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Six years ago I had a spiritual awakening starting when my father died which started a purging of my soul through poetry from the heart

Dreams and Visons of Love
Dreams and Visons of Love

I am working with a publisher now  who is a well known publisher who will greatly influence the marketing of my book to ensure it's chances for  greater success.  the costs for publishing a quality book with them is more expensive than some as they have connections to get your book out around the world to various sources.  I put a down payment on my poetry book to be published, but I have run into additional costs that occured and also the balance that needs to be paid by November.             

I have compiled 125 or more poems that are ready to send to the publisher. I still have to choose photos for the interior of the book and for the cover. The photos cost extra and are pricey.This is my first book that I will publish and i want it to stand out in the crowd amongst the millions of books out there. The cover is very important as well as the contents of the book. I have had reviews on my poems from friends of mine who gave my  poems honest critique.  The thing that all of them agreed is that my poems stand out as not just a lot of fancy words put together cleverly but are words straight from my heart!   And I have to agree all of my poems came from my heart.  The poems also come from dreams and visions and are mostly all love poems, which are not all romantic but most of them are. There are all types of love. Love of friends, family, children, pets, nature, God and more.  I try to explore all the love we are capable of in one small heart. I use fantasy and mythology in my poems also to create a whimsical and fantastic array of poetry as well.  I am quite proud of my poetry and I have a vision of this book as my start in the world of publishing to get my name out there as a published author and a author who is worthy of reading.  The publishing company that I am using will distribute my book worldwide.  I am excited to think of the possibilities of exposure that this could bring.  The book will also be available as an E book for use on Kindle and other reading devices.  thank you and God bless,   Gina

Latest update..... my book is in production stage now and without additional funding the publishing could be delayed.  Also I really need  to pay for extra services to ensure that my book is marketed properly. This is the first book in my series of books of "Dreams and Visons"   I am already working on my next book now.   Thanks to everyone that is interested in my book .


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