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Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice.  It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
Cubes don't roll so well. This 12-sided die is numbered 1-6 twice. It is rounder, and balanced. It's the iconic d6 evolved -> d(2x6).
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    1. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      @Matt The phone is ringing!

    2. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      An amazing clip from an amazing guy, Matt shares a podcast from a year ago and hopefully we can get a KS 2.0 going!

    3. Robert Ratcliffe on

      @Matt Fleming This kickstarter is by far my favorite in terms of value and product! I love the dice and the price was fantastic. The stretch goals were also fantastic, since I ended up getting 100 dice for the price of 50! I even used the golfer's trick of epsom salt and water to test their balance and they performed admirably! A lot of my more competitive peers at the wargaming stores were quite skeptical, but I have since turned them into believers, if not supporters, and these dice are welcome at all of my local tournaments now!
      If gen 2 happens, I'm positive plenty of my peers will be ordering their own sets. Thank you so much for creating something many of us didn't even know we needed! Never rolling with a normal D6 for wargaming again!

    4. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @Redhead: gearing up for another Kickstarter to restock and decide more colors and styles with Backers. Glad you are happy and want more!

      @Maken: thanks for weighing in. I settled up with Brian off-line. Sorry to hear you didn't get yours, either. I am offering a 110% refund, and perks for the next KS, to current backers that never got their reward. I will direct message you.

      @Dennis: thanks for sharing all that! You are so welcome, and big thanks to all our backers who helped make it happen (especially the Td4s, which weren't my idea at all).

    5. Dennis S. on

      I hope I don't upset anyone who hasn't received their orders yet, but I wanted to drop in and thank Matt for doing this kickstarter. This far in and I still can't go a gaming session without someone asking about the dd6 and td4. While I can use standard d6, I find that I can not go back to using traditional d4 at all. Just seeing them give's me a twinge of annoyance as I know there are better options in the world.

    6. Maken X on

      @Brian Simmons Same here, just checked BackerKit. it said it's shipped, but the USPS tracker shows no tracking records or updates. :(

    7. Brian Simmons on

      I still have not received my dice. Please respond to my multiple requests.

    8. The Redheaded Pharmacist

      I went to go order more and see multiple color combos are now sold out. Please tell me Generation 2 dice are on the way. I'd be happy to back another Kickstarter campaign or order them if you are selling them directly. I'm very happy with my bulk purchase. These dice are great and I find myself wanting to upgrade my games with dice to these over standard D6s.

    9. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Thanks for the great ideas.

      Will look into Shadowrun, glittery dice, high contrast marble (for sure). Maybe another flat, though I know that they aren't for everyone.

      @Ryan: nice catch :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Crossett on

      Also would like to see deep marbled green with metallic gold or brass pips.

    11. Mike Brodu on

      Shadowrun RPG uses a bucketload of d6. You should approach Catalyst Game Labs to make Shadowrun branded D6s. Each player would buy at least 10 of them.

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert Crossett on

      Really liked all the options for glossy and marble dice. The flat colours didn't really land with my group - but the variety of 'shinies' have made for some great games!

    13. Ryan Blackstock

      I sensed the Spider Man reference :)

    14. Edward McCoy on

      I am unable to watch the videos at this point, but they are on the agenda for the day.

    15. J̞́ͅa͖͞ŕ̜r̲͟ơ̘̟̞d̪̝̺ ̢̘̪̯͇̗̺̗O͉͖̖̟̰̭̮ on

      Colors? I personally love the marbleized dice. Ensuring, if course, that the pips contrast well. Oh, you don't have any glittery dice yet, either.

    16. Edward McCoy on

      Excited to hear about you going back into production! My favorite color combo from the campaign was the flat black and teal pips, you should offer that again :)

    17. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @Jarrod! Sounds like a "homecoming." Let's see if anyone makes the connection there.

    18. J̞́ͅa͖͞ŕ̜r̲͟ơ̘̟̞d̪̝̺ ̢̘̪̯͇̗̺̗O͉͖̖̟̰̭̮ on

      I haven't clicked on the comments here for 6 months. What a pleasant surprise to see a 3 hour-old comment from Matt. My Kickstarter-senses must have been tingling.

    19. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Trying to refocus on Doublesix Dice. The final Kickstarter update is still planned.

      Until then, only the most curious will hear more about what is up with the company on our first podcast episode:

    20. Dennis S. on

      Peeking in out of curiosity. I still love the dice, and feel I owe an updated review video for you! I wonder if I can borrow the production equipment from work...I'll message you if I manage to get something put together.

    21. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Checking back in for 2017..

      @Andre: awesome to hear that you got all your players to switch over! Thanks for the support and sneezing.

      @Ryan: I really hope to get that last update out soon, to close the loop, update and thank you guys, and eventually clear the deck for the next KS I am itching to run.

      @Jazzy: thanks! I hope it went well, and I hope you pointed out the dice named after you :)

      @Barry: i love hearing that they were used in math class! Have you checked out… (perfect for math class)?

      @Impact: sorry...I was MIA, for many reasons. I saw your emails and have replied, and plan to do a much better job in 2017.

    22. Impact! Miniatures on

      Has Matt gone fully MIA? I've tried contacting him 4 different ways and been unable to reach him.

    23. barry morgan on

      kids in my maths class loved the dice, we did some experimental probability using them and they were all asking me where I got them!

    24. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      I will be pushing DoubleSix at our local convention XenoCon in early October in Eastern Iowa. Still have a decent variety to sell of both pipped and others. Everyone loves the dice!

    25. Ryan Blackstock
      on update and next project announcement?

    26. Missing avatar


      Hi, I just wanted to let you know "Oh Great Dice The Galaxy", trekkies will recognize the quote, that I have played with the dice and since then all my rpg players have switched to double six.
      It is great not to have to arbitrate disputes around throws. It simplifies my life as a Game Master during battle resolution.

    27. Matt Fleming Creator on

      @Kevin: i have lost lots of steam, but still not giving up on the Bulk backers map. Next on my list, for the final update.
      @Chris L: yes, that was an awesome video, and caused a huge spike!
      @Chris H, Kenn: You are welcome! and Thank YOU for ordering, sharing, and using.
      @Justin: Not sure I got robbed, but I did get scolded.
      @Rick: yeah, Dungeon Crate reached out to me and we struck a deal. Fun partnership.
      @Jazzy: thanks for the link, and congrats on making your goal! I hope the pledges keep coming in. Still thinking about the next KS, but still dragging my feet. Hope to pick up momentum soon. Gotta wrap this one up first (still one update pending).
      @Vasii: thanks for your incredible patience.
      @Jesse: lets talk...

    28. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      Hey Matt and Team DoubleSix, as requested we finally have our next KS going:
      Matt, how are you doing on your next Kickstarter?

    29. Rick Bledsoe on

      My buddy got a Trip 4 in his Dungeon Crate. Congrats!

    30. Kenn Mejer on

      Your dice just helped me win a huge Warhammer 40K event this weekend. Thank you bud.
      I LOVE my dice! :D

    31. Vasili Melekh on

      Finaly, I've got my dices! :)
      2013 - 2016 it's not a long way ... :)
      Thanks averyone for the job.

    32. Justin

      I hope you both also sent him a message via kickstarter. He probably doesn't check these comments anymore.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jesse Forget on

      I never received my dice either

    34. Vasili Melekh on

      Am I the only one who didn't receive my dices?
      Just interesting...

    35. Justin

      I'm confused...didn't you try to donate some funds to a school and Kickstarter busted you for it? There's a project going on called "Masmorra" and they have an Addon where they are donating all funds from it to a youtuber (of all things). I asked KS about it and they said the project creator can do whatever they want with their money. WTH? Their rules clearly state no donation or charity fundraising.


    36. Vasili Melekh on

      Looks like Belarus is out of Earth...
      No dices, no info, no answers...

    37. Missing avatar

      Kevin Alvey on

      Thanks Chris for the youtube link. I saw only one critical review and for the life of me it must be by someone who enjoys cheating at dice based on his comment that dice should roll less not more. In fact, if you search on "how to cheat at dice" you will find a number of short clips on cheating. (Caution: the one by Komiinc is loaded with about a dozen F-bombs). My point in all this is that the double six dice pretty much eliminate any chance of cheating by anyone. After watching the other youtube vids I am going to insist that anyone who rolls old fashion cubes has to use a dice tower, lol.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Hom on

      Thanks for the dice! I got them and gave most of the white ones to my gaming friends and kept all the colored ones! We use them! Thanks for completing your project!

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris Larsson on

      Matt, If you suddenly see an influx of orders, then you can thank Chaz Marler, cause he just put up a fun video reviewing your dice:…

    40. Rick Bledsoe on

      Well, out of the 100+ dice I bought I'm down to 12. I actually gave away the rest to friends & gamers. Actually wish I had more white ones to give away. I'll be attending Owl Con in a week and a half and could have handed them out there.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kevin Alvey on

      Hey Matt, have you figured out a good way to list all those Bulk order backers favorite websites?

    42. Matt Fleming Creator on

      Back from a small break and trying to get the online store up and running. Still planning on the final Kickstarter Update in the next several weeks.
      @Asher, Vasili: that sucks...once it gets handed over to the local carrier, tracking stops. If it doesn't turn up, let me know, and I will send replacements.
      @Matthew, Paul, Doug, Francisco, Dennis: thanks for the love!
      @Dennis: I actually call them DD6, which makes more sense (D6 is your typical old-school die, and these are D as in Double D6s).
      @John: sorry about that (thanks 4ier).

    43. Michael "4ier" Telford on

      I'm pretty sure we've called them DD6 in the comments here, too. No worries. :)

    44. Dennis S. on

      Sorry ment D6D, for some reason I call them DD6 in my head.

    45. Dennis S. on

      It was great to see DD6 on Dice tower! Thanks for sharing that with us @Chris Larsson and @Christian A. I have to say now that I have my dice in hand I can't stop touching them! They never fail to get a reaction when I show them off on game nights, or when I am passing down time at work with the few I tend to have in my pocket. I have to say that, of all the 60(ish) table top/rpg game and accessories, including other dice, I have backed, these are what I have gotten attached to and I love it!

    46. Michael "4ier" Telford on

      You will need to finalize the survey to get rid of the reminder.
      It was intended to make sure everyone got the message to complete the Backerkit survey, since update emails/notifications can be disabled.

    47. Missing avatar

      Francisco J. Alonzo on

      Here to say that i got hold of my bags of dice today. Really happy about the product. Also, congratulations on a project well fullfilled. If you let me a suggestion, once the tides are down, you should gather your experiences and write up a Kickstarter Adventurer's Handbook or something. ;) Regards from Perú.

    48. Missing avatar

      John Mierau on

      The Reward Survey said I did not need to complete the survey, and I have received my dice. Do I actually need to complete the survey to remove the reminder banner for it, or is there another way to disable that banner in kickstarter?

    49. Vasili Melekh on

      New Year passed...
      still nothing in Belarus :(

    50. Missing avatar

      Doug Houseman on

      Happy New Year Matt and everyone who was part of this KS!

      Matt you ran the most transparent and best communicated KS of 2015. You are the champion sir!

      All the best.

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