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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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Customs has detained our cargo; Backerkit closed.

Posted by Matt Fleming (Creator)

Dear Team Doublesix,


1) Backerkit is closed and credit cards have been charged. You can't change your order (though you can still update/edit your mailing address).

2) The dice are in the US (at a Container Freight Station in NJ), but are being held up in customs (the Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) wants to open up the container and take a look, but we have to first wait in line for what could be several weeks.  And no, they are not a superhero group).

3) First reviews are in.  Two China-based backers got their dice (directly from Longbright). "They are awesome...satisfied with the quality" said one backer (plus his full review below), and "they are beyond great," said they other. 

4) Next steps will included passing the CET exam and paying for it, before trucking the dice to Baltimore.



1) Backerkit orders are closed, and credit cards have been charged. 

  • Mailing addresses are still open for updating and editing.  Those will lockdown when I have the dice ready to ship. 
  • At the moment, 39 credit cards have been declined.  Folks should have gotten an email asking them to update their credit card info.
  • There are still 311 Lost Backers.
  • Turns out that Backerkit, though it is locked-down, will still allow the Lost Backers to come home. So I guess I could have locked down Backerkit some time ago without my fear that the Lost Backers would be locked out.  Sorry about all the unnecessary drama and hassle of keeping the Backerkit open.    

2) Customs

  • The dice arrived in NYC on Aug 24th, one day behind schedule (there was a delay in the Suez canal).  Econocaribe is our consolidator (works with Sam) and charged $332 so far.
  • Next, the container went under a non-intrusive VACIS exam (Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System), which uses gamma ray technology to find contraband (like guns, drugs, currency, and Haitian goat hide drums).  
  • Apparently, I will have to pay for this exam, as well as any trucking required to get to the exam site. If a full container exam is about $350, my charge (portion) should be a fraction of that. 
  • Probably based on the VACIS exam, for whatever reason, our container has now been flagged by the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) for an intensive and intrusive physical exam by the CET (Contraband Enforcement Team). 
  • The container will next be moved to an off-site CES (Customs Examination Station), where it will be placed in a queue to be physically unloaded and inspected.
  • The container may be in line for a week or more. Doug, our resident Backer shipping expert, checked and thinks it could be several weeks.
  • This intensive exam can cost me from $500 to well over $1000, which includes a fee to the steamship line for having one of their containers tied up.
  • I am not sure about this, but maybe I won't have to pay anything, but will still have to wait, if a separate cargo in the container is being intensively inspected (and not the dice).
  • Here is a great summary of these exams HERE, and an article and in depth discussion in comments HERE.

Track the container:

  • You can track our container on the Econocaribe website. In the top right, under Cargo Tracking, choose "LCL Imports Container #," and then enter SMLU-851545-8. For cargo details, the House Bill # is KPNYK02510. 
  • At the moment, the container is at a CFS (Container Freight Station) in Secaucus, NJ.

Why did we get flagged?

  • Not sure.  Could be our cargo, where a no-name, first-time individual like me is trying to get a shipment of half a million funny-looking dice delivered to a home address near Washington, DC.  As Doug said, though, we will never know. 

3) Full Review of Dice:

  • "I am satisfied with the quality. I am not saying they are the best dice I got, but compared to my 12mm and 16 mm chessex borealis and gemini, I say they are on the same level in quality. The unique design of double 6 does add a ring to it. I pledged for the bulk and the marble ones are my favorate. The colorful ones are nice when they are mixed. And my 50 ivory ones are generally OK. Prabably the large propotion of white color makes it easier to find the little flaws on pips as they are painted manually."

4) Next steps, as estimated by Doug.

  • Container moves from NJ to Baltimore 
  • Container is placed in a customs warehouse in Baltimore 
  • Container is unpacked and Matt's shipment is put in a cage 
  • Fedex is notified of the location and arrival 
  • Fedex works with Customs to get release on the shipment
  • Customs warehouse verifies that all fees are paid to all parties 
  • Fedex gains release of the shipment 
  • Fedex sends a truck to pick up the shipment 
  • Shipment is loaded on a Fedex vehicle 
  • Shipment is delivered to Matt
Stay tuned for the next episode of "Some random amateur tries to produce, import, and deliver 2.5 tons of dice..."


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    1. Randy Navarro on

      So what's the over/under on the fedex trucks suddenly exploding into a cloud of doves and flying away with our dice? It really feels like every possible thing that could go wrong has. And I'm sorry. This is really above and beyond reasonable expectations here. Because by the time these things actually ship it'll be a toss up to whether or not the address is actually correct, because I'm going to have to move very soon. And well, I didn't expect my lease to expire twice since pledging on this thing.

    2. Jason Bradley on

      Like Arthur, these dice will pass by me since I live between Baltimore & DC. Maybe if I set up a roadblock on I-95...

      But in all seriousness, your transparency is much appreciated, and the shortcomings are forgiven, especially since most of them were out of your control.

      Can't wait to get these dice!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jesse Fowler on

      So, the next Kickstarter will be a book about this Kickstarter?

    4. Missing avatar

      Roger Hodgdon on

      +1 to writing a book about this experience. I would buy it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dan Ellingsen

      This, so far has been my favourite Kickstarter ever. I wouldn't even mind if the FedEx truck did have a 60 MPH collision (providing the driver was safe) and the dice spewed across hell's half acre. Next could you please write a book about this one? Or at least a PDF of all the trials and updates of this project with shortcuts to the videos on YouTube?
      Or a movie, but we would need Charlie Sheen to play your agent in China. I see visions of "Apocalypse Now".

      And now - More Cowbells -

    6. James Squeak Cawtheray on

      Can i have a link to backer kit please

    7. Geoff on

      For that sort of money, they owe you a high-res copy of the scan :|

    8. Matt Fleming Creator on

      UDPATE: Cargo is in a Baltimore warehouse, awaiting customs clearance and pick-up by Fedex.
      Fedex has all commercial invoices needed for the customs clearance process.
      @Doug: thanks for the info. Still awaiting customs release, and Marsha at Fedex is on it and seems very responsive.

    9. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      Still no customs release number though.

      And doubly sorry for a triple post.

    10. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      They may mean Port of Delivery.

      Sorry for the double post.

    11. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      Having looked at what is in the container (you can do that if you view the whole container at Econocarb.

      I think between the shipment that had not understandable names for what was in it, and the fact that there were at least 2 shipments that were leather or leather like substance, and one that could have looked like leather (the red vinyl fabric) - I can see why the container was probably pulled for CET.

      I doubt Matt's shipment was the focus of the CET. The container read like typical "cats and dogs" shipments from small shippers.

      POD as a term in customs is "Proof Of Delivery" - which is the customer's signature for the actual final delivery - I doubt that that is the meaning of POD here.

    12. Matt Fleming Creator on

      UPDATE: please see comments for current update (Cargo available at pod).
      Some of you guys are hilarious.
      @Glenn: yes, that was just a sample photo found online, not one of our container.
      @Doug: thanks for your kind words, info, and your update. The dice just arrived at the "pod," whatever that is.
      @James: you are good to go (in and paid).
      @Rocco: I plan to do another KS when this one ends, with a similar update style, so please consider joining some of us :)


    13. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      Econocaribe indicates that the container is in transit to the warehouse.

      I had not checked for the status line previously.

      It may be (hope, hope) that the container has finished CET and is in transit.

    14. Rocco Del Giudice on

      It kind of saddens me to know that one day this project will be complete and I won't get any more great emails. Through all the ups and downs, seeing a Matt email always make me smile.

    15. James Sanchez on

      Hello, bulk order backer here. Just curious if there's somewhere we can make sure all the information is in to get our dice? I want to make sure I'm not one of the declined/ 113 lost backers.

    16. MichelleAA on

      Lol, re: "the FedEx truck overturns and all the dice spills out in a busy intersection", though I visualize it being much more of a massive destruction and spread of dice somewhere along the interstate while going over 60mph ;-)

    17. Arthur Levesque

      So, that Fedex truck is going to have to pass me on the way from Baltimore to Matt. I just need to be in the right place at the right time...

    18. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      VACIS may have turned something up in the container. Remember, Matt's stuff is a small percentage of the total container which probably has between 15 and 40 tons of stuff in it. Matt's is 2.5 tons (I can't even begin to figure his percentage of the volume - it makes my brain hurt).

      The Customs Team looks at the images and if they see something that is inconsistent with the bills of lading, or something that may be an issue, they tend to error on the side of open and inspect.

      We have no clue what they saw (or did not see), and we never will - they don't tell. The wait will be whatever it is. Right now the NY terminal is showing a queue for CET. What we don't know is how long that queue is or where Matt's stuff is in that queue or the priority of Matt's container is. Food containers that get CET review tend to go to the head of the line, durable goods, tend to end up at the back of the line. This is so the food does not spoil while waiting for inspection (unlike Japan!).

      The current best guess at wait time is 1 to 3 weeks, Matt's container is now at about the 1 week wait - it make take a couple more weeks or pop out in 15 minutes. No one can know.

      I feel for Matt, there are not very many pot holes that this Kickstarter missed.

      Matt has done a great job and I would recommend he write a book on running good Kickstarters. If there was an Emmy for kickstarters, Matt would win.

      Thank you Matt!

    19. J. Brandon Massengill

      @Glenn - I am 99% sure that is just an example photo. The object on the right is clearly a car. Probably an 80s early 90s hatchback.

      I would guess it is an example of a scan revealing a false wall/hidden compartment or maybe just what different objects would look like.

    20. Glenn Copeland

      So that grey scale image is the scan? Color me surprised at how much empty space there is.

      Also, it sort of looks like there is a false wall sectioning off the last few feet.

      I can see it now, the thing in that section is high explosive and the terrorists knew the dice would make AWESOME shrapnel...

    21. Andrew Irwin

      So it got scanned by Gamma Ray Technology...
      Gamma Rays....
      I'd better not make my dice angry - I don't think I'd like them when they are angry

    22. Cameron Swartzell

      After the truck delivery truck spills all the dice on the intersection, every single die will of course only roll "1"

    23. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Thanks for all the support, the commiseration, and the laughs. And at the very least, I am finding all this interesting, and glad that some of you are, as well.

      I am glad that some of you agree that it doesn't seem right to frisk and charge. I am frankly a little surprised and disappointed that it is done this way. Sounds like something the robber barons would do. This is the kind of stuff that makes 9/11 Truthers drool.

      Can you imagine getting pulled over when driving, the cop asking you to step aside while he searched your car because you seemed suspicious, and then, after he was done and not finding a thing, said you had to pay him in order to get back in the car.

      Anyway, that is enough ranting from me (until I get the bill, or course). Unless I am going to start a petition (hmmm, there's an idea), I will now refocus on doing what I can to get you all the dice in a timely manner.
      @Matt P: as Mike helpfully was suggesting, you got charged in Jan when the campaign ended. Since you didn't add anything on, that was it.

    24. Michael Moore

      @Matthew - If you added funds in Backerkit, it should be around the 28th of August. If not, it would be sometime late January, 2014.

    25. ReaganSmash on

      I cannot a charge on my card, and I don't have an email. How long ago did the charge happen I don't see it anywhere

    26. Sarah Liz Tyler on

      I still appreciate the level of communication you offer. It's more like I paid to be included as a spectator to a real-life, year-long story of Matt Fleming's Series of Unfortunate Events, and it includes a special prize for making it the end. Stay double-dicey, my friend.

    27. Andy Woods on

      I will be amazed if I actually get my dice. Amazed...

    28. John Lockard on

      The dice probably look like a LOT of shrapnel...

    29. Nigel J

      Sorry for the bad luck. Great to see you are keeping positive and maintaining good communication with your backers. Best luck for the future.

    30. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      "A FedEx truck carrying small dangerous looking devices, presumed to be count-down weaponry of a previously unknown style, overturned spilling its cargo across 5 lanes of traffic this morning on I-595. The devices have been street code named "Double Sixes". More details to follow as this story develops."

    31. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      My favorite drum has a goatskin head. Fortunately it's from Vermont, not Haiti.

    32. Joseph Le May

      I'm blown away that a government entity paid for by taxpayers demands a fee for a non-contraband search of imported goods.

    33. Erich Salvesen on

      Being forced to pay for a forced inspection sounds like a bribe.

    34. Matt Baran on

      Came for the dice, stayed for the long-running farcical comedy. Keep on truckin' (eventually).

    35. Kyle Schleich

      These extra "fees" sound like extortion to me. They should be examining the containers at their cost not yours. Its not like these kinds of exams stop contraband from getting into the country every day....

      But anyways i really chimed in to say I love the end statement of this update!

    36. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      Being flagged for additional inspection is completely random. I use to work for a game company that imported from China. We had 6 containers sail through without problem over 2 years before we got flagged and inspected on the 7th.

    37. Michael Uhrich on

      Some customs official is probably a backer and wants his/her dice.

    38. Missing avatar

      malifer on

      Thank you for all of your work and keeping us updated.

    39. Happy Android Ideas on

      I wonder if you're ever going to catch a break. Your level of transparency in this process is appreciated. Too bad the government thinks you are importing 2.5 tons of dice shaped uranium or perhaps you have stored tiny people in each dice and are planning to flood the country with cheap, illegal labor.

    40. Michel Djordjevic on

      Where is the documentary film crew! Someone has to capture this as the line small business man vs the big bad government! Just wait customs is going to test the randomness of each die, that is of course after they figure out that they aren't illegal horse pills. Matt thank you for being an upstanding guy and keeping us in the loop!!!!

    41. Darken on

      Oh Matt... I would honestly not be that surprised to learn that the FedEx truck overturns and all the dice spills out in a busy intersection. And I thought _I_ have rotten luck. I am looong passed being annoyed by the long delay and instead I sit here with a half a smile and a gut full of sympathy. Considering everything, I think you have handled this kickstarter and its woes very well indeed. May you find it be worth all the trouble in the end.

    42. Marsha White on

      I don't care what anyone says, throughout this project you have provided the best and most detailed updates and communication of any Kickstarter I've ever seen. At no point did I ever feel like I didn't know what was going on. Thank you.

    43. Jester of Valoria; Ambassador to Ghrys

      ...and I thought it was going to be a boring Kick Starter...

      ...kudos on "stick to it ness"...

    44. David on

      lols to the max

    45. Shawn McWha

      Wait, Haitian Goat Drums are contraband? Glad I've never been caught. Guess it's time for a new business venture.

      I feel so much safer knowing that our dice are being held for inspection...

      I think it bollocks that you have to pay for that.

    46. Kraven Nightangel on

      Its that or everyone pays with taxes for the inspections...both options suck bug i guess necessary. Doubt random it just sounds odd a huge bin from a first timer of dice.... They gotta meet their quota is all. Same deal in Canada

    47. Esmaya & Me on

      I don't know about anyone else, but I'm finding this entire project to be one interesting story. ALMOST worthy of a movie.

    48. Kraven Nightangel on

      Fucking customs!!
      Lol haitain drums

    49. Tom Tjarks on

      I find it disappointing that you have to pay for any of that process (or that the fees involved were not included as a part of the shipping.) I look forward to them releasing the container!!