!! :)

    30. Jester of Valoria; Ambassador to Ghrys

      At last by Double Six boxes get filled!

    31. David on

      loved watching you pour out the dice, got me excited... a little to excited�

    32. Bill De Franza on

      Great news!
      Incidentally, Matt, what is your address?

    33. Glenn Copeland

      Lookin' good! Thing is, even with a POD, without help the stuff wouldn't get *in* the pod until Wednesday or help was hired...
      Anywho.. hoping for the best!

    34. Hockey Mask on

      The dice will be fine sitting outside. People need more faith in humanity.

    35. Ryan Blackstock

      1. working a 12 hour psychotherapy day is brutal!
      2. Borrow or rent a dolly from U-Haul and it should make toting them inside easier.
      3. Please get those inside asap. Thieves dont generally work in their own neighborhoods, they drive around and scope out the "nice" ones.

    36. ScionOfFortune on

      Great to see the dice in-hand and to know that we're a step closer to having them in ours :)

      Good luck with the shipping process - as many have said, time taken to make sure it'll all go well isn't time wasted at all - less haste, more speed.

      Thanks for the update :D

    37. SenorMTD on

      You have my email from earlier. I'm local to DC so let me know if you need help packing.

    38. Joshua Smith on

      Seeing all of the dice poured out is so refreshing. Totally made my morning. I think they turned out great.

    39. Matthew

      I hope you at least put up a radioactive sign on the side of the pallet. HA HA
      I think a tarp of them would hold them for 48 hours. We all make choices and we hope you made a good one since you know your neighborhood better than any of us.

    40. Missing avatar

      Johnny Ungerer on

      Seems like that would have been $200 well spent. That would've been a small price to pay on a large investment that has been a long time coming.

    41. Steven Desmond

      I love your excitement at seeing them in the flesh on your driveway! I wish I lived nearby as I'd lend a hand bringing them in. If you can get a tarp over each one I'm confident they'd be left alone (they'd look more like building supplies for an extension to your home hehe). Good luck with the mammoth shipping task, don't let it stress you out too much.

    42. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      Wow. That is a LOT of dice. Gotta admit, that the pictures made me giggle a bit. Can't wait.

    43. Robert Rydlo

      yea, crossing fingers that everything is still there....
      Pay some neighbor kids to help you get it in an the job should be done within a hour

    44. Missing avatar

      D C

      I can't say I've ever had a package stolen from me, BUT this last Sunday, it happened. ON A SUNDAY!!! It was an Amazon package delivered by USPS. Sigh.

    45. MichelleAA on

      I loved hearing you laughing at the absurdity of having that many dice sitting outside your house. It amused me and made me laugh as well, imagining being in that situation ;-)

      I'm a worry-wort and would have gotten a pod if I were in any sort of suburban or urban environment, lol. I live in a rural area so don't worry so much about things sitting out getting stolen. I even have a neighbor somewhat down the street who just leaves for sale items out near the driveway. I guess if you're interested in something, you knock on their door? I don't know ;-)

      But yeah, I guess I figure that I'd feel better having spent $200 and not needed it, than to have saved $200 and end up regretting it. When it comes to this much money investment in something... Which is the lesser of two evils? But too late now. I hope you are right and everything is fine in your neighborhood ;-)

      I worry about my locked car getting stolen when I park in the parking garage while visiting my sister in Bethesda, so I'm a little outside the norm ;-)

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael O

      Say hi to Eden from us backers. I hope she can still play dice based games when this is all finished!

    47. Mike Brodu on

      Hi Matt, I really hope you know your neighborhood well and you're satisfied it's gonna be safe. I don't see anyone stealing a whole pallet, but cutting the plastic wrapping and running away with a few boxes, that could happen. If you can't take them in, at least cover them with opaque tarps to make them less tempting.