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Help get comics into schools by ordering the RWP educational anthology featuring Jill Thompson, Fred Van Lente and 50 other kid-friendly cartoonists.
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"The Replacement Heroes in: Civic Service!" by Michael Moreci and Andrew Scordellis

When Dynamo left Earth to defend his home planet in the Secret Crisis Civil Invasion, Capitol City was left vulnerable. A veritable rogues gallery swarmed the city, seizing the opportunity!

Time-traveling conquistadors! The re-animated Nikola Tesla! The Time Bandit!

All these villains and more would have made Capitol City an asylum for havoc and destruction if it weren’t for two unlikely men: Butch Stone and Talbot Lancaster…

The Replacement Heroes!

In Civic Service, Butch and Talbot do battle with one of Dynamo’s oldest foes: Stalagmight! Known for his experiments in genetic manipulation (and for living in a cave), Stalagmight tracks The Replacement Heroes to Capitol City’s middle school gymnasium. Here, Talbot and Butch are delivering a speech on civic service and the responsibility we all share in being our own heroes. But when a giant monster bursts through the floor, Talbot knows one thing for certain: Butch didn’t go to the dry-cleaners like he promised. Because of that, Stalagmight’s homing goo is still stuck to his clothes, making the duo sitting ducks!

With the aid of the science club, Talbot concocts a potion that will stop the rampaging monster. Will he deliver the elixir before Butch becomes monster lunch? Will the school be destroyed? Find out in The Replacement Heroes in: Civic Service!


Michael Moreci (writer): Michael's debut graphic novel, Quarantine, will be released with Insomnia publications in 2010. His shorter comic work has appeared (or is forthcoming) in FutureQuake, Something Wicked, Accent UK’s Victoriana anthology, and Insomnia’s Layer Zero: Survival anthology.

His freelance journalism has been published in the Huffington Post, Stop Smiling, North Shore magazine, In These Times, and Earth Island Journal.

Michael currently lives in Chicago with his wife and dog. He can be reached via his website,

Andrew Scordellis (artist): Andrew always loved drawing, but didn’t become hooked on comics until he discovered TV21 and 1960’s Marvel Comics.

Studying Graphics at Wimbledon Art College, Andrew freelanced for a couple of years before becoming a Restaurateur for the next twenty – attending life-drawing classes whenever possible.

Encouraged by his wife Estelle they sold up, and with children Cara and Laz moved to the Norfolk Fens, where Andrew finally started drawing again!

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