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$2,516 pledged of $10,000 goal
$2,516 pledged of $10,000 goal

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Where there's a will there's a way...

Firstly, I want to thank all of you so very much for your support and pledges. I am sad that this did not get funded but I'm not giving up so easily. Instead, I am taking the advice of one of my backers and have decided to take pre-orders.

I am thrilled to have recently found a kitchen not far from me that I can rent by the hour. That frees the financial burden greatly. But with deposits, insurance, rental, permit/license fees, etc. It is still too much for me to do on my own at this point in time. 

I have set up my website to accept orders. On each page there is a note explaining that it is a pre-order and there will be a delay in shipping. Exactly how long of a delay I cannot say, that depends on how many orders I get and how quickly. I will keep everyone updated as to the progress regularly and be happy to refund any money sent for an order if you should change your mind.

So if you are still interested and would like to order Mother Henriot's Elixir or any of our other teas or products, please visit terrastella.weebly.com. 

Thank you all so very very much!


Kate Henriot-Jauw

With 58 Hours to Go...

As I write this, that is how much time I have left.  Sadly, the probability of me reaching my goal is not so high. However, I plan on moving forward, it'll just take me a little longer!

For those of you still interested in the tea, if you would like to send to me your email address, I will let you know when I have things in order and am able to sell on line, out of state, out of country, etc..

Thank you all for your support and your interest in this project.


Kate Henriott-Jauw

Table Side Service

My idea with this tea is that although of course it can be brewed at home, that it be available in Tea Rooms and Coffee Houses. I am working on sort of reverse engineering the beautiful Absinthe Fountain to hold hot water, and stay hot, as opposed to ice water. It would be filled with the water that had already been infused with the seeds.  From the fountain it would drip into the glass where the spoon rests.  The spoon would hold not only a sugar cube but the remaining leaves of the tea where it would then steep into the glass. 

I would like to hit as many senses as possible with this tea experience.  So it isn't just the great taste, but the smell, the visual beauty, the history and mystery of it. If a tea could have a gender, this one would be feminine and very sensual. That's what I'm hoping to bring.

Label Art Finished

I've just finished the label for the tea.  It depicts the Goddess Artio in a cave with her bear.  The herbs of the tea are pictured in the border.  I'm happy with how it turned out. This is the art available in the 4X6 print, I may decide to do some bigger...

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Off to a great start!

Although I have several friends who have had great success using Kickstarter to fund their art, this is my first time.  I have to say it is exciting, nerve-wracking and addictive!

I'm thankful for a forum like this. I love seeing the creativity and am inspired by so many projects here.  

For all of you who have jumped in here to support my tea right off the bat, I thank you.  At this point I am working hard to network and spread the word.  I'm confident that many others would be interested in this as well, the trick is letting them know it exists. 

So feel free to "talk me up" to all your friends!  I'd be more than happy to answer questions, provide more links, photos or videos...whatever may be needed.  

Having your support is encouraging and appreciated!  

Thank you,