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The certified awesome tale of a boy and his ninja is coming back this Christmas... But only with YOUR help!
The certified awesome tale of a boy and his ninja is coming back this Christmas... But only with YOUR help!
149 backers pledged $8,025 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

NEW REWARDS: Ninja Bijutsu - Collection 1

Three days in and we're already 60 percent of the way to our goal! And it's all thanks to YOU!

In honor of this momentous occasion (and because I was already planning to do it anyway), I proudly present to you a collection of Mail Order Ninja pinups by some of the finest artists working in comics today, including Chris (G-Man) Giarrusso, Tim (Sonic X) Smith 3, Marvin (Lone and Level Sands) Mann and Mark (Dr. Goyle) Stegbauer. 

How did I get such amazing artists to contribute to the book, you may ask? Blackmail, mostly. But don't think about how I cruelly used and abused these poor unsuspecting fools. Just think about how wonderful their original art will look hanging on your wall... 

"Worlds Collide" by Chris Giarrusso - $100

India ink on 11x17 bristol board, with logo placements in pencil

Chris and I fell in love with image and immediately agreed to actually do this crossover thing for reals, yo... but it will only happen if the Kickstarter succeeds! Help bring more awesomeness into the world - pledge early and pledge often!

And speaking of team-ups...

"A Taste of Things to Come" by Tim Smith 3 - $40

Pencils on 10x16 bristol board. 

Tim and I worked already worked together on an MON story, Genghis Kong and the Silverback Horde for the Reading With Pictures Anthology. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to go back for another round with Beware the 7 Deadly Fans! Your pledges will make it happen!

 "Shinobi Showdown" by Marvin Mann - $60

Inks on 11x17 Strathmore 500 Plate 2ply Bristol Board. 

The chameleon-like Marvin Mann created this moody, cross-hatched piece to remind us all that ninjas are deadly warriors that can strike at any time. One could be standing behind you right now and you'd never even know it!

"Air Jiro" by Mark Stegbauer - $40

Pen and ink on 11x17 Bristol board.

Timmy and Jiro get vertical in this piece by comic industry vet and all-around mensch Mark Stegbauer. I keep saying we should do a crossover between Mail Order Ninja and his Dr. Goyle series. Maybe if this Kickstarter really blows up, he'll finally listen!

How to Buy 'Em

Each piece of original art you saw above is now available as an individual reward. Also, you CAN purchase any of these items even if you've already made a pledge or would like to bundle the original art together with an additional reward. Check the FAQ to find out how! 

Thanks again for your support, everyone! And be on the lookout for more updates and more new rewards... This party is just getting started!