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Meet Spiri, the programmable, autonomous flying robot. Designed for you and your projects.
Meet Spiri, the programmable, autonomous flying robot. Designed for you and your projects.
Meet Spiri, the programmable, autonomous flying robot. Designed for you and your projects.
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    1. David Portabella 5 days ago

      Some news on delivering Spiri?
      I see that the email from Patrick of Spiri does not work anymore. :(

    2. Patrick Edwards-Daugherty Creator on

      It's too bad we couldn't get shipments going before Christmas, but things do look good for early 2018. On the TX1 vs TX2 issue, we are testing processor load and performance on vision-intensive operations, especially stereo vision mapping and localization. We want to decide by mid-January whether to make TX2 the standard equipment and put that on every Spiri, in which case we'd absorb the small increase in production costs. As for the perch, we aren't going to have it ready with the initial Spiri release, but we are still working on it. To stick the very accurate landing we need to make a perch that is not much wider than Spiri, we needed to solve our camera issues first – having done that, we can put lots of attention on the perch after we are shipping at least one Spiri a day in early 2018. With a little luck, the perch will be ready for summer.

    3. Andrew Nicholls

      Howdy guys, I have to admit to a building feeling of excitement that I'll be getting my Spiri soon (was half hoping for Christmas, but seems it's not to be - oh well!).

      Having said that, are we going to get a chance to configure/upgrade our Spiri (eg: TX1 or TX2, etc) via survey/backerkit type thing?

      Is the perch included again, or still withdrawn (un-seated, perhaps, for any pun lovers), or "coming soon"(tm) - or perhaps available as an add-on for those unhappy with the prospect of an extended wait period? (the idea of the perch was one of the main things that drew me to Spiri in the first place - apart from the obvious - being a fricken cool drone, man!).

    4. David Portabella on

      Hi! any news? Still patiently waiting on that awesome Spiri!

    5. Patrick Edwards-Daugherty Creator on

      Albert, you mention a lawsuit that is unfortunate, but also without merit, and which we are contesting. Other than to say we have filed a response and are considering a counter-suit, I can't say more about it. I'll have a fuller update on completion and shipping, but in a nutshell, we have sent out some of the release versions of the Spiri, starting with the manufacturer of our main computer on board and university R&D partners, who are helping us find bugs and make sure we are ready with the robot to send it out to Kickstarter backers, pre-order customers and new customers. We are fixing a gstreamer issue so the cameras can shoot video in user-friendly format, and trying to get as many development features ready as possible in the meantime.

    6. Missing avatar

      Albert Ten Oever on

      Any news or updates? Especially in the light of recent news that Pleiades (the company that is making the Spiri’s and where our Kickstarter money went) is sued by one of the suppliers (RPM). See:

    7. johnMW

      any update ?

    8. Patrick Edwards-Daugherty Creator on

      Diether, I get into the roadmap for the battery pack a bit in the post I am adding today. In short, the first battery packs will only be chargeable by wire. We have three further iterations of the battery pack in our plan, which will get us to a wireless charging option again.

      We'll be happy to send advance samples of wireless charging versions of the battery as they become ready for beta testing.

    9. Missing avatar

      Diether Maack on

      Hi Patrick, in a somewhat recent update you revealed, that the wireless charging pad is excluded. So, is it still possible to charge Spiri wirelessly (we just have to care for a suitable charging pad) or only via cable? Would be good to know in order to figure out a solution for automatic charging.

    10. Frank Wagener on

      This is good news, Patrick!

    11. Missing avatar

      Garrett Gee

      Glad to hear things are still moving forward. It would be nice to have an official update every now and then :)

    12. Digital Krikits on


      So Patrick - I think everyone here has the same thought on their minds: when do we get our Spiri?

      What does it mean final adjustments? Give us something.

      And please answer this for me and everyone here: why the lack of updates? It sucks to be left hanging.

      I would imagine we'd be seeing more updates as we get closer to the finish products or even someone on this board receiving a Spiri.

    13. Patrick Edwards-Daugherty Creator on

      The issue with the camera boards is fixed, and now we're adjusting the device tree to add the cameras and making final adjustments to the casing. So, yes, the project is alive and the robots are coming.

    14. Digital Krikits on

      Hi Patrick,

      3 years counting. I mean, could you at least be honest and forthcoming if this project is actually dead or not? If we are actually going to be something at all?

      You have everyone here waiting on the next update, but each update is simply the next obstacle to what seems to be a long list of obstacles.

      You also seem rather active on your public FB and Twitter account, while Glassdoor seems to also paint the problems you've encountered last year.

      Don't ignore us. We backed you up because we believe in you but yet you ignore us.

      No Videos of Spiri, nothing to entice us to wait and see the final product (I'm sorry, but just the fact that your last "real" update was in regards to the case for Spiri from Oct 2016 is not alarming, its downright disrespectful).

      So at least give us a real idea of where you stand in delivering something to everyone here. I don't care if you are only halfway through completion - I just want the reality of the situation.

      Or are you just hoping that one by one, each person that backed you on this project will just forget about commitment to us?



    15. David Portabella on

      Spiri is already 3 years late delivering this project. :O

      There is a ***Report this project to Kickstarter*** button at the end of the webpage...

    16. Missing avatar

      Coby Holloway on

      Hi Patrick, how about an update? Still patiently waiting on that awesome Spiri!

    17. Patrick Edwards-Daugherty Creator on

      Quick update: there was a problem with the video interface. The interposer boards are being redone, and we should be testing before next week. I'll have a more detailed full update soon.

    18. Missing avatar

      Albert Ten Oever on

      Hi Patrick,

      Any ETA on the Spiri yet?
      I really hope you can find the time to give us an update. Thanks in advance.

    19. Luis Fernando Lozano on

      Hello, please an update? Also, I would like to update my shipping address. Thank you.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jaco-Byte on

      Can we have an update please. Kinda felt from the Xmas update production should have started.

    21. David Portabella on

      Happy new year!

      any news on delivering Spiri?


    22. Digital Krikits on

      Happy new year Patrick

    23. Digital Krikits on

      Merry Christmas Patrick

    24. Frank Wagener on

      ...finally give up hoping. Subscribing here now appears as a somewhat expensive mistake. Happens in life sometimes. Nevertheless merry christmas folks and good bye

    25. Missing avatar

      Albert Ten Oever on

      Today is exactly one year since Patrick wrote in an update: "We've started making Spiris to ship!" Maybe 2017 will be our lucky year...

    26. Missing avatar

      Karl Wyant on

      Hoping for my Spiri by Christmas. Is it going to happen?

    27. Patrick Edwards-Daugherty Creator on

      Hi folks, I just posted an update, but I'll also quickly answer the most recent questions in the comments below. We have shipped only a small number of Spiris to our local R&D collaborators, in order to test them and complete features. And when I say "Spiris" here I am speaking loosely; more like 80% complete Spiris. We had to get a converter board made for the cameras we're using. The main delay is that we are waiting for our first shipment of TX1s to arrive in order to begin assemblies. We have been able to get a few of them at a time in development kits, but the big batch isn't here yet. We have nonetheless been preparing our manufacturing partner to be ready to start as soon as the parts arrive, and we're using the time to make improvements in both the on-board code and in the components and structural parts. If parts arrive and final testing goes well, our higher tiers could be receiving Spiris in October. There's more in today's update.

    28. Missing avatar

      Albert Ten Oever on

      Hi Patrick, good news on the funding. Congratulations!

      The 25th of feb this year, I posted some basic and (in my opinion) reasonable questions. I'd really like an answer to them: would you please be so kind to enlighten us on the actual and factual status of the project and the expected delivery date? Are any spiri's actually delivered already?

    29. Vladislav Gevlich on

      WTF?! Could you please send at least something to someone?!

    30. Missing avatar

      Phillip on

      Another two months in. The next summer gone without a Spiri :-(. Any news?

    31. Missing avatar

      Coby Holloway on

      Hi Patrick, any updates?

    32. Patrick Edwards-Daugherty Creator on

      Heads up that we just posted a new update talking about the TX1-based prototype, funding, parts ordering and shipping.

    33. Patrick Edwards-Daugherty Creator on

      Hi folks, this week we are closing on a funding deal and testing the new carrier boards for the TX1 board that will be in Spiri. I'm going to post a detailed update towards the end of the week.

    34. Frank Wagener on

      I would appreciate an update, too.

    35. Missing avatar

      Phillip on

      Your proposed eight weeks since your last update has been past now. Any news when we'll receive the final version? I really would like to receive a Spiri before it's forbidden to operate private drones ;-)...

    36. Missing avatar

      Karl Wyant on

      Any chance of an update?

    37. Missing avatar

      Rootless on

      Thank you so much for your update! I really appreciate the additional information. Is there a possibility to get the unit with the larger payload, but the faster Tegra (TX1)? I'm not in a position to receive my unit until late July/early August (which may be before they are ready to ship). I'm flexible. Thank you again for the update! Congrats on the amazing tech integrated into Spiri!

    38. Patrick Edwards-Daugherty Creator on

      I just posted an update discussing where we are in terms of shipping and versions. We have a version ready to make now, though it was intended as an intermediary step to the final version. So there are a couple of hardware upgrades (main computer and cameras) between the two. There's more detail in the recent update.

    39. Missing avatar

      Rootless on

      An update would be very much appreciated. At this point, the waiting is exceeding the value. We can update software and firmware with later releases. Is there a product to ship?

      thank you.

    40. Eric Hackathorn on

      Given the lack of response I think it's time to pull the plug and find a different drone. Assuming you are not giving refunds I plan on taking Spiri as a business loss on my taxes this year. Good luck and keep in touch.

    41. Eric Hackathorn on

      I'm just curious... Has anyone on this forum actually gotten their Spiri? Apparently units are shipping?

    42. Patrick Edwards-Daugherty Creator on

      Hi folks, I know it has been too long since our last update. Yes, Spiri is still very much alive, and we are slowly sending out and working with development models and working out kinks as we do. I am going to post a bigger update shortly, with more detail on what and when we can ship.

    43. Frank Wagener on

      No spiri arrived, no news here and notoriously no response from the initiator; should I finally stop checking here for updates? Is spiri still alive?

    44. Missing avatar

      Albert Ten Oever on

      Hi Patrick,
      The initial plan of your project was to start shipping the spiri's in feb 2014. Now, 2,5 years later, after 5 times the planned amount of time, I'd really like to have a new timeline for the delivery of my spiri. Would you please be so kind to enlighten us on the actual and factual status of the project and the expected delivery date? Are any spiri's actually delivered already?

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