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The certified awesome tale of a boy and his ninja is coming back this Christmas... But only with YOUR help!
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NEW REWARDS: Custom Ninja Action Figures

Posted by Josh Elder (Creator)

Custom action figure maker and Mail Order Ninja superfan Doug Brown is doing his part to bring ninja back... to the toy shelf! He's crafted a quintet of custom-made Jiro Yoshida figures complete with weapons and packaging. 

And that was just the warm-up... He's also giving five lucky fans the chance to BECOME mail order ninjas with customized figures based on their own likeness! Prepare for awesomeness... for it is forthcoming!

Jiro Action Figure (Limit 5) - $25

Card front

Card back

Jiro comes packaged with a sword, scabbard, and stand

Personalized Ninja Figure (Limit 5) - $75

Your chance to become a Mail Order Ninja! (Sorry, only male figures are currently available.) 

Step 1: Submit a head shot photo to use as reference for the head of your figure!

Step 2: Choose your allegiance - Clan Yoshida (black ninja), White Dragon Clan (white ninja), or a ninja clan (and color) of your choosing!

Step 3: Choose your removable mask style - Regular, Half, or Stylish/Your design

Step 4: Choose your weapon - You'll get a sword with scabbard, stand, and your choice of 2 additional weapons: Sword with Scabbard, Kusari-Gama, Pair of Hanbo, Pair of Tonfa, Bo Staff, Manriki-Gusari, 3 Section Staff, Nunchucks, Pair of Kama, 2 Shuriken, or a Pair of Sai

Step 5: Bio - Submit the name of your ninja and a fun fact about them for the file card

Step 6: Get packing - Your ninja will get shipped in his very own wooden crate

About Doug

I've been customizing ever since I stumbled upon a website dedicated to customizing action figures 5 years ago. I'm a huge ninja fan and I've made more ninja action figures and accessories than anything. I had to make an action figure of Jiro after my brother gave me copies of the first two volumes of Mail Order Ninja. The exclusive Kickstarter Jiro is the same figure that I made way back in January of '09.

How to Buy 'Em

The figures above are now available as rewards. Also, you CAN purchase any of these items even if you've already made a pledge or would like to bundle the original art together with an additional reward. Check the FAQ to find out how!

Thanks again for your support, everyone! And be on the lookout for even more madness as we enter our final 24 hours!


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