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Introducing a new camera for all your 3D creations.
Introducing a new camera for all your 3D creations.
219 backers pledged $86,733 to help bring this project to life.

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      chris bromley on September 19, 2013

      Chris- Awsome... Prove it! Send the second round deliveries out so I can start using it!!!! I feel like a kid at Christmas, but everyday I wake up it's still the 24th....... but, I'm glad you guys are fixing the shipping issues, cause who want's to wake up at Christmas with a present that was damaged in shipping.
      Forum .... Forum... forum!!!!

    2. Creator Lynx Laboratories on September 19, 2013


      Forums! That's an awesome idea! We've been focusing on talking to backers 1-1 and planned to communicate what feedback each feature was built for. But we should all be able to discuss this stuff openly. It's a community project.

      Don't worry, we love the forum idea. I'll talk to the team. We MAY have a new website coming this weekend :).

      I'm not sure crazies is the right word. The word I would use is awesome.


    3. Missing avatar

      chris bromley on September 19, 2013

      Hey ,Hey ,Hey! When is 2nd round shipping? Question 2, when are you guys going to get a forum on your website? I don't get it.... It's free feedback, and the crazies who invested early would love nothing more than to share ideas and examples of what the Lynx can do!!!! Embrace good ideas and market the hell out of your product.
      Also Helder........ You are the voice of reason!!!! I just Jumped in to the Occipital. Keep good information coming. If the Lynx website won't add a forum, I will probably get motivated and start a Yahoo group to share info.
      For any other backer, please start commenting and sharing your scans. The more scans, the more informed we will all be!

    4. Creator Lynx Laboratories on September 19, 2013

      Helder, thanks for the comments!

      We're working hard to make the Lynx A the gold standard of 3D cameras. It's designed as a professional-grade device. We think about it like a DSLR camera vs. a cell-phone camera. To offer a professional-grade 3D camera, we think about two commitments to our customers.

      1. The device and individual customer focus both have to be great. We're working overtime until everyone gets a rock solid Lynx A. We'll shoot a video later about what we're focusing on with first round backers.

      2. The Lynx A is built from the ground up to offer the best 3D camera performance on the market. Other 3D products process the 3D data after capture. The Lynx A is the only 3D camera that produces a model every 60 milliseconds during capture. This feature makes the capture experience more seamless, and the results more accurate. To pull this off, we've built in processors that are 10x faster than today's tablets and sensors that are 6x more accurate. So it's all built-to-purpose to continuously lead the pack. And we're going to prioritize software innovation/updates based on backer feedback.

      We're very excited that consumer options are becoming available. It means more people to share ideas with! Our focus is on building a professional-grade product that will last you a long time.


    5. Missing avatar

      helder on September 18, 2013

      tic tac tic tac tic tac and they said it would take one or two years to come up with the same kind of technology...hmmmm life is always surprising indeed that is why is important lynx establish as a big force and grab this momentum while it can... ship as fast as you can, get your supporters feedback the more the merrier, improve on it.....
      look at the latest 3D scanner, although not as accurate as the lynx is for sure cheaper and a great way to use our own technology like the ipad..…

    6. Kirpa Singh Gulati on September 18, 2013

      Fantastic indeed, especially praise for the customer service by what could have been one angry backer. But still curious to know, the first rounds shipped, when is the second round expected to go out??

    7. Missing avatar

      helder on September 17, 2013

      good to see people are already having the cameras to play with... could i suggest time to time gives us some feedback on the difficulties you find or nay tip you may find useful...

    8. Missing avatar

      Lowell Meeks on September 16, 2013

      Lynx Labs has already completely resolved my issue with the camera. I can see that they take customer service seriously. That's good to see.

      Trey Meeks

    9. Missing avatar

      Lowell Meeks on September 16, 2013

      Aargh! My camera did not get QCed at all. Got a busted off screw in the housing. Several other screws are totally loose and the board is flopping around inside the housing. I can't tighten the screw. It is like it is not aligned correctly. The ports on the bottom do not line up with the housing cutouts and I would not be able to use them. Looks like someone got tired of messing with not being able to line it up, said "screw it" and put it into the shipping box. The good news is that it already came a return box, as if they knew that it was going to be returned.

      I would have rather waited even longer to get a working camera. Very poor job on mine. Hope they are not all like this.

      On the bright side, the koozie and tshirt are nice.

      Trey Meeks

    10. Missing avatar

      helder on September 7, 2013

      it is interesting how technology evolves and how quick gets here, something of a dream, start to innovative and pretty soon gets common, 125 microns (0.125mm) scanning is the resolution for another great product here at kickstarter just launched (expected delivery 2014)

      we are indeed looking to a bright future in the usage of 3D scanning, Lynx is part of that movement and we are proud too to ride the wave with Lynx, one advise though, most of the times is easier to innovate what is most difficult and separates greatness from the rest is continuously keep innovating... we hope this is just the beginning of a great ride and for sure all initial feedback and testing from all people supported here are a step further for Lynx delivers a great commercial product and some add ons in the future, in return we hope Lynx has a sweet spot reserved for us for goodies to come ;)
      lets keep the momentum as Chris mentioned!

    11. Missing avatar

      helder on August 25, 2013

      @ Chris Lynx, thank you for the update (i was away so my late reply) i think you are very optimistic on what other people will do with similar technology (i find myself always be amazed with great creativity so... i guess only time will tell), but i do not think it will take that long for others catch up sincerely and in my opinion you should take that in account if you want be up there.

      regarding my previous emails basically i sent to your private email but if you did not get it or either it changed, went to spam or just got lost, but basically and again because i am here from the start as a stronger believer in the product and what can come up i wanted to know and since you are almost shipping if was possible to increase my pledge as i would like to test both systems and camera (hopefully they are interchangeable) the maker which i pledged and the 3d artist which i also want to test and have already some use if promises are kept!

      @Chris bromely, i could not agree more, and what a great suggestion, i do think having the right momentum is indeed important and as you mentioned maybe would be great specially those 40 as you mentioned that besides testing and giving feedback could also scan things around and upload examples on the cloud/forum of lynx...

    12. Missing avatar

      chris bromley on August 12, 2013

      I completely agree with Helder. There are around 40 of us who believed enough in Lynx to invest before the product comes out. Since then, a short 4 months later, the technology available has changed. That being said, I know that you guys are working diligently to create the best product available. I continue to believe that any advancement to technology that can be integrated into you product will be retroactive to our models. As a small company with a great product, people will be be coming to this site to see what the reviews are from the 40 of us who joined you in this venture early. Treat us well and we will treat you well in return..... Thanks.
      Also, I have to vent a bit. You should be scanning everything around you and posting them on the website regularly if you are trying to get more people to buy your product in the future. Get outside, and start scanning everything.... except more office chairs.Your marketing department is not taking advantage of the momentum. What gives? We're all in this together so lets keep the communication open. With higher detail resolution you will have the best product ever....
      Please give us daily/weekly updates on shipping info. I'm already set to digitize the frame so I can 3dprint an ergonomic case w/handles around your case.

    13. Creator Lynx Laboratories on August 10, 2013


      I hope you took today's update as a sign that this project is still highest on our to-do list. We are following that project and think it's quite exciting: part of a new community many companies and participants are helping build. For your commitment, you will receive a product this year that performs real-time 3D capture at sub-millimeter accuracy. Based on what we've seen from products announced after ours, these features will be one-of-a-kind for at last another year or two. Our goal with this project is to explore what you guys can do with these accuracies and turnarounds.

      I've had some trouble tracking down the emails you're referring to after speaking to several team members. Could you please re-send and we'll of course get right back to you.


    14. Missing avatar

      helder on August 9, 2013

      @Lynx, quick note before you fulfill all your backers you need to update here in kickstarter you still abide to do so no mater you want or not... and we have not seen much of you guys here or somewhere a couple of lines every 2 weeks or at least a month would nice...

      i see the beta software release and agree you need to receive more opinions, me included..

      also i see coming out are 3d Scanners based in the same sensor technology like…
      in a much different price level, which one should be aware after all giving to user the best product for the best price is what we all sign for... i also send a couple email before a month ago or so and no replied i had... i do hope you will not go under and instead gives us prime product

      the questions is now, where we stand regarding shipping delays, and everything else!??! now is August and after 2 months delay is definitely time for an update

    15. Missing avatar

      helder on April 11, 2013

      your are progressing i think on the exciting new hardware and give it a better twist with software. you have asked what we would prefer!? my answer is swappable is the best option if we can not have both integrated in the camera... flexibility and been upgradable is the key here for maker and artist and any other that can eventually come along heheh
      thanks and keep up the good work

    16. Wai Chan on March 31, 2013

      Could you get any new idea from this KS campaign for your camera issue?…

    17. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 19, 2013


      We will check that out! We just became members of TechShop and plan to improve the industrial design to the extent possible.


    18. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 19, 2013


      A strap could definitely help. We will have to experiment with that. And thanks for finding that research paper. We are now aware of the UV approach. It looks like they used a slightly different theory of operation from the cameras we use. But could be very helpful if we build our own.


    19. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 19, 2013


      Thanks for the flowers!


    20. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 19, 2013


      Thanks for hanging in and believing in us! I think the forums idea is absolutely excellent. We will make that happen :).


    21. Missing avatar

      helder on March 19, 2013

      who can compete with mr. Bill?! probably by now bought Lynx company hehehe

      completely agree with Kirpa below...

      and Chris when you mentioned about the guys in Dell about the rubbery protection they were right, that thing is cheap and comes off and is complete off putting to say the least, but what i was saying in my earlier comment was a different rubbery protection altogether, maybe out of silicone or real rubber or something similar and this my friend lasts a life time and feels great knowing the camera is protected at least for the daily use bumps...

    22. Kirpa Singh Gulati on March 19, 2013

      Congratulations guys!! Wish you all the very best. Also, I know you are very far from your final shipping yet, but when you do:
      1. Please see if you can add a scratch guard cover/film on top of the screen perhaps?
      2. Provide some sort of slip on carry case (something very basic/cheap will do)

      Makes it easier to carry it around tension-free the moment we receive it instead of worrying about handling it with kid gloves.


      (And P.S. I'd love to hear more about your talks with Billy...what did he have to say about lynx? And yes, did you scan him??)

    23. Brent Baxter on March 18, 2013

      Just read the update. Well deserved congratulations to Chris and the Lynx Team for surpassing expectations. And what a supportive final dash rally! Cheers, cheers, all.

    24. Missing avatar

      chris bromley on March 18, 2013

      Christmas in March?...... I don't know what happened overnight, but it sure feels like I just found a great present under the tree this morning. All I can say is WOW!!!!! What a turn-around. Congratulations. Now go build us some kick-butt scanners. Again, many thanks to Chris for getting back so quickly on the comments page during the last day.
      One last thing ... Do you plan on opening a forum on the lynx website. It would be great to keep the conversation going.

    25. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 18, 2013

      Wai and Helder,

      Thanks for your support!


    26. Wai Chan on March 18, 2013

      I am the one to make the Goal again! Congratulation to Chris and LYNX, and to all of you to make this happen.

    27. Missing avatar

      helder on March 18, 2013

      congrats Chris and LYNX for all your efforts, when you put your minds up to it you can do amazing things... and the proof is after all we all did it and pass the 85k mark... good on ya good on us!!

    28. Craig Dunn on March 18, 2013

      Done....should be on its way now.

    29. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 18, 2013


      That's extremely generous, thanks! Can you e-mail me at and copy That way we get connected. We really appreciate your offer.


    30. Craig Dunn on March 18, 2013

      @chris and team - By the way, if you guys need laser cutting done for any part of this project, I am happy to make my Epilog Legend EXT 36 (60 watt, 36" x 24" work area) laser cutter/engraver available at no charge....assuming you don't have one easily available already. If I can save you guys any production costs, I'd hope that would make extra resources available to put into the optics/scanner/processing power components.

    31. Craig Dunn on March 18, 2013

      And DONE!!! We did it! Woohoo!

    32. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 18, 2013

      Wai Chan, we're happy to have you!

    33. Craig Dunn on March 18, 2013

      Awesome 90 seconds to go and we gained another backer!

    34. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 18, 2013


      I just noticed the bump! In the words of Oprah, YOU GET AN EXTRA T-SHIRT (and more sweet gear).


    35. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 18, 2013


      It's been a wild ride man. We really believe in this community and were totally ready to do the upgrade no matter what. But it looks like the community believes in us - we've really seen a rally to help us meet this goal. So now we have to find new and inventive ways to give back more!


    36. Craig Dunn on March 18, 2013

      Screw it....I just bumped my pledge to push us over with 3 minutes left.....throw something extra in my box.... ;-)

    37. Craig Dunn on March 18, 2013

      With 7 minutes left, we are now only $326 shy of 85,000! Seems like we gained almost $15,000 overnight. So, even if Lynx Labs was going to do the hardware upgrade even if $85K wasn't hit, with a few bumps in pledges, we might get there anyway!

    38. Kirpa Singh Gulati on March 18, 2013

      Maybe you could use this on your roadmap sometime (see link below)? Someone mentioned adding on LED's on to the Lynx as a light source, switch in to a UV light and voila, you could even *potentially* include transparent/mirrored objects in the scan too..
      P.S. Don't ask me about the details, you're the geniuses here, go figure it out :P

    39. Brent Baxter on March 17, 2013

      Lynx Team,

      You've got an awesome product there that is well worth the price! I just wish I had the financial resources to purchase one now. Can be certain, I will save up and get one during your production run. Looking forward to your future. Good job and best of luck to you all!


    40. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 17, 2013


      We totally appreciate your enthusiasm. I addressed this concern in Update #11. We are INDEED going to increase the resolution regardless of the 85k mark. While the additional support of people like you in getting us to 85k would have made a real difference in financing the improvement, I don't want y'alls support to go unappreciated. So even though we've lost some backers, we will support the resolution update on our own dime!


    41. Missing avatar

      helder on March 17, 2013

      well i just came down to see how things were progressing on kicstarter on the 90K mark and just got a shock to see so many people going away and at the end of this not believing sufficiently.... gone is an important 85k mark in which so many like me got in in the first place...

      i guess many (213) still stand like knights hehehe and still believe that things at the end will pull through in one way or another, ....i for example was one of those that although i liked and followed the product when it came on kickstarter, i did not came in straightway .... only after many talks and exchanged of ideas, the assurance of progress and the use of future updates but what really, really made me to jump in was the increase on resolution 6 fold....believing that it will be a great product and it will make a big difference to everyone who needs it, i mean as a work and not hobby

      we have to remember that the good thing about this camera is the ability to join both hardware and software in one killer machine, ... and if on hardware concerns comes about specially the promise of new sensors on the horizon that improves greatly resolution in 1 or 2 years to come, is my understand that more difficult to bring to the market is a reliable and fast software combine with the hardware which does it all in a couple of minutes...of course i can not say much more on this product than that because i have not use or play with one and what i know is basically what came out through all these conversations and ideas

      as an informed person i think i am about technology and its future, i can almost smell it just around the corner.... improving with different approaches and way better and much cheaper than before which is making and excitement to live on the present
      3d is exciting news for everyone, it will change ours lives more less the same way internet changed the way we are....that is why is important that this team makes a product that brings future updates a priority in an easy and cheap way for all users, but specially those who really were the supporters and stuck behind you and your project...

      believe me when i say i share exactly these concerns myself about waiting and see or jump in, like many of you the 6 times resolution mark is a must for me as a 3d maker, the original resolution proposed is just not enough for makers to make good use of it at the moment, and it good be a shot in the foot if indeed is not increased, and because of that i would like to appeal for CHRIS and LYNX TEAM TO STAND UP AND BRING IT ON ANYWAY FOR ALL OF US, THIS IMPORTANT INCREASE IN RESOLUTION, after all the pledge is not that far and for sure it will make Lynx a more solid user based by backing who matters most in the rise of the company, these earlier supporters... if i was one of the company owners i would!

      and guys for sure you can gain in the process too if you put all your brains out there combined, just like the resolution paradigm in the beginning, many can envision of course way which this can be accomplished....if there is not enough funds i mean..., raise more money through private investors, give an option for each backer with an extra amount of money (as long is not ridiculous high) to let people decide make this update and son on...

      in all fairness i understand Lynx position, the difference on the money is a bummer for production and development and some revenues allocated probably need to be relocated (again i am here a bit in the dark as i do not have the financials of the project)!! but i would believe if Lynx step up the game, for sure more people will come in in earlier times, and maybe not here in kickstarter but by pre-order system site which others also did in past in a successful way, increase good business practices, reliable customers support and fan based and with happy customers more customers comes... if not i have to say that probably on the 3d making market people will then find other scanner technologies, cheaper and with more resolution, one is also here in the kickstarter as the desktop 3D which promises greatly too...

      i really hope you guys pull something in these last hours and gives us the reason why we came in and become fond in supporting this awesome team! go Lynx!!

    42. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 17, 2013


      That's our biggest hope. Frankly, we're getting a LOT out of speaking to backers. Backers inspired the improved resolution. We've also gotten in touch about a lot of awesome applications we never considered. We are hoping we can share some of them once the KS closes on our blog.


    43. Missing avatar

      chris bromley on March 17, 2013

      Chris -

      Thanks for your quick response. I really appreciate you addressing my concerns. I am bummed about 85 but your product still looks great. One of the things I really think is special about your product is that you guys truly seem interested in maintaining an open dialogue with the backers after the kickstarter campaign is over. I wish I could see a hundred more samples now, but hopefully we will be WOWed when we get the camera. Thanks again.

    44. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 17, 2013


      Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately we have very little control over backers' pledges. What we do have control over is what we deliver tot hose that stand by our campaign. And we full-heartedly appreciate your support.

      I understand your concern about buying into the future. We have the same vendor relationships as those announced by Matterport, etc. and have good visibility into what's available over the next 12 months. We are integrating the same 3D scanner as Matterport and will have identical optical performance over range. That said, our software has been heavily tested and offers capabilities not available to consumers over the next 12 months, while featuring as good or better 3D sensor performance.

      The game plan if we don't hit the 85k mark is to offer backers the choice of a different optical sensor on either camera. The newer optical sensor has a reduced range but a 6x resolution improvement. This is best-in-class performance comparable the our competitors which are shipping months later!


    45. Missing avatar

      chris bromley on March 17, 2013

      I still love the idea of your camera but now that the higher resolution goal is not being hit, I have concerns about its future. Seeing the resolutions currently, I felt that the 6x increase would make for a cutting edge product that would exceed my hopes for an extremely useful scanning tool. However, not being teased with ANY examples of what can be possible with the higher resolution, make me worry about future costs and the timeframe that will be associated with updating to get the higher resolution. Most options available to the consumers will soon be updated, like the newest kinect, the leap motion, matterport, and the makerbot toys. I am sure that most of your backers are aware of many of these options and are nervous that they are buying into the future, and to just the current. I apologize for my bluntness but the fact that you have fallen back by over $15,000 makes me feel like i am not the only one concerned. Give us hope, let us know what the game plan is if we do not hit the 85 mark. I'm 1/6th as confident as I was a week ago. I still have my pledge it but I would like some reassurances.
      thanks for your time.

    46. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 17, 2013


      We're bummed to see some people go as well. But I think that's the nature of hardware at our price point. While it's quite a huge value compared to the $40k alternatives, I think some of our consumer backers are having a hard time justifying the investment now that the cards are about to be charged. We're still thrilled we've had such a lively conversation surrounding the Lynx A and are still well above our goal!


    47. Creator Lynx Laboratories on March 17, 2013


      Right now, there is no technology that adequately captures transparent surfaces - either imaging hardware or software. We deal with this in as elegant a manner as we've found possible. We detect these types of surfaces and omit them from the scan.


    48. Missing avatar

      Thomas Tillenius on March 17, 2013

      Sad to see the pledge level drop below the $85000 stretch goal. Was really hoping for increased resolution. But still 16 hours to go! :)

    49. Kirpa Singh Gulati on March 17, 2013

      Hi Chris
      Thanks for answering my previous question.
      Also wanted to ask you, when you do scene or object modelling. How does the presence of transparent/glossy/mirror finished objects affect the final model or output? Like say a crystal vase centerpiece on a table, or a mirror hanging on the wall, or even clear glasses on the dinner table. Will the output be distorted or have you figure out a way to handle those?
      Cheers and all the best for your last leg of funding!

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