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The certified awesome tale of a boy and his ninja is coming back this Christmas... But only with YOUR help!
The certified awesome tale of a boy and his ninja is coming back this Christmas... But only with YOUR help!
149 backers pledged $8,025 to help bring this project to life.

NEW REWARDS: Ninja Bijutsu - Collection 2

We may have passed our goal, but this campaign is far from over! Today we're rolling out another batch of amazing original Mail Order Ninja art by Jeffrey (Darth Vader and Son) Brown, Martheus and Janet (Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa) Wade, Soo (Dim Sum Warriors) Lee, Christopher (Battlestar Galactica) Schons and Jane (Return of the Dapper Men) Lee!

Gaze in awe and wonder at their artistic virtuosity and know that it can be yours... for a price. A price that's close to HALF OFF what these artists normally charge for commissions and original art. 

Pledge now or forever hold your peace... 'cause the campaign ends on Friday!

"Handle with Care" by Jeffrey Brown - $150

Pen and ink on 10x14 bristol.

The judicious Jeffrey Brown shows us the travails that a mail order ninja faces at the hands of a cold and uncaring postal system...

"Yin & Yang" by Martheus and Janet Wade - $60

Original is pen & ink on 11x17 bristol. 

The incomparable husband and wife team of Martheus and Janet Wade add a few splashes of color to the black and white world of Mail Order Ninja

"Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!" by Soo Lee - $60

Ink brush on 10x14 white acrylic.

The uncannily talented Soo Lee pits Timmy against Jiro in a foot race, and Jiro has been barred from ninja teleporting or using caltrops! Who will win?! Oh, and Soo is running a Kickstarter of her own to support her Dim Sum Warriors series! Check it out now to get some delicious awesomeness!

"Who Dat Ninja"  by Christopher Schons - $200

Graphite on 16x20 bristol.

The magnificent Mr. Christopher Schons mashes up Mail Order Ninja with what appears to be an oddly-dressed, time-traveling physician. If you're into that sort of thing...

"Ouija Ninja" by Janet Lee

Pen & ink on 11x17 Bristol.

The one-and-only Janet Lee partners the Mail Order Ninja cast with the characters from her Kid Jules Verne series for a little time-travel ouija board madness!

How to Buy 'Em

Each piece of original art you saw above is now available as an individual reward. Also, you CAN purchase any of these items even if you've already made a pledge or would like to bundle the original art together with an additional reward. Check the FAQ to find out how!

Thanks again for your support, everyone! And be on the lookout for more updates and more new rewards... We're just getting warmed up!


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    1. Chad Hershey on November 7, 2012

      Good heavens, but I absolutely love "Who Dat Ninja". Wish I had the funds right now.. :(

      If you could make copies... I don't know... I might be able to afford one that was about 2" square right now. heh